Dreams Sleepmatch Review – We moved into out house about twelve years ago. When we did we brought a new bed and a mattress. It was simple we walked into a store, sat on a few beds, probably had a giggle about which one. There was no science behind it. To be honest we had no idea what were were looking for or what worked best for us. Fast forward twelve years and we still had the same mattress.

Only now we also have two children, two demanding careers and everything that goes with having a family and juggling life. Our sleep was suffering. Especially as Kipper didn’t get the memo and likes to join us in the early hours of the morning most days. When Dreams got in contact and asked us if we would like to try out their new Sleepmatch technology I was intrigued to see if it really would make a difference after all they are the experts in sleep … spoiler alert it really has!

My husband and I were invited to the Dreams store in Farnborough which offer Sleepmatch. Sleepmatch can help identify which is the right mattress for you and ensure that you get the right support. This will ensure that your spine is aligned during sleep and that there are no morning aches and pains. If I am honest I was a little sceptical initially. I am not sure if the lady helping us through the process picked up on it or not. But she put us totally at ease straight away. She began by asking a few questions which she entered into the terminal to assess our sleeping preferences.

What is Sleepmatch?

The sleepmatch consists of two single sized beds with a computer screen above. You lay down for three minutes on the beds and during this time the sleepmatch computer will utilise over 1000 scientific measurements. This will allow it to assess the level of postural support needed by replicating how you sleep. It was a little odd laying down and watching the computer effectively map your body above you. Very cleverly it explains what it is doing as it goes. At the end of the scan the computer will tell you which mattresses fit your profile on the Dreams Comfort by Colour system. We were given a little print out of the mattresses and from there worked around the store laying down on all mattresses suggested.

Through the process the lady directed us to each mattress, asking questions to help us assess the suitability. What I liked was that there was mattresses under each category ranging from traditional spring mattresses, to combination to more advanced mattresses and TEMPUR mattresses. This also meant that there was a lot of variation in price so that you could find something that also suited your budget.

Trying out new pillows

We were even given some pillows to try out and to help us with our decision. Even the pillows were tailored to our individual preferences. Hubby and I have always had exactly the same pillows so it was a surprise when she suggested different types for each of us. After trying all the different mattresses we opted for a TEMPUR CoolTouch Sensation Elite Mattress. We had never had a TEMPUR mattress before and not what we expected to walk out with. However its made a huge difference to our sleeping patterns. Which I will come onto.

The delivery of out Sleepmatch mattress

Delivery was easy to arrange in store. I was also delighted to discover that they also provide a recycling service for your old mattress. Meaning I have one less thing to worry about. Dreams provide a large green bag to place your old mattress in and will take it when they deliver your new one. Lets talk about delivery. I was very impressed with the delivery experience. We were notified in advance of the expected time slot. Then on the run up I received a phone call to let me know we were the next delivery. They were so quick in the delivery. It took less than ten minutes to put the new one upstairs and the old one in the van. Plus they took their shoes off at the front door!

Our thoughts on our new mattress

There is something special about a new mattress. Kipper thought it was great fun testing it out while we left it to settle. Sleeping on a TEMPUR mattress was definitely different initially and we did wonder if we had done the right thing. But we woke up that first morning feeling more rested than we had for a long time. Even with the little person who came to join us in the early hours of the morning. Coupled with the new pillows there were no aches and pains in the morning. Nothing.

Again the sceptic in me thought that it maybe just a lucky night. But I was wrong. We have now had the mattress for a month and have been enjoying a good nights sleep each night since. Over the last couple of weeks we have been fortunate to do a bit of travelling over Easter and I have really noticed the difference when we are not in our bed. Not only with comfort but also I wake up achy which I do not do at home.

In summary

I look forward to going to bed each night now to enjoy our new TEMPUR mattress. Yet without the sleepmatch technology I would never have considered a TEMPUR mattress. We have been encouraging all our friends to go and try it out, as it has without doubt made a difference to our sleeping patterns. We wake up more rested and ready to take on the juggling act of parenthood. I can see why Dreams are the most recommended bed retailer in the UK, find out more on their website. If you would like to read about another experience of choosing a mattress through Dreams Sleepmatch then you can read all about Franca’s experience here.

Dreams recommend changing your mattress every eight years – when was the last time you changed yours?


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This is a sponsored post, we were compensated for our time and the mattress we received was for the purpose of this blog – Dreams Sleepmatch Review. As always all opinions and words are my ownDreams Sleepmatch Review

Dreams Sleepmatch Review


  1. Rosemary Tily

    I would never have thought of a Dreams Sleepmatch Review but as I read your review I realized that it really could make a difference to the quality of our sleep. Our mattress is old, wouldn’t like to say just how old it is! I feel like finding out more, particularly the price, of a TEMPUR mattress then decisions can be made. Sweet dreams!

  2. Tracey Carr

    I will very soon be looking to buy a new mattress as we have just purchased our home and are in the middle of decorating it so this was a timely review for me to read! #bloggerclubuk

  3. How cool is this technology! I’ve never heard of this brand before – but sounds like you liked them! I’ll have to check them out next time I’m in the business for a mattress x

  4. We love ours too, it’s the best mattress we’ve ever had by far! I love the technology they use, it’s amazing to think this kind of thing is even available!

  5. minimalistmiri

    This is so informative! I currently have a foam mattress and love it! My husband and I are moving overseas and have to buy a new one, so having all this information really helps!

  6. Love love love the new technology with mattresses….i love having options because i have a hard time falling asleep

  7. My husband and I are way overdue for a new mattress, but we were looking into getting a Purple Mattress of a sleep number. I’m glad I came across this blog post because I’d never heard of sleep match but I think it might be a good fit for us, especially to compare it to the two we were originally considering. Thanks.

  8. Science has truly advanced in all fields to be able to help us pick the best mattress for ourselves.

  9. Interesting and informative, thanks for posting

  10. I think it’s amazing the amount of technology that goes into, finding the perfect mattress. The type of mattress you have makes all the difference. I used to have really bad back problems, and when I bought a new mattress. All my back pain magically disappeared, thank you for sharing this post!

  11. Woah it can? I never even knew that. Lol i’ve never concerned myself over a mattress. but now i might

  12. That 4th photo is awesome haha! Thank you for sharing those tips like that 8th year rule. (y)

  13. I have seen some commercials on TV about this mattress. It will be great to sleep on this some day

  14. Rose Ann Sales

    Wow, I would definitely love this type of mattress.. Better mattress really matters for a better sleep.. 😊

  15. Geraline Batarra

    Wow, this tech is so awesome. My mattress really needs a replacement. It really makes my back ache little sometimes

  16. Technology is the boss:) We also recently learned about sleep technology and how the mattress can change the whole sleeping pattern. Hope u had amazing good nights 😉

  17. My immediate goal is change my mattress and you have given some nice ideas to make my change soon.

  18. Now this is a great idea! Having a good mattress is do important because we spend so much time in our beds. I suffer with back issues after back surgery and it would be really interesting to see what mattress Dreams suggest

  19. I truly dislike my mattress my husband chose it and he is so bad at picking things and would not accept any advice and now we all struggle – i think i will actually go on my own to pick one – Dreams have always had knowledgeable staff

  20. This article is everything I never knew I needed! I hate my mattress because I wake up every morning tired and full of aches. I have not replaced it because I had no idea where to start looking or what to look for. Now I’m going to see if I can find any place here that does a similar test to Sleepmatch.

  21. Alice Colling

    I need a new mattress, it’s so important to have a good one.

  22. It’s a good thing I came across this as I know we need to look at getting a new bed and mattress, our is only four years old. But we need a bigger one. These look super comfy.

  23. Mattresses make a huge difference to my sleep. I thank you for your detailed breakdown. Certainly worth another look before the next purchase.

  24. These look like great mattresses! I will check them out as we are in the market for a new one!

  25. Fiona jk42

    We have a Tempur mattress and find it is the most comfy for us. You do need to get the right one though. Our daughter and son-in-law have a Tempur mattress, but it’s a softer version than ours, and I don’t like it at all and find it very difficult to sleep on.

  26. Oh god we desperately need a new mattress … we have a superking bed and currently have 2 x single mattresses as we each prefer different kinds of mattress … only problem is you can fall down the gap in the middle 😊

  27. We treated ourselves to a new mattress when we moved house last year. Our old mattress was about 20 years old! What a difference.

  28. I hate mattress hunting. I mean, it’s well worth it in the end, but it’s such a pain. Hope you like your mattress

  29. This is brilliant! I think I need to head to Dreams. We haven’t been happy with out mattress for a while and really want to buy the best we can for both of us so this would be great. That mattress looks amazing!

  30. Anoushka

    Oh god. You’ve made me think about how old my mattress is 😱. Seriously, though, this does sound like a useful technological development and, particularly given my husband’s current sleep issues, it has inspired me to take steps to replace our mattress.

  31. Dalene Ekirapa

    With such a mattress, I would always look forward to bedtime! It looks so cozy and firm. I’ve always loved a firm yet poufy mattress since it becomes comfortable to lie flat on and you don’t have to worry about back aches.

  32. We are loving our mattress too! It’s super comfy and has made such a difference to my over all health. The sleep match is such a good idea!

  33. The Nail Trip

    Holiii !!
    As the world advances … Now there is a system even to find your perfect mattress. I’m glad you found it and now rest better.
    Good day!!

  34. Gemma Hendry

    we need an upgrade too, dreams are the best

  35. Jeanette Leighton

    I’ve recently bought a new Mattress it’s a foam one and I’m quite pleased with it

  36. This is really good, it’s amazing how much science goes in to it now but I think it makes such a huge difference. Glad you’re feeling more rested

  37. Wow the technology they use is really impressive! So fantastic to hear how much you loving using your mattress every night now.

  38. Lynn Neal

    Wow who knew there are so many cosiderations when choosing a mattress!

  39. Rebecca Whatmore

    There are just so many to choose from aren’t there and you feel silly laying down on each bed in the shop! They look good and nice and comfy.

  40. What clever technology! I am all about a good night’s sleep so this sounds brilliant, especially how it maps your body!

  41. There is something so lovely about a new mattress! Just that comfort and softness, I am sure we should probably think about getting a new one soon.

  42. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Dreamz certainly will come true – I’m looking for a whole new bed – thanks

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