The Launch of Kinder Ice Cream

The Launch of Kinder Ice Cream: I have some exciting news! Mudpie Fridays has been chosen as a brand ambassador for Kinder Ice Cream. As you can imagine we are all thrilled and the kids are especially excited about testing out the new products which Kinder Ice Cream are bringing to the UK.

Growing up ice cream was part of our Summer holiday experience. I have vivid memories of sitting on the steps of a caravan with my younger brother. Eating ice cream watching the other children playing on the swings. We had just come back from the beach and still had sand in between our toes. As a young family we spent a number of Summers in Dawlish and Devon. Building sandcastles with little paper flags, choosing from an array of metallic multi coloured windmills and paddling in the sea. This childhood nostalgia of Summers gone is something I want the boys to experience too. Summers should be care free.

At the launch event on Friday Kinder Ice Cream drew on this nostalgia by creating a memory sensory box on the Southbank. Designed to target the four senses of touch, sight, sound and smell. Each side of the box transported you back to Summers gone. On one side there was also a timer counting down to the official launch time of 12pm.

Kipper had great fun exploring them all. He was fascinated by the coldness of the ice wall and kept running up to touch it before running away again. Next was sight where we were treated to pictures of carefree Summers with adults and children enjoying ice cream. There were even a few photos of Monkey eating ice cream in Barcelona. My favourite was sound, where we listened to the sound of the sea. Waves gently lapping at the shoreline. If I closed my eyes I could imagine being on a beach laying in the sun. Finally smell. Along one side there were three vents each pumping out the smell of delicious chocolate. It made my tummy rumble! Needless to say it attracted a lot of attention.

But it got even better. At midday the box broke away and revealed the fifth sense of taste. As you can probably imagine it had drawn quite a crowd by then. There was a feeling of anticipation as we counted down the last few seconds, dry ice suddenly shooting from the cold ice wall. The sides were moved to reveal a freezer full of the new Ice Creams.

It was then we were given the opportunity to try out the two new Kinder Ice Creams. The Kinder Ice Cream Stick and Kinder Ice Cream Sandwich. The Kinder Ice Cream Stick is a milk ice cream stick, half covered with the same milk chocolate used by Kinder. Kinder Ice Cream Sandwich is the same milk ice cream sandwiched between the two five cereal biscuits. We had a great time experiencing the launch of Kinder Ice Cream and I look forward to bringing you more details of their delicious ice creams in the coming weeks.

If you want to try them out for yourself they are now available to purchase in supermarkets across the UK.

What are your most nostalgic memories of childhood Summers gone, I would love to hear about them in the comments below.


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We are working with Unilever as Kinder Ice Cream Ambassadors and have been compensated for our role.


  1. Jodi

    Looks like a great day out! I wish they were coming to my area, but I’ve ordered a voucher from theircwensite so hopefully I can try one soon!

    1. Natalie

      Looks like such a great day!!! I have memories of getting Ritters ice cream every weekend in the summer with my family! So fun!

  2. Nikki

    Oh my! I had no idea they’d released an ice cream. My kids will love this so I’m sure I’ll have to go hunting for it. Looks like you had a fun day out!

  3. Caroline Tinsley

    On the subject of ice cream, I used to always have cider lollies as a child and realised I hadn’t seen them in a couple of decades. I managed to find one at an ice cream truck somewhere in Wales, and it was just as good as I remembered!

  4. Catherine Santiago Jose

    Wow, this is so amazing! My kids and I will definitely buy this ice cream once its available to my place. That look so delicious!

  5. Lewis | Lewisherelewisthere

    I love a kinder bueno and when icecream shops do their own kinder icecream. I can’t wait to try out this new ice cream

  6. Lyosha

    I have seen several blogger writing about it and I love this idea. I would so visit this Kinder spot. it takes me back to my childhood and I LOVE ice cream (sorry for capital letters but it shows nicely how I feel)

  7. Lucy Mackcracken

    Ooh we love Kinder chocolate in our house so I’m sure we will love the ice cream versions. I’d like to try the stick ice cream out first. Fingers crossed for some warmer weather so we can test them out.

    1. Jo

      My kids love Kinder chocolate ( so do I yum) I’ll look out for these in the supermarkets but I haven’t seen them yet around my way.

  8. Kacie Morgan

    I adore the sound of Kinder ice cream. I’m an absolute fiend for Kinder Buenos so I just know I’d love it. I’d probably go all out and stick a Kinder Bueno in the top as a substitute for a Cadbury flake!

  9. Mia ~ My Lighthouse In The Storm

    My son loves Kinder chocolate! Wait until I tell him there’s an ice-cream… Despite the miserable weather, he’ll want it added to the food shop!

  10. Helen Wigham

    Congratulations on getting brand ambassador for this new product!

    My girls and I are big Kinder fans here so we’ll all be very excited to try the new ice creams!

  11. Lindsey Stuart

    Aww the sensory box looks fantastic! Your pictures are great and it looks like you have a super fun day out!
    My summer also consisted of ice cream when I was a child, I wish we had Kinder ice cream then yum!
    We can’t wait to try it.

  12. Elaine Shaw

    What a fun, fab day to spend together, and a day filled with ice cream too! Going to keep my eye out for those Kinder Ice creams, and treat us all to try them out; who said they were just for kids! All the glorious weather we’ve been having is also another good excuse to give them a whirl; after all sunshine and ice cream always go together.

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