Going on a statue hunt in Brussels

How to find the Manneken Pis Brussels: One of the things I really wanted to do when we visited Brussels was to see the the famous peeing statue. The Manneken Pis. It wasn’t until I started to research it did I realise that there were three different peeing statues. Of course Monkey being six he thought the whole idea was hilarious and wanted to find them all. We decided to do this on our second full day and had earmarked an hour to do it. However what I hadn’t expected was that google maps would stop working. I can only guess it is because the buildings are so high but it sent up on a merry goose chase. It made what should have been a lot of fun difficult since we ended up walking in the wrong direction constantly. So I am writing this to help other unwitting holiday makers.

Jeanneke Pis

Impasse de la Fidélité 10, 1000 Bruxelles

We started our journey looking for Jeanneke Pis which the little girl. On route we accidentally stumbled upon the ‘cafe’ to try out Belgium Beer – Delirium Cafe. We decided to stop for a quick drink and to allow the boys to rest their feet. As we were sitting down we noticed the crowd of people outside and thats when we saw her. She is behind iron bars to stop vandalism and a lot smaller than imagined. Our next stop was the Manneken Pis.

Directions to Manneken Pis from Jeanneke Pis (550m 7 minutes walking)
  • Walk south-west on Impasse de la Fidélité towards Rue des Bouchers (36m)
  • Turn right onto Rue des Bouchers (30m)
  • Turn left onto Rue de Greepstraat (96m)
  • Turn right onto Grasmarkt Straat (46m)
  • Turn left onto Rue de Taborastraat (78m)
  • Continue onto Rue du Zuidstraat (290m) on the left 

Manneken Pis

Rue du Zuidstraat, 1000 Bruxelles

I already knew that the Manneken Pis was on the small side. But I didn’t anticipate that he was also quite high up and again surrounded by bars. A popular tourist spot there are a number of waffle shops nearby which looked delicious. There was also a lot of souvenirs in the shape of the statue. When we visited he was not wearing any costumes although they do tend to dress him up on a regular basis.

Directions to Zinneke Pis from Manneken Pis (700m 8 minutes walking)
  • Walk south-west on Rue du Midi towards Rue des Grands Carmes(21 m)
  • Turn right onto Rue des Grands Carmes (69 m)
  • Turn left onto Rue du Marché au Charbon (100m)
  • Turn right onto Place Fontainas (53m)
  • Place Fontainas turns slightly right and becomes Rue de la Grande (170m)
  • Turn left onto Rue des Riches Claires (70m)
  • Turn right onto Rue Saint-Christophe (200m)
  • Turn right onto Rue des Chartreux (7m) on the left

Zinneke Pis

Rue des Chartreux 35, 1000 Bruxelles

This is Monkey’s favourite one. Partly I think because you can actually get close to it. Although this does mean its been vandalised. When we visited it was popular with walking tour guides which means you may need to wait for a little while to get close to the statue for photos.

So something that should have taken at most around forty minutes with the kids ended up taking us around an hour and twenty. I hope that these steps will help you do it a lot quicker. If you would like some other ideas of things to do with kinds in Brussels then you can read about what we got up to over here – 11 things to do in Brussels with a 2 & 6 year old

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  1. Jo

    My kids would find these statues absolutely hilarious! I’ve never heard of these before but would love to visit Brussels one day. If I did I would have to see these!

  2. Caroline Tinsley

    These statues are such fun! It’s understandable they are mostly behind bars, but always a shame when you can’t touch them – bronze cries out to be touched!

  3. Rebecca Jones

    I went to Brussels many years ago to visit a pal – fortunately, they knew where mannequin pis was. I was surprised how small he is too – it’s good to see he’s got some pals. thanks for the info.

  4. Marysa

    These sound like neat places to visit. It’s too bad that they have been vandalized, and also that they are so crowded! That is a long wait to have to see the statues.

  5. Pinoyfreelancingmom

    Are those waffles? OMG! I didn’t know waffles can be presented that way. Apart from the scenic view of the place, the waffles are also the showstopper.

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