Its been yet another busy week at work and I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend. Although we had a great end to half term sometimes its nice not to have too much on! You can see what we got up to last week – Our Adventures in Pictures: 365 Week 8 2019

Saturday 23rd February – Day 54

Today we headed to Warwick Castle for a press stay. Both boys were incredibly excited about staying in the grounds of a castle. Monkey’s favourite activity by far was the knight school which is when this photo was taken. About ten minutes before though it was a bit touch and go if he would take part since he was desperate for a long wooden sword. However he had initially chosen the dagger in this photo when we had been to the gift shop earlier. So we weren’t about to go and buy him a second. Thankfully he realised that he wasn’t going to get his way and got on with having fun instead.

Sunday 24th February – Day 55

On Sunday we visited Batsford Arboretum on the way home. I had googled the best place to see snowdrops close to Warwick. It wasn’t until we pulled in that Hubby and I realised we had visited it alone a couple of years ago when we went to Stratford Upon Avon without the boys. I remember thinking it would nice to take them there. But hadn’t put two and two together. Of course they were playing with sticks again and found this waterfall. I was busy snapping away at the opportunity to take photos of the boys together, not realising just how wet Kipper was getting. Oooppps.

Monday 25th February – Day 56

The problem with doing this project is I can’t really share my day to day work life online. Plus I am not sure its that interesting to you guys anyway. Which means Monday – Thursday I can struggle for photos. So this week I am cheating and including this picture of a peacock and butterfly I took at the weekend for the next couple of days. I was pretty impressed with how they turned out.

Tuesday 26th February – Day 57

Wednesday 27th February – Day 58

I was in London today for work hosting a seminar in the afternoon for clients. Before racing back to school for the governors curriculum meeting. I think after leaving the house at seven I finally got back in around eight thirty. It was a long day. This picture was taken while I was sitting in the train at Blackfriars.

Thursday 28th February – Day 59

Thursday felt as equally long. I spent most of the day on the road seeing clients before doing the normal Beavers rush around. Only this time there were on a farm so I had to remember additional items. I was pretty impressed with myself. By the time we got into bed I was shattered. It doesn’t help that a certain little person has taken to coming into our bedroom in the very early hours of the morning. Said person had left us a little present in the bed… or he was keeping them warm until he made an appearance…marbles.

Friday 29th February – Day 60

Friday is by far my favourite day of the week. Just like most weeks Kipper and I went to Music Bus where we played with various instruments and sung his favourite song. Tiny Tim. Then we popped round a friends house to book an experience for later in the year. The two families are going together so we needed to manage it logistically. After that Kipper and I went to Little Streets. I use to take Monkey to one over in Surrey, but they have recently opened up closer to where we live. Its the first time Kipper has ever been to a place with quite so many toys. He was in his element although the bike was his favourite and we also had a rendition of Old MacDonald.

Blog Posts this week

Been a little lax on the big posts this week…

Since we have a reasonably quiet weekend planned, I have lots to catch up on blog wise and I am hoping to schedule a week of posts in advance… fingers crossed.

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  1. Love your photos…such amazing quality! The peacock photo is stunning.

    Went to Warwick Castle a year or so ago and loved it. Need to go back for a visit!

  2. When I used to do 7 days a week of photos I also struggled on work days. I took a lot of pictures of lunch!

    The knight’s stuff sounds good, we’ve not been to Warwick Castle for years, even though it’s only 20 mins away. And weirdly, I was hoping to get to Batsford tomorrow if the rain doesn’t arrive. Were the snowdrops good? I was hoping some of the blossom might have arrived early as in town there’s a bit around already!

  3. I do love those pictures of the butterfly and the peacock – such stunning colours. Interesting to see pictures of places I’ve visited this week – we are regulars at Warwick and I’ve been to Batsford.

  4. Carla Mooney Reply

    Fantastic photos. Some great places too love Warwick Castle not been for a while

  5. Anthea Holloway Reply

    What lovely pictures! I thought that winter would never leave us!

  6. The day out at Warwick Castle sounds brilliant. The waterfall looks like a lot of fun to play in too.
    The peacock and butterfly pictures are just beautiful! x

  7. Becki Johnson Reply

    Some great photos! The peacock is so striking! Looks like you’ve had lots of fun, Warwick Castle is a fab day out!

  8. Becki Johnson Reply

    Some great photos! The peacock is so striking! Looks like you’ve had lots of fun, Warwick Castle is a fab day out! I’ve loved taking the kids there, we will definitely go back this summer.

  9. Rebecca Whatmore Reply

    Looks like you are having lots of fun – can’t believe how you fit it all in!

  10. Tiffeny Brown Reply

    Looks and sounds like you had a great week 🙂 The butterfly is stunning! x

  11. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    Some.lovely pictures I especially love the butterfly it’s very beautiful

  12. Your photo of the peacock is stunning! Such vivid colours. Also such a lovely sunny day in London last week!

  13. Such gorgeous photos and looks like spring has arrived. That peacock photo is fantastic. I have never been to Warwick castle but really should look fantastic. x.

  14. Emily NeashaM Reply

    I take my daughter to ‘music bugs’ which i imagine is slightly the same ! she absolutely loves it!!

  15. Such stunning photos this week – the peacock, the butterfly and the London photo! I admire you for being a school governor when you have a busy work life. I did it for five years and really enjoyed it, but in the end it became too time consuming. I was in Warwick too the other day – running a half marathon in the rain! I’ve never been to Batsford Aboretum, but picked my husband up outside there after he’d had a cycling accident. A lady who worked there had picked him up and taken him there to go cleaned up.

  16. olivia Kirby Reply

    I think this is the next most recent! I love the pic of the marbles, used to have absolutely loads as a kid.

  17. That song is fairly new to us. We’ve been singing all the old ones. Love the butterfly photo and the peacock photo has turned out fantastic #365

  18. Yes my job is not the kind I can discuss on my blog either. Nothing I am ashamed off just part of our rules and regulations is nothing that can identify our employer anywhere on social media cos if it comes back negatively they can discipline you.
    Great view from the train.
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend away

  19. I really want to go to Warwick Castle. I went once but it was closed due to foot and mouth so we couldn’t go in 🙁 #project365

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