This post is written in collaboration with Simply Be, I was gifted the clothing in this post for this review.

Like many thirty plus something mums I know Ive lost a bit of myself. At the same time I have gained purpose, lived (and continue to live) the emotional rollercoaster of parenthood, found patience I didn’t know I had and seen the world through the boys eyes, full of wonder. I wouldn’t change it. But then on the commuter into London I often look at younger versions of myself. Hair all in the right place, manicured nails, a light dusting of makeup, work clothes which are ironed and smart. Not covered in snot. Heels. Lost in a book or making plans for the weekend. If I am being honest with myself I am a little jealous.

I would never change the boys. Ever. Yet somehow in the balancing act of parenthood and career girl I have lost a little bit of me. With a big birthday this year I want to start paying a little bit more attention to myself. I am saying no more and I am already starting to reduce my workload down outside of my 9-5. I am dutifully taking a supplement, paying more attention to my skin. Trying to drink more water and eat less crap. Although I still have a very sweet tooth. So next on the list is to try to find my way back to some sort of style. Outside of work I have a mum wardrobe of skinny, ankle boots and sweatshirts. Thats about it.. I have no idea what is in my wardrobe anymore or have the ability to put an outfit together outside my essentials.

Thats where Simply Be come in. High street shopping with a young family in tow is a no no. Its something I have consciously stayed away from. I did try it once but it ended in tears, theirs and mine! Simply Be makes shopping so easy. I had no idea that they offered so many different brands as well as their own online. The list includes some of my favourites including Oasis and Monsoon plus some others which I had not heard of before such as Joanna Hope.

Trying to get away from my mum uniform I tired to choose a number of different looks to correspond with all the different roles I have to juggle. Firstly I opted for skinny black jeans and a sweatshirt. Keeping within my comfort zone! The Chloe high waisted skinny jean that comes in a whole host of different colours is very flattering. Extremely easy to wear, when teamed with the neon pink leopard print sweatshirt it instantly updates two of my staples. Perfect for a family get together and easy to wear around the boys. However what I really wanted to do was to take some small steps towards finding myself again. This maxi dress from Joe Bloggs will be ideal for our planned adventures. With a built in slip the flower and bird pattern is bright and eye catching. It has mid length sleeves which I need to keep the sun off of my skin. I will be teaming it with my rose pink sandals and a tan saddle bag.

Although Hubby and I don’t to get to go out much on our own. I do like to dress up when I get the option. Animal print maybe all the rage but I have been looking for the right pleated skirt to add to my wardrobe. Simply Be had this maxi length one from Elvi which a thick elasticated waist band in brown tones. Making it extremely versatile. I have tended to pair it with a black top so far but also think it would work well with a white shire or a tan jumper.

Looking for alternatives to jeans I settled on a light cord navy shirt dress from Oasis. Having concessions is such a bonus and something that I look for. I have been wearing a short pair of sheepskin boots with thick brown tights.

The final outfit was something for work. Quite often I need to attend a black tie do. Yet I think I have probably worn the same if not similar dress several years on the trot. Unaware of Joanna Hope before I shopped with Simply Be I am now going to be looking out for the brand. This photo does not do the dress justice. Simple at the top with a thick gold zip down the back, the bottom opens into a calf mid fishtail hem perfect with high black heels.

I will definitely be using Simply Be again in the future. With so much choice you are sure to find something that meets your needs. As for me it gets me one step closer to paying a little more attention to myself.

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  1. Lovely post, I think many of my friends feel like we’ve lost a bit of ourselves becoming mothers so it’s good to make space to be ourselves again.

  2. Margaret GALLAGHER Reply

    Good for you – making time for yourself is always worthwhile

  3. Alice Colling Reply

    Great! Never forget yourself and your deserve time for you.

  4. Jo Hutchings Reply

    It’s always really brave to get out of your comfort zone style-wise. It’s definitely something I should try to do more.

  5. Caroline Tinsley Reply

    A new outfit (or three!) is always the best way to pay some much-needed attention to yourself.

  6. Adrian Price Reply

    very interesting article…maybe some good advice for dads here too

  7. I definitely agree we lose a bit of ourselves. Mine are 5 and 7 and it was only when my youngest started school that I started straightening my hair everyday and wearing make up again since the birth of my eldest. You just don’t seem to have the time with young ones

  8. Penny Wilsher Reply

    good for you. It’s always good to make time for oneself but it is just finding the time with kids.

  9. What awesome clothes you got to try! I especially love #3. It’s really important to be comfortable and look good at the same time.

  10. Gemma Hendry Reply

    well done you, i went shopping today too and i cant remember last time i focussed on me before today

  11. YES!! I totally hear you about losing a bit of yourself once you “mom” for a while;) I think as we lose bits and pieces we also gain new parts of ourselves as well! I love that you can online shop now-it makes life so much easier-from clothing to groceries-online is where it’s at!!

  12. Sania Ahmed Reply

    This reminds me of making time for myself … its been more than 3 months i havent been for meni-pedi … I think i need to go today.

  13. Agreed! We spend so much effort on the little ones that we do lose ourselves a bit! Glad that you were able to take something back for yourself!

  14. I am glad you are finding some time for yourself it’s really important!

  15. I agree. Taking yourself a priority you actually do better for everyone. I strongly believe you can not make others happy if you forget about yourself

  16. Diane Wood Reply

    I remember being like that, the good news is, it can be like that again! I remember wanting to get a little bit of me back: reading, even if it’s just a magazine instead of a whole book (in one day), listening to some music (and not the theme tunes of kids’ programmes) and making myself look half human, even if it’s just for going to work and not out on a Saturday night. Now though, most Saturday nights are spent in my PJs, sitting in my car, waiting to pick my teenager up, well in the words I read in a birthday card “we were all young once, your time is over!”

  17. Lucy Chester Reply

    Lovely article and so important to make time to dress up and be yourself

  18. Love love love these outfits! My favorite is the floral print, but I think I’m just in major Spring mode! I’m going shopping, we might be twinning!

  19. Lindsey Stuart Reply

    I can totally relate to this post, it makes so much sense! I am also trying to find myself after having my second child.
    My confidence has long gone, but seeing a blog post like this cheers me up.
    My partner and I are going on our first ever spa break to Trump turnberry next week and rather than being excited I am full of anxiety because it has been so long since we have been anywhere I haven’t a clue what to wear and what to bring with me, I would never have thought about heading over to Simply be website, you are a star thank you so much for all the interesting and realistic posts that you put great effort in to for all of us to enjoy.

  20. I LOVE Simply Be. They’re great – especially for the bigger ladies – like me. I love their styles too. 🙂

  21. I think we all feel this way at one point or another. Looks like Simply Be have a fab selection #bloggerclubuk

  22. I am glad that you found some nifty clothes and trying to change up your styler! A new look means a new side of you!

  23. Love your new outfits, especially the maxi dress. It’s so easy to lose yourself in motherhood and I know that I’ve certainly done the same. Glad that you’re starting to make some time to focus on you and find yourself again. #bloggerclubuk

  24. Sounds like the perfect business: giving a significant segment of the populace something they really need. Allowing you to Simply Be yourself — without the torture if bringing the kids shopping on the High Street! #BloggerClubUK

  25. It’s never too late to start putting yourself first. It’s important to remember you are a person with an identity too so it’s nice that you’re doing things for yourself now too x #bloggerclubuk

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