‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Week eleven already it feels like the year is whizzing by and although I started quite well organised I am now feeling a little out of control! The weekend just gone was the last for a while were we didn’t have any plans at all. I took the opportunity to get on top of the chores on Saturday since the weather was so bad. But on Sunday we spent the day out and about. Part of that was a trip to a big indoors inflatable playground. I had taken Kipper on a Friday afternoon but Monkey had never been before. They were both very excitable. Luckily Hubby also came as typically they wanted to do different things and ran in opposite directions as we entered.

When he was tiny Monkey was pretty fearless. He still is up to a point. But I have noticed as he gets older that things that would haven’t normally bothered him are starting to. Take this giant wall for instance, he was fine climbing up. But then once at the top he got a little nervous. Thankfully he recovered pretty quick as I didn’t fancy climbing all the way up myself! He dropped down a couple of levels and walked all the way around it. I’ve not noticed him falter before. It was very high though!

Kipper just enjoys being able to run free! He particularly liked the purple hills which reminded me a bit of Teletubbies! I am not sure what was more funny Kipper throwing himself around or Hubby trying to keep up with him. It was really busy which meant they were being strict and we only had an hour. Monkey has asked that we visit again soon but I think I will try and pick a less busy day!

Hope you all had a good week – I look forward to seeing what you get up to.

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  1. Yeah that really does look high! It’s funny how kids change. My oldest used to fearless but now seems to panic about things. Saying that whilst on holiday we found a place that had a climbing wall and I was quite surprised at how he quick and high he went, he was really good at it.

  2. It looks like both boys had a fabulous time, I haven’t taken the kids to an inflatable play area yet but I’m sure they would love it. Well done to Monkey for climbing all the way up to the top x

  3. Adrian Price Reply

    kipper sounds about as fearless as my mad nephew max.Then again Max `s dad is a professional abseiler so its easy to see where max gets it from

  4. Jo Hutchings Reply

    My little boy would absolutely love it there. I think I’d be quite nervous at the top of that wall too!

  5. Kelly Wheelhouse Reply

    That looks like so much fun! I’d love to take my little one when he’s old enough 🙂

  6. Gemma Hendry Reply

    this looks super fun and the purple hills sound great

  7. It’s tricky going places when they’re at different stages. We find some outings hubby and I have barely seen each other. The wall does look high but also very cool! Hope you’ve had a good week? #livingarrows

  8. We’ve never been to anything like this before – it looks immense! What a great alternative to soft play or trampoline parks x

  9. Sounds like a great place for the little ones. I feel my youngest is more fearless than my eldest sometimes too. #LivingArrows

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