Welcome back to my weekly post about our adventures this week. Its been ridiculously busy for some reason and I am looking forward to a quiet weekend. And hopefully a quiet week. If you missed it you can read about week nine here – Our Adventures in Pictures: 365 Week 9 2019

Saturday 2nd March – Day 61

Today we got up late, as Kipper’s desire to sleep with us from the early hours of the morning is starting to take its toll. Our first stop when we did go out though, may help with this problem. I will be sharing more on the blog soon. Lets put it this way I never thought I would get excited about pillows and a mattress. Blog work done we headed to Alice Holt woods to do the ZOG trail. We had tried a before but instead found snow! This time however we made our way round the trail. The kids loved the mud and sticks. Although I was a little disappointed there was no carved ZOG at the end of the trail like the Gruffalo one.

Sunday 3rd March – Day 62

Today I woke early. I sometimes find when I have lots on my to do list I struggle to sleep. I don’t think it helped that Kipper came in again and tossed and turned for most of the night. It did mean that I managed to catch up on some blog work and actually get the whole weeks worth of posts scheduled. The trick of course is now staying ahead of the game so we will see if I managed it. The weather was so rubbish that we didn’t leave the house. Instead I Spring cleaned the kitchen, caught up on the washing and we played with some new toys sent for social sharing. I am hoping I am not going to fate it now but it feels as though work for the blog maybe starting up again after a pretty quiet start to the beginning of the year. This photo was taken when Kipper decided to have a nap at 4pm… it did not bode well for bedtime. And yes we did stay in our PJs for most of the day!

Monday 4th March – Day 63

Today I worked predominately from home trying to catch up on a busy week last week. I asked Hubby to pick up some daffodils at the weekend and he brought me a big handful. Which only just fitted in the vase but they smelt gorgeous today as I was working. One of my tasks was to learn a technical presentation which I am delivering on Tuesday and it seemed to take me twice as long. I always feel uneasy when I am delivering something for the first time, especially when its very technical.

Tuesday 5th March – Day 64

This picture was taken on the school run. I dropped the boys this morning before heading out to my meetings. I have been trying to share more on stories this week. But in the rush of getting everyone out the house and then the rush of getting everyone back into the house in the evening it can be tricky. Plus we don’t do that much during the week!

Wednesday 6th March – Day 65

The only photo I took today was this one at breakfast… not the best quality but a happy Monkey for a change. Mornings are not his strong point!

Thursday 7th March – Day 66

World Book Day – Monkey has been so excited to dress up as Harry Potter. Although we haven’t even finished the first book yet he is totally into it! I was on the road for most of the day for work. Apart from the running around after work to get Monkey to Beavers and pick up Kipper from nursery before picking Monkey up again. I really needed that glass of wine which I have been accustomed to on a Thursday evening. But he was so happy with this costume…

Friday 8th March – Day 67

Today I travelled into London with Kipper and my mum for the first event of my Kinder Ice Cream Ambassadorship. There will be a blog post coming really soon all about our little adventure. Afterwards we went for lunch at Liberty’s. The intention was to have afternoon tea. But it was so cold and miserable that we opted for something hot instead. Unfortunately the rain came so we didn’t get much of a chance to look around. I was hoping to get some pictures of them together down Carnaby Street but instead we opted to get a taxi back to the station! Not before admiring the flowers. I think mum was contemplating getting some until we realised the price! They looked so pretty in the metal vases and the moody weather.

Blog Posts this week

I was pretty impressed with getting the weeks blog posts written up last weekend. As this weekend is pretty relaxed I am hoping to do the same. I write so much better during the day and then I may actually get on top of the blogmin I need to do. Especially with the changes to DA.


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  1. Leila Benhamida Reply

    Lovely photos and great to capture every moments, they are all perfect.

  2. Jo Hutchings Reply

    The Zog trail sounds great fun. We’re hoping to do the one at Thetford Forest soon.

  3. Love the photo of Monkey with his breakfast and in his Harry Potter costume! My two boys loved Harry Potter when they were younger and my eldest was re-reading it well into his teens. Sadly my daughter would never go near it.
    Sorry to hear about Kipper and the sleep. Hope things improve for you soon.

  4. Lorna Ledger Reply

    Ah, sleep deprivation is no laughing matter! Love the WBD photo 🙂

  5. It sounds like a fun week.
    I always struggle to sleep when I have lots on. My brain just doesn’t shut off properly. Ugh! Well done on getting a weeks worth of posts scheduled. That is a great bonus of getting up early.
    Ahh, there’s nothing wrong with staying in your pj’s most of the day! I do it often. I’m comfier in pj’s rather than proper clothes. hehehe
    It’s great to see kids smiling on a morning. My two are usually grumpy.
    What a great Harry Potter your boy is.
    I can’t wait to read about the Kinder Ice Cream. I had my fella looking for it today in Asda. hehehe He couldn’t find any. Hmmf.

  6. Natalie Crossan Reply

    World Book day was a highlight for us too this week and we’ve just found out the kids are going to Harry Potter Studios later this year – yay

  7. Caroline Tinsley Reply

    I used to work as a school librarian and World Book Day was the highlight of my year. I miss it, so seeeing everyone’s posts about it is lovely!

  8. Georgina Prince Reply

    some fab pics, I love daffodils! My little boy went as Harry Potter too! x

  9. Ruth Harwood Reply

    what a lovely collection of memories! It’s great to look back and feel you haven’t wasted time xx

  10. That is a lot of daffodils. N won’t watch or read Harry Potter. I’d like to read it with him so it’s a little frustrating. I’ve made the mistake of buying flowers at Marylebone station before. They never put the price on so by the time you find out how much the bunch is you daren’t tell them no. My purse was a lot lighter afterwards.

  11. My girls loved the trail near us so much they’ve wanted to do it again. Love the photo of the flowers it rather reminds me of the teacups imagery in The Pirates of the Carribean. #365

  12. Sounds like another busy week, I have a duvet thief in with me too many nights of the week too. Love your Zog, we loved the old trails. Shame that the weather ruined your plans in London, the weather has been challenging hasn’t it #365

  13. I think I’d be with you on the carved Zog. We have done the Gruffalo trail a number of times at our local forest and it would be lovely to see a Zog too. Love the Harry Potter costume – we have been doing Harry Potter dress ups for years as my son has similar colouring to yours.

  14. Monkey looks great as Harry Potter!

    Love the daffodils…so bright! The flowers at the station look lovely although I don’t think I want to know what they cost!

  15. My sleep pattern is all over the place thanks to Zach! I have lots of lists so I tend not to dwell on things or panic that I’ve forgotten something. Love the HP costume #project365

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