Snowdrops at Batsford Arboretum: On our way back from our stay at Warwick Castle we stopped at Batsford Arboretum. I had googled to try and find the best place for snowdrops and it had appeared. Sold by the photos on the website we decided to try it out. What we hadn’t realised until we drove up the exceedingly long driveway that we had in fact visited before. When Hubby and I had a rare break away without the boys back in the Summer of 2017 we had visited on the way home. I remember walking around last time thinking we really should come back with the boys at some point. So here we are!

Batsford Arboretum is attached to a garden centre and cafe. Which makes it the perfect place to explore with family because you can stop for lunch after! Although since it is an arboretum it is a little hilly, so worth bearing in mind if like us you still use a pushchair. Entrance to the arboretum is at the back. We brought a family ticket as even though Kipper is free because he is under three it worked out cheaper – £20. We were given a map which highlights all the points of interest. However for me it was all about the snowdrops!

For this reason we headed down into the glade to start with and there was the blanket I was hoping for. I haven’t got  any photos though as there was another photographer lying down in the middle of them. Although the boys were more impressed with all the sticks that were laying around. Climbing on tree stumps and making up little games. I think because of all the good weather a lot of the other Spring flowers were out.  So as we walked up the bank there was lots of crocus too.

Kipper found a little waterfall which he really enjoyed poking his sticks in and out of. I thought it was very funny until I realised just how wet he had become. We decided to walk up in the arboretum where we found several different bridges. The little stream that runs down the side proved for lots of entertainment for the kids. Jumping back and forth across it.

At the top by the bridges there was a lot more snowdrops which were still looking okay. Although I am not sure we saw them at their best. There was also a lot more to see than we did on this trip. On the outskirts of the arboretum there is a small church and little village which would also be worth exploring.

As you follow the path down from the bridges back to the garden centre. You will pass through some small craft shops. One of them is a wood turners which fascinated Monkey who enjoyed watching the craftsman. After we went into the garden centre and had lunch. It was busy but there was lots of tables outside. The cafe serves a roast dinner which looked extremely popular. We had a panini and chips before attempting the drive home.

I wonder if we will end up visiting again in a couple of years when I have forgotten our last visit.

Wheres your favourite place to visit the snowdrops?

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  1. Georgina Prince Reply

    it looks like a lovely day out, so nice to see some good weather! The photos are beautiful x

  2. Wish I lived closer it looks lovely. I would have a hard time stopping my kids from picking lots of flowers though, they don’t quite understand that you can’t just pick flowers from everywhere lol

  3. I can not remember the last time I went to see snowdrops but how funny that you forgot you been here before.

  4. What a beautiful place to visit. I love finding places like this where the kids can run around in the fresh air and we can enjoy the scenery. They’re the best days out.

  5. Rebecca Whatmore Reply

    Looks a lovely day and some beautiful photographs and flowers – the Summer is coming!!!

  6. How amazing that you had visited with just you and hubby!! wonderful pictures xxx

  7. We like Anglesey Abbey to see the snowdrops, though the boys are more impressed with the treehouse

  8. Oh jeez…those flowers are absolutely beautifully. I am glad your family had such a good time. Looks awesome!

  9. Sian Buckingham Reply

    That looks like such a beautiful place! My Nan loves Snowdrops, whenever I see them, they always remind me of her!

  10. Fiona jk42 Reply

    Lots of lovely photos! I used to love it when the snowdrops appeared in the garden at our old house. Sadly in our current garden there aren’t any, and nowhere to plant them either until we finish clearing all the brambles and nettles.

  11. Maxine Lewis-Enright Reply

    Oh wow, this looks like an amazing day out. I enjoy doing this sort of thing with my kids too ❤

  12. I will never ever get rid of seeing kids play at parks especially your pictures are so clear. I want to pinch the cheek of the little one really. haha Seems a nice place too

  13. omg your pictures are gorgeous and those blue flowers, i am so in love. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  14. Oh this little place looks amazing and perfect for a photo or two of your little ones. Snowbells were always my nans favourite, I love seeing them this time of year.

  15. Alice Colling Reply

    Spring flowers are glorious, they brighten up anywhere they grow, don’t they?

  16. What a neat place!! I have a little guy at home who would love to visit a place like this. He loves nature and being outside! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  17. Anthea Holloway Reply

    What a lovely place and what wonderful snowdrops. I used to live only a few miles from there.

  18. Ashley - Forking Up Reply

    I love spring so much! I can almost smell the wet Earth. It reminds me of being a kid. Thank you for sharing this experience!

  19. These are such beautiful pics! I love visiting our local arboretum, it just makes me feel so happy! Everything about your trip looked lovely!

  20. Speaking of the Arboretum, I need to renew my membership. Seems like the kids are having so much fun.

  21. What an absolutely lovely place to wander and spend an afternoon! I’ll need to see if there is a similar place near me.

  22. the place looks so beautiful and peaceful. So fit for spring! i would totally hang out there will all of you!

  23. Catherine Santiago Jose Reply

    Such a nice place for the whole family to relax, enjoy and create that bonding moment that will last. Great photos you’ve shared to get a very good glimpse of this amazing place.

  24. Rebecca Heminway Reply

    Wow! Can’t believe all those spring flowers are out already – beautiful. And lovely pictures of the kids 🙂

  25. What gorgeous flowers! I can’t wait to spot some snowdrops, they are among my favourite flowers.

  26. Alyssa Dawson Reply

    What beautiful pictures of such a lovely place! I am so glad that your boys found some fun it it too!

  27. Caroline Tinsley Reply

    I love spring flowers! It’s looks like there’s plenty for kids to enjoy as well.

  28. Julia Linsley Reply

    I love snowdrops what a super day of adventures ! Great pics

  29. Looks like a great place to visit! You took some stunning photos!

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