Welcome to the latest update in my travel bucket list. This month I have been inspired some amazing travel pictures on social media. Which I think is pretty much where all these ideas came from. The whole point of this list is to try and avoid the obvious and find some more unusual destinations…

The more you travel in life the more life you have to remember

The Rainbow Steps – Batu Caves

So I am a little rainbow mad. Which is evidenced by Kipper’s rainbow jacket. I stumbled across these rainbow steps which lead up to the Batu Caves. A famous Hindu temple which is close to Kuala Lumpar in Malaysia. The 272 steps were painted in 2018 ready for a festival at the beginning of this year. Even if the rainbow steps don’t stay, they have caused some controversy with the heritage committee since they are a national treasure. The Batu Caves are worth a visit in their own right.

Image source: MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images

7 Magic Mountains – Vegas Nevada

This is an art installation with a limited time frame attached to it. There are seven pillars which are around 35 feet tall created by artist Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. Originally intended to stay in situ for two years the sculptures have recently been issued a three extension to their original permit. The extends the exhibit to the end of 2021. Located about twenty minutes from the end of the strip, it could be that Hubby gets his wish to spend his 50th in Vegas after all.

Image Source: Photo by Tim Trad on Unsplash

Walker Canyon Poppy Fields

Last month the area actually shut to tourists after the sensation hit instagram and the local infrastructure could not cope. Classed as a super bloom its not clear if the phenomena will happen again on Lake Elsinore in Southern California. Although I would love to visit a lot of the news reports sounds like they have struggled to deal with the capacity. Trying to put on shuttle buses and with people queuing from 5.30am!

Photo by Mickey Dziwulski on Unsplash

Borobudur Temple Indonesia

The Sailendra dynasty built this Largest Buddhist monument in the world between AD 780 and 840. The Sailendra are the ruling dynasty in Central Java at the time. It was built as a place for glorifying Buddha and a pilgrimage spot to guide mankind from worldly desires into enlightenment and wisdom according to Buddha. This monument was discovered by the British in 1814 under Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles, it was until 1835 that the entire area of the temple has been cleared.

Borobudur built in the style of Mandala which symbolizes the universe in Buddhist teaching. This structure is square shaped with four entry point and a circular center point. Working from the exterior to the interior, three zones of consciousness are represented, with the central sphere representing unconsciousness or Nirvana. – http://borobudurpark.com

Photo by Sander Wehkamp on Unsplash

Terwick Church – National Trust

I googled Lupin fields after seeing some beautiful photos on social media only to find that there is one much closer to home on the Sussex coast. Not only that but its very close to where Hubby and I got married. So its very much on our list for this Summer.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I am constantly on the look out for new ideas and would love to know whats on your bucket list? Please let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Nina Cochingco

    I love the rainbow step in Batu caves. An d also the poppy field looks amazing. I will definitely add this on my list.

  2. Carolyn E

    I am thoroughly recommend Borobudur. It’s such an enchanting place. It’s a relaxed small town where kids will be safe too. Although the steps to the top might be hard work for anyone. Especially at dawn!

  3. All these are beautiful places. I love this “THE MORE YOU TRAVEL IN LIFE THE MORE LIFE YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER” I plan to visit 5 countries this year after 9 years of doing nothing.

  4. Lovely you do have some good times and its great . I always like to see what your going to do next. Lovely photo’s you take too

  5. how cool is that! my bucket list is growing faster than I actually visit places. Anyway, these are nice places, very!

  6. Oh my these were all so beautiful! I love the rainbow steps and the fields!

  7. Great list!!! I’ve been to a couple of these locations but never to Indonesia! Soonnnnnn…

  8. Went Malaysia, unfortunately never got round to visiting any sites, except for a uni 😣

  9. I love the idea of visiting a poppy field. They simply look stunning, and I wouldn’t mind traveling a thousand miles for that.

  10. Ruth Harwood

    love seeing your adventures and pictures! fab post!

  11. Kayleigh Watkins

    Oh wow!! I can see why they are on your bucket list, unique and beautiful xx

  12. Oh! I’ve never heard of the magic mountains and vegas is only a 5 hour drive from here!

  13. Debbie Skerten

    Such a wonderful post. On my bucket list is Hawaii. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go to.

  14. Margaret Gallagher

    Ooo la la Loving following your journey s

  15. Gemma Hendry

    they all look wonderful but the rainbow steps especially caught my eye

  16. Lynn Neal

    The poppy fields look wonderful, I would love to visit the Netherlands Bulb fields!

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