Review Black Tower Deliciously Light: Over the last couple of months I have been trying to take better care of myself. Watching what I eat, cutting down on sugar, saying no to more things, reducing my workload and trying to relax. I have also considerably cut back on the amount I drink. All too often I would get home from a stressful day and reach for a glass of wine. It would only be one glass yet I didn’t really need it. So when Black Tower Wines got in contact and told me about their new range of Deliciously Light Wine I was intrigued.

Review Black Tower Deliciously Light

They offer four different varieties, red, white, rose and sparkling. Each are only 29 calories per 125ml glass which is 70% fewer than a standard glass of wine. Plus with only 0.5% ABV it would definitely tick the box in looking after myself more. It also means I can still reach for my glass of wine in the evening without feeling guilty. Of course this is all dependant on how they actually taste.

Deliciously Light Red has aromas of blackcurrant and spices and is warm and smooth to taste. Pair with red and white meats and heavier cuisines.

Review Black Tower Deliciously Light

Deliciously Light Sparkling has aromas of peach and pear and is fruity and refreshing to taste. Pair with Tex Mex or spicy dishes.

Review Black Tower Deliciously Light

Deliciously Light Rosé has aromas of blackberry and strawberry and is soft and refreshing to taste. Pair with puddings, as well as vegetarian and Asian cuisines.

By far my favourite is the red, thats probably because thats my preference anyway. I was really surprised by how fruity and full bodied it actually is. The white is lovely over ice and with soda similar to a white wine spritzer ideal for the warmer weather when you don’t want something too heavy. Whereas the Rose can be drunk straight or makes an ideal based for a fruity cocktail.

I can really see the benefit of the Deliciously Light range, ideal for when I am trying to be kind to myself. I will be stocking up for the BBQ season and for when we are entertaining. Available from Ocado, priced very reasonably between £3.50 to £4.00 per bottle.


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Review Black Tower Deliciously Light


  1. Deborah Clarke

    Lovely prize. Would be perfect for a family BBQ in the sunshine .

  2. Amy Jo McLellan

    I’d really like to try these different wines!

  3. They all look very tasty im particularly partial to a red wine…its full of antioxidants 😉

  4. Ruth Wollerton

    Love to try Black Tower it sounds heavenly xxx

  5. Angela Macdonald

    these look lovely, I like a glass of a nice crisp white or rose wine on a summer evening

  6. Jeanette farm Leighton

    Would love to try the rose great to have lower calorie options

  7. Jo Hutchings

    They sound lovely. I’d probably use the white and rose as spritzers like you suggest.

  8. Hazel Rea

    Sounds like a delicious selection. Great it’s low calorie.

  9. Love the idea of low calorie wine especially if it tastes as good as the non diet versions. Really must try the red.

  10. Oriana Donlevy

    used to love a good rose, must try this one. its easy to just stick with a favourite.

  11. At 29 calories sounds a perfect treat for the summer months.

  12. Carolynn Woodland

    Would love to try these wines, especially the Rose

  13. Carole Nott

    Great giveaway – would love to share this at a family celebration

  14. James Travis

    Love to try this wine, sounds very good and low on calories

  15. Fiona jk42

    I’m not much of a drinker, but when I do drink then I like a very dilute white wine spritzer.

  16. Helen Best

    It’s a lovely refreshing wine & fab because its low in calories

  17. It’s summer – well, almost – and the perfect time for a treat like these.

  18. betsy ferguson

    my sisters and i are trying to loose a bit of weight, so good to know the low calorie count – i love red wine x

  19. Sandra Fortune

    Love the taste of wine but not the calories and the headache after a few this sounds like a great option

  20. paula cheadle

    love black tower wine, but not had some for ages

  21. Natasha Spratt

    Looks so refreshing, hopefully the good weather will come back so it can be enjoyed properly 🙂

  22. clair downham

    would love to win thanks for the chance

  23. Never tried this one but would love to try it

  24. Jo (A Rose Tinted World)

    I’m not drinking at the moment, but these look a great idea #bloggerclubUk

  25. Love trying new wines especially in summer so this one will be going onto my shopping list!! bonus that it has low calories as well!!

  26. Christine Taylor

    Light Wine sounds great – I’ll keep my fingers crossed x

  27. Heather Keet

    These wines look great! #BloggerClubUK

  28. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    I’m not saying the Easter Holidays have driven me to drink … but …. this would be very much appreciated right now! Ha ha xx

  29. Iain Colquhoun

    I love wine but sometimes I need the taste without the alcohol content. This sounds ideal.

  30. Lindsey Stuart

    I had also cut down on my alcohol intake because I was trying to watch the calories but oh goodness this has made my day!
    This is brilliant! I have always been a fan of Black tower wines. I know what I will be buying in for the BBQ season.

  31. Carrie-Anne Brown

    They sound so lush! perfect for the summer

  32. Susan Laing

    I do love these wines they are so fresh ideal for summer barbecues

  33. Christine Caple

    They look like great wines for the warm summer months

  34. Natalie Burgess

    This looks delicious and the pairings are perfect! Xx

  35. Trying a low alcohol alternative sounds incredible! I’d love to try it as it looks so refreshing!

  36. I am always in the market for a new good wine, these look great! I will try them!

  37. Susan Quackenbush

    I would love to try a nice light wine and this looks delicious.

  38. Isabell Whitenstall

    I enjoy white wine and I would love trying a low alcohol alternative

  39. I rarely drink but I’ll check if we have this also here in our place.

  40. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Cheers taste without the hangover

  41. Indeed, I like to drink wine, additionally prefer to test new once, going to give this a try. thanks for sharing this.

  42. Ursula Hunt

    Perfect prize, I love a good glass of wine

  43. Joanne Beale

    Would love t win as don’t drink alcohol so these being 0.5% would be great as miss having a wine

  44. Looks like a perfect drink for my next romantic night! 😀

  45. Lynn Neal

    Delicious and perfect for celebrations and more!

  46. Ruth Harwood

    I do love a nice glass of wine, especially on a warm bank holiday evening!!

  47. Ritu Sharma

    Wow the amazing give way, I would love to taste red wine.

  48. I wish the giveaway was open to the US! I would love to try that Rose or Red wine.

  49. Lydia Smith

    Looks like great wine and o love that it has low calories. It must taste great.

  50. EagerToMakeIt

    Love a good wine, glad I found this article. Will be sure to try all of them!

  51. have tried one of these already – very tasty

  52. These sound delicious and I like that they’re only 29 calories per 125ml glass.

  53. I am a huge fan of wine and love to discover new wines, it is like my fav hobby. Will try the Black Tower for sure. Thanks a lot.

  54. Gemma Hendry

    i dont drink anymore but when i did rose was my tipple

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