Review The Spitfire Experience: My husband has a thing for Spitfires and has done for as long as I can remember. I am planning a little bit of a surprise for next year as he has a big birthday looming. when a friend told me about the new Spitfire Experience at the RAF London Museum Henden, I knew we had to go. It ended up being very good timing as we were up in London the weekend before last to test out GoBoats. Which was great fun. The museum is just a short drive away.

Made up of six large hangers there is so much to see at the Museum. The hangers are divided into different decades and has so many different types of planes. We started in hanger one which is where the main entrance is. A lot of the displays are interactive and they have really thought about some of their smaller visitors. Providing lots of play equipment to climb all over. There is also a cafe  in the hanger which allowed us to stock up on drinks and sweet things before exploring the rest of the museum. Next to the cafe is probably the biggest sea plane I have ever seen. As you can probably imagine it sparked lots of interesting conversation with Monkey.

Our next step was hanger two where we saw some of the first ever flying machines. Made from wood and paper and not much else its amazing to think they ever got off the ground.

The Spitfire experience is in hanger four. By the time we got to it, it was mid afternoon. So we were really lucky to bag the last space of the day at 4.30pm. The museum is open until six so its worth noting that the Spitfire experience finishes quite a bit earlier. The session costs £10 and lasts for around fifteen minutes. While we were waiting he wandered around the rest of the hanger. It was full of planes used in the second world war. We found an area all about the Battle of Britain and its significance, you couldn’t help but feel patriotic.

At 4.30 we headed back to the Spitfire. Monkey jumped in first just to try it out. I thought it was nice of the guide to let him do that. After Hubby sat in and the tour began. I was trying to keep Kipper entertained so didn’t catch much of the information. The guide explained the planes origins and the reason for the gloss paint. He also explained the cockpit and had some props on hand. Hubby was very impressed with the level of knowledge and really enjoyed the whole experience. It was well worth the £10.

We could have easily spent a whole day there instead of the couple of hours that we did. Next time we are in London we are planning on visiting it again and seeing the hangers we missed. Especially since entrance to the museum itself is free with a suggested donation. The perfect day out for when the weathers bad or free activity during the expensive holiday season.


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  1. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Oooo wow – what an experience – will put it on our to do list

  2. This looks like something my brother would love. I grew up with an obsession for animals but he was always into cars, planes, and motorcycles. This would be such a nice surprise for him.

  3. Looks the kids have had a blast going here. Love the snaps and how happy the kids are.

  4. These planes are so cool. I’d like to visit this museum Spitfire excites me. 😃

  5. That sounds like an interesting place to visit and I know my husband would really enjoy the Spitfire experience. I quite like the sound of getting to see some of the earliest flying machines. One to add to the list of places to go for a day out. #bloggerclubuk

  6. My husband would love this too, I’ve lost count of the times we’ve visited Cosford.

  7. That’s a great collection of planes! I had no idea about the existence of this museum, I would love to check it out and visit sometimes soon. it looks so cool!

  8. That is such a thoughtful gift for your husband! It looks like the whole family had a great time. I would love to see some of those planes up close.

  9. Wow, that looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, seems like a neat place to go to.

  10. Terri Beavers Reply

    Now that looks like time well spent. I love places like this that interests the entire family. My grandson is obsessed with planes and I’m sure I’d never get him to leave from there but it would be worth taking him and trying to leave at the end of the day, lol.

  11. I love the museums that feature modern history. This must have been a wonderful experience to see and touch all that history.

  12. What an amazing experience!! You are so lucky to be able to do something like this!

  13. This is the kind of quality time we can spend with them. I bet the kids are having fun I can see it in their faces.

  14. My husband would love this because his Grandad flew a spitfire in the war!

  15. May I just comment how BEAUTIFUL your blog header is?

    Your experience was awesome and I’m sure the kids had the best time!

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