We were gifted our stay from Buyagift.com for the purpose of this review all words and opinions are my own.

Last weekend we ticked off one of the things on our 2019 Travel Bucket List, staying in a treehouse. Buyagift.com who have so many different experiences to choose from kindly offered us the chance to review the experience with Living Room Treehouses. Redeeming the voucher couldn’t have been easier. All we did was check the availability on the website and give Living Room Treehouses our voucher number.

Located in North Wales near the Snowdonia National Park the treehouses are nestled into the side of a wooded hill. They offer a secluded getaway where you can switch off from the outside world. There is no electricity in the treehouses, so I was intrigued to see how we managed. As a family I am concerned that we have become too reliant on smartphones and tablets. There is also very little phone signal. So I figured this would also be a good opportunity to really reconnect as a family.

Check in is normally between three and four pm. As since we were travelling up from Sussex after school on a Friday we arranged a later check in. Typically the traffic worked against us almost from the off which meant we were a lot later than we planned. Thankfully Mark one of the owners of Living Room Treehouses was still able to greet us even though it was close to nine. They have six tree houses in total, we were staying in Pen-y-Bryn which is the furthest away from the farmhouse. Its around a fifteen minute walk from where you park the car. Half of which is a reasonably steep incline. Kipper will turn three in May. But if you have young children then it maybe worth asking when you book to have one at the bottom of the hill.

Mark kindly helped with our bags, and there are little trollies available to pull your luggage along. In the information sent when you make your booking it stresses pack lightly. They provide all linen apart from towels and some cooking essentials such as oil, salt & pepper. Yet self catering, even for just a weekend with young kids packing light is a challenge. There was only one thing we took which we didn’t need. Those were the thick onesies for the boys. The treehouse gets so cosy you don’t need to worry about taking extra layers.

To get up to the treehouse there is a spiral staircase and a little wooden bridge. The bridge provided hours of amusement during our stay with the boys enjoying running to and forth. The treehouse itself is a like a large pod. As you walk in to the left is the living area and kitchen and to the right a large double bed and at the back bunkbeds. It has a nice welcoming feel about it even in the pitch black. To keep warm there is a log burner at the back, everything you need is provided. Each treehouse has its own wood store which is fully stocked. We went through a large basket of wood a day, as it also heats the hot water used for the shower. I was worried that we would feel the cold, but there are plenty of blankets if needed. We actually found ourselves opening the treehouse door to regulate the heat it got so warm.

The next morning we woke to a squirrel sitting on the outside table hoping for a meal. None of the windows have curtains which didn’t bother us at all. It was lovely being able to fall asleep looking at the stars. It also meant the two large round windows at the front let a lot of light in during the day. On our second morning we didn’t wake up till gone 7.30am, even with going to bed early.

The remoteness definitely encourages a slower pace of life and I felt instantly relaxed. The team actively encourage you to stay onsite during the day. In the treehouse there are suggestions of walks around the area. Monkey was excited by the rope swing next to the treehouse and spent a good hour our first morning playing on it. There are also some nets which act as hammocks which would be the perfect place to admire the bluebells from. Not yet out when we visited they covered the floor of the wood, I can imagine they will be stunning blue carpet in a few weeks. Inside a selection of books and games are also provided, you really don’t need to leave until check out. On the decking there is a large table perfect for eating outside during the warmer months. I could image Hubby and I sharing a bottle of red and doing a bit of star gazing in the evening.

If you do want to get out and about then there are lots of suggestions for outdoor pursuits. We decided to head to the beach which is a short fifteen minute drive away. There is a pub and shops both close by. Although we chose to come back and cook at home, partly so we could navigate the walk in the light. There is no oven as such although we successfully managed to cook jacket potatoes on the top of the stove. There is a gas hob and a full set of pots and pans. We had everything we needed to make a meal. On the deck there is a large white earthenware pot which acts as a rudimentary fridge. I had brought a small cool bag which fitted inside the pot and meant that our cheese and milk stayed cold. However I wouldn’t put raw meat in it.

The shower is underneath the treehouse and quite an experience. Although completely surrounded you do feel like you are showering in the wild! The water is heated by the stove and despite being so high up the water pressure is very good. The woodland is protected so all detergents including shower gel is provided to make sure they are eco friendly and don’t damage the wildlife. The compost toilet is upstairs on the deck. Monkey thought it was particular fun going for a wee in the dark.

Things we loved about our stay in a Treehouse

  • The novelty. Being 35ft up in the air was definitely different
  • Sense of calmness. We talked more and slept more. Enjoyed the outside and took time with the little things. Something that in the rush of day to day life can be missed. We are better because of it.
  • The location is stunning. All you hear are the sheep, birds and the wind in the trees. The treehouses are far enough apart from each other you feel secluded.
  • Monkey’s favourite bit was the rope swing, Kipper’s the bridge.
  • Falling asleep under the stars which are so bright because of the lack of light pollution

Things to think about:

  • The one thing we did take which we wouldn’t have been able to live without is a camping light. As well as some head torches for trips to the loo.
  • We took boots and wellies for the walk to the treehouse, which are essential especially this time of year.
  • The treehouses are unsecure. There is no way to lock the sliding door at the front. I was hoping that this would be possible, especially with Kipper but thankfully he never put two and two together.
  • Unsurprisingly the experience is very popular. So you will need to book quite a way in advance. But the Living Room Treehouse website has an interactive calendar so it’s easy to spot when they have availability.

We really enjoyed our stay at Living Room Treehouses. I was surprised by just how easily we all adapted to not having electricity and wifi. Instead we played cards, made lego and read books. Instantly relaxing I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. We have made some very fond memories of our trip to North Wales. Thank Buyagift.com for inviting us, I think everyone should stay in a treehouse at least once.

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  1. It looks absolutely amazing, what an experience! I just looked on their website to find out exactly where they are and it’s just outside the town where one of my best friends grew up – though he lives in Oz now! When he’s next back visiting family this would be the perfect place for us to stay to meet up with him!
    The stove looks so cosy!

  2. Oh my gosh, this place looks amazing! What a magnificent little tree house. Perfectly situated for family adventures 🙂

    Jennie linking up for #bloggerclubuk

  3. It’s one thing on my travel bucket list too. I want to try and get it to happen this year. I love the thought of staying in a treehouse – quality family time. This one looks lovely and your experience looks so fun x #BloggerClubUK

  4. Oh my gosh this is my idea of heaven!! No electricity or wifi for gadgets, you must have been so chilled out. I love the cosiness of the pod, and the loo and shower are beautiful too. You get used to outdoor loos here in Sweden!! I would love to stay here and maybe it is somewhere we need to look at when we return to the uk for a visit. Your stay looks like a perfect way to connect as a family and to nature

  5. I have always dreamed of staying in a treehouse. It just looks so magical, I love the way it has been decorated and it is in a fab location too.

  6. Ashli Ferguson Reply

    THIS LOOKS SO AMAZING!!! I want to do this now – my husband would SO love it!

  7. Wow. This is amazing. I would love to stay here, and i know my kids would too. We love to be outdoors and this is something that would be right up our street.

  8. omg this must have been an amazing and exciting adventure. The tree house is gorgeous, love it. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  9. oh my gosh this is SO amazing my kids would FREAK OUt if they found out we were staying one of thse ha i might need to make a vacation asap for them thanks to these awesome photos!

  10. Susan Quackenbush Reply

    This looks super fun. I cannot wait for Will to see this.

  11. what an amazing experience in such a beautiful location! I would also love to stay even just for a night in a treehouse one day!

  12. wooow! It looks absolutely amazing! I would totally love to spend a day or two in a house like that, in the middle of a huge forest! The relaxing and calm atmosphere is just what we need after a full week of work in a busy city!

  13. Well this looks absolutely amazing! It’s on top of my bucket list! I had no idea BuyaGift did things like this. Off to check it out now x

  14. Oh my gosh this looks so special, it’s on my bucket list to stay in a treehouse! This one looks super peaceful with no electricity and no WiFi. A proper chance to switch off

  15. Oh my god, how amazing is this place! I love everything about it. The round windows, the indoor tree features, just everything. I would so love to stay here!

  16. I would live in this treehouse! Matches my aesthetic perfectly. This looks like a place where I could hide away to write.

  17. The location of the treehouse and the treehouse itself, both of them are just extraordinary. It seems like such a cozy place to spend time and get closer to family. It’s definitely worth adding to my bucket list. Amazing!

  18. This looks amazing, I think my children would love to stay somewhere like this (so would I) I bet it was such an adventure you will remember forever x

  19. Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun! Cute little treehouse, too. The shape reminds me of a small travel camping trailer. Also reminds me of the “glamping” trend. I have watched a show called Treehouse Masters and those crews build treehouses like this one.

  20. This is my childhood dreams come true! I would absolutely love to stay here, it all looks and sounds incredible. Although, I would be a bit nervous about not being able to lock to door xx

  21. Andrea Fletcher Reply

    Wow this looks amazing. Love something that’s a little bit different.

  22. Ruth Harwood Reply

    oh wow, I always wanted to stay in a treehouse! it looks so much fun!!

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