Its always nice to hear that your children are doing well at school. Even when they are only six years old. This will be Monkey’s last year at his infant school before hopefully moving onto the juniors next door. Although we won’t know for certain as technically we are out of catchment and the infants is not a feeder for the junior school, but we are keeping everything crossed.  I am totally amazed how quickly it has gone. Year two is a big year because regardless of whether you agree with it or not he will be have his SATs assessment. We had a meeting on it at school a few weeks ago and I had no idea how involved it actually is. The meeting definitely made me feel better about how the assessment is done and the fact that they don’t know they are effectively doing anything different to what they normally do.

It was great to hear that he is is where he should be for writing, reading and maths. Not bad for a Summer born boy who also happens to be a leftie. Seeing the difference in his writing in his school books and what he does at home was amazing. I had no idea he could be so neat and the teacher said it was time to start practicing joined up writing now. We have a list of the spellings he needs to nail but out of all the words he has to learn theres not many. She also said that if we could find the right motivations for him then he is more than capable of doing so much more. Especially with maths which he seems to be a natural at. Its just trying to encourage him not to stay middle of the road which are his words not mine. Apparently that’s his goal, he says with a huge grin knowing that it would get a certain type of reaction from me.

He’s developed a broader set of friends as well which is so important. As he was struggling a little with his older friendships. It use to really upset him so that fact that with a bit of gentle persuasion he’s realised that he can make new friends and stand up for himself. Not something I would have expected a six year old to need to learn. But he has and I hope as they time goes on he continues to tell us these things. In my mind emotional intelligence is something I really do what him to continue to learn and develop.

As for the middle of the road bit… well thats something to work on too!


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  1. Brilliant feedback for your son, you must be so proud! I cant wait for mine to start school so I can watch them bloom!

  2. My son is a ‘summer leftie’ too! His school downplayed SATS too, both to the parents and to the children which I was really pleased about!

  3. Jo Hutchings Reply

    My little boy’s in reception so hasn’t had a proper parent’s evening yet. In a strange way it will be a bit of a milestone when he does.

  4. Adrian Price Reply

    emotional intelligence is a very important thing to develop

  5. What a lovely summary of parents’ evening. So pleased to read that everything is progressing well. Yes, emotional intelligence is a really important developmental skill.

  6. Alice Colling Reply

    Always great when you have a good parents evening. You must be proud.

  7. Oh I really hope he goes into the main school. It always amazes me when such local schools aren’t feeder schools. It sounds like he’s doing really well x

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