We were gifted the Britax Holiday Stroller for the purpose of this review all words and opinions are my own. 

Review Britax Holiday Stroller: If you are regular readers of Mudpie Fridays you will know at the beginning of half term we went to Brussels for a long weekend. Kipper is at the age where he will walk but he won’t walk everywhere. Plus when you are on a city break theres a good chance there will be a lot of walking going on. We walked in excess of 35km over just two days and that doesn’t include our trip to the zoo on the way home.

We drove to Brussels from Calais. Having recently changed my car from an estate to a saloon we don’t have the amount of boot space that we use to. So we needed a buggy that doesn’t take up much room. With a trip to Canada on the cards for early Summer. It also needs to fit in an overhead locker.  As a Britax Ambassador we were offered their Holiday Stroller to review.

The Holiday Stroller is designed for children from 6 months to 3 years old up to 15kg in weight. Kipper will be three in May and is not a small child. Already dressing in 3-4 clothing he’s chunky so I was a little worried that he would be too big for the buggy. Thankfully he seemed quite happy in the stroller during our trip. Even falling asleep on a number of occasions which is unusual for him now.

Things we loved about the Britax Holiday Stroller

  • Its so light weight (only 5kg) that I can carry it on the strap while running around after Kipper.
  • It folds down so compactly that it actually fitted into a locker folded when we visited one of the museums. It is only 25cm wide and 60cm high.
  • You do need two hands to collapse the stroller but its easy to do and quick. We used it a lot on the metro and couldn’t always find the lifts. So it was great knowing we could just pick him up and grab the buggy and go.
  • Considering its a small buggy it coped well with the cobbles in the city and I think this is in part to the front wheel suspension.
  • The tyres are puncture free which is ideal for travel. Since there is always so much to remember when travelling with kids the last thing I want to think about is a puncture kit.
  • The basket is a good size considering just how small the buggy is. Although it would not fit my rucksack its idea for the nappy roll, bottles of water and jumpers. We also used the handles to hang coats on.
  • Its fit for all weathers since you can purchase a rain cover and a bag for the stroller separately. The sides of the seat are also made of mesh which means it will help stop Kipper getting hot when we use it on a more exotic city break

Things we were not so keen on the Britax Holiday Stroller

  • It would be nice it it was a little larger on the seat size. Because Kipper is that bit older we don’t normally strap him into a buggy now. However with this one you needed to otherwise he would slip out. I am also not sure how long it will actually last him for.

We were really impressed with the Britax Holiday Stroller and I can see us getting a lot of use out of it in the city breaks we have planned.

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  1. Alice Colling Reply

    I don’t need a stroller any more but I might recommend this one to friends!

  2. Ooo this looks like a really good travel pushchair! I like how compact it is and how lightweight too – pushchairs on holidays are a must in my eyes 🙂

  3. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Compact neat and perfect for travels – it’s a beauty

  4. This looks like a nifty little stroller perfect for weekend getaways. We are well beyond the stroller days ourselves now, but always good to know for friends/family with younger ones.

  5. Lauren Jewell Reply

    Your blog looks amazing! I am now adding Brussels to my to do list!!

  6. I have no kids but will definitely share this post across my network. Thanks for the recos.

  7. This is well timed for us, I’m just planning our summer holiday to Holland and need a stroller for my little boy who will be 9 months. We won’t have space in the car for his big pushchair so this looks a great alternative, thank you

  8. I don’t need a stroller anymore since my youngest is a teenager. However, my daughter is expecting her first in a couple months, and I’ll have to tell her about this. I’m sure it’ll come in handy when her baby is a bit older.

  9. Apart from the sizing, it sounds like this stroller is a must-have for more than just holidays.

  10. Kenneth Clutario Agudo Reply

    That’s a beautiful stroller. The place is beautiful too. great review and well described!

  11. Sounds like a total blast! I would so love to have such a getaway too! Sounds absolutely ideal to me. I hope you did enjoy it the fullest

  12. This looks like the perfect stroller! I need something that is easy to transport.

  13. This looks like the perfect stroller! I need something that is easy to transport.

  14. Gemma Pesce Reply

    That pram sounds really good, looks lightweight and perfect for what you need it for!

  15. What a great buggy, it takes almost no space at all. I don’t have children but I will recommend this to my friend who has a one year old toddler.

  16. Wow I love this! I have a jogging stroller that I love but want to get a smaller, lighter, and more compact one for everyday use. This looks perfect!

  17. Those kiddos are the cutest and they look to be having such a great time with that buggy. Really cute

  18. This buggy sounds ideal for a city break, so handy it’s so quick and easy to fold down and that it’s so light weight. Also great that it copes well with cobbled streets, I’ve found this really difficult with our little stroller buggy xx

  19. Mia ~ My Lighthouse In The Storm Reply

    This would have been ideal when my son was young! He spent more time on shoulders than in pushchairs because they became too unwieldy.

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