A Picture Postcard from Rye: Last weekend we visited Camber Sands staying with Mulberry Cottages. We had planned on spending a lot of time on the beach. However unsurprisingly the weather was not playing ball and hours spent exploring the beach suddenly seemed like a bad idea. Although we did give it a go for all of about fifteen minutes. Instead we jumped in the car and drove a short ten minute car ride to Rye.

We have visited Rye before several years ago when Monkey was small. Its a lovely little town with cobbled hill and plenty of places to sit and watch the world go by. There as quaint little shops selling antiques and souvenirs. As well as plenty of jewellery, art galleries and novelty items such as toy soldiers. Monkey was pleased to see the old fashioned sweet shops and opted for a sweetie necklace. Instantly I was transported back to my own childhood and the corner shop at the top of the road which sold the same when I was about his age.

There are several large pubs which are always really busy and if you are looking to eat at The George then I would suggest booking in advance. There is a also a little castle on the top of the hill and a pub close to it with a large bank in the beer garden that keeps the kids entertained. While we  were there I couldn’t help but take some photos.

Monkey and his grandfather walking up the winding streets 

In an old fashioned news agents that sold pretty much anything and everything you could possibly want. I noticed the tide tables a sign to how close we are to the coast.

Monkey was fascinated by these hand painted toy soldiers. There were all different shapes and sizes available.

Outside the George at Rye these shells hung in front of the large glass windows and all around the doorway. I don’t remember them being there last time we visited and I wondered if they maybe from a wedding.

Monkey and his much loved sweetie necklace trying to decide which colour to start with 

Wisteria is a favourite of mine. This one grew outside a chocolate box white washed Georgian cottage on the highs street.

We went to the Ship for a lunch and opposite on some flats was this figure head. A nod to the towns heritage it looked a little out of place.

Kipper exploring what we thought was a well at some point.

Have you been to Rye? I would love to hear about your favourite bits in the comments below.

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  1. Sometimes the best trips are the ones you don’t expect to take – looks like you had a great time 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of Rye but it looks so lovely and your photos make it look idyllic

  3. I went to Rye many years ago with my husband before we were married. Rye was very quaint and from your photos and description it looks as if it’s hardly changed in the past 40 years.

  4. Next time you go climb the church tower, lots of steps but amazing view from the top.
    Great playing field at the bottom of the town with swings.
    There is a newsagent in the high street called Adams, sells everything and anything but has a particularly good toy shop upstairs and also sells kites, perfect for the beach.
    Lots of lovely tea rooms but Fletchers up by the church is very good.
    The Italian restaurant Simply Italian down by the river is very good for children.
    Lots of different festivals through the year, Scallop festival, the fireworks display in November.

  5. My Dad used to take us on “Mystery Tours” (Which was code for “I can’t read a map, so who knows where we’ll end up”. They were always the best days out. Somehow the unplanned ones always turn out well…!

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