Its been a busy work week despite not being very well.I feel like I should have lost a stone in weight since I have hardly eaten a thing. Although it never works like that does it? Plus I started a new challenge with work to walk 10,000 steps a day for the next 100 days. If you would like to see what we got up to last week you can do so here – Our Adventures in Pictures: 365 Week 20 2019

Saturday 18th May – Day 138

Kipper went to his best friends party in the morning. Although it took a little time for him to get his head around the fact that it wasn’t his. I guess thats the problem with being a three year old. He did have a good time in the end though and went home with a little sunflower. I think the boys are going to race them to see how tall they grow. In the afternoon we went to some friends for dinner. They kids had a great time playing in the garden, the men watched the FA cup final and the ladies had wine! Unfortunately I was so relaxed I forgot to take any pictures…

Sunday 19th May – Day 139

We stayed at our friends overnight and had a lazy breakfast before a trip to the park. Monkey wanted me and him to swing together in a big round seat swing. Yet since it was the only two of us he had fun pushing the swing and then jumping on. It was quite nice being pushed for a change instead of doing the pushing. Maybe a sign of things to come? My parents live in the same town so holding onto the weather we managed a BBQ with family in the afternoon. Again the boys enjoyed playing in the garden.

Monday 20th May – Day 140

Woke up feeling dreadful. Spent most of the night awake with a dodgy stomach. However I still made it into London to run a presentation with some colleagues. I probably should have taken the day off, but they were depending on me and I felt responsible. I went straight home after and worked from bed. Needless to say I didn’t manage any photos

Tuesday 21sT May – Day 141

I didn’t manage any photos today either although I did make it to work despite still being awake for most of the night.

Wednesday 22nd May – Day 142

Today was the first day in the Global Challenge that I have signed up to. I have to make 10,000 steps a day with the rest of the team. I ended up pacing in the kitchen for about an hour to make up my steps and realised I need to get smarter at it. Since its a 100 challenge. I am starting to feel better although still not really eating anything. Todays photo was taken on the nursery run. Kipper was disappointed to see that the diggers weren’t already at work when we arrived at nursery.

Thursday 23rd May – Day 143

I worked late yet again today. Only finishing just before ten. Its always hard when I am off on holiday as I want to make sure I hand everything over and that any queries are resolved. But its done now and I am looking forward to having next week off. I ended up in the kitchen again tonight pacing back and forth. But did manage slightly more steps than yesterday and didn’t have to pace for so long. This photo was taken at bath time.

Friday 24th May – Day 144

A normal Friday for us here after our little adventure last week. Kipper had been asking for his music class all week only when we arrived he wasn’t keen to join in. Typically. After we headed into town to pick up a few essentials for our trip. I needed a couple of t-shirts since many of my old ones have been destroyed by the boys. They had their hair before cricket, which meant we were running a little late. Since there was a beer festival on in the evening there was a tent selling hot dogs which were very tasty and made the perfect early tea.

This week I have also had a break from most social media. I find instagram so time consuming and with being ill and having a full on week work wise I have let it drop. Can’t say I have missed it! Yet next week we are away in Italy which although I am looking forward to, I do need to share on instagram. So this weekend I will be packing and catching up with everyones photos.

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  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been ill. It must have been hard to travel and work when you were feeling like that. Some lovely photos of the boys this week. I hope you have a lovely week next week!
    I’ve had a watch which counts my steps for three years now and I think in that time I’ve only failed to reach 10,000 steps about five times! I do 14-17,000 on a normal day and a lot more if I’m doing a long run.

    • Margaret Gallagher Reply

      LOVE seeing all your magical adventures – great pics too

  2. Laura Wheatley Reply

    Glad you still managed to have a nice week even though you were ill, it’s not easy being mummy when you are ill x

  3. Chloe Taylor Reply

    Ahh really lovely pics, a shame you were unwell, hope you are feeling a bit better this week. Have a great bank holiday weekend.

  4. Oh no! Sorry you have been poorly. I hope you are feeling better now. Good luck with the walking challenge!
    I go through phases with Instagram. Some times I love it other times I can’t be bothered.

  5. You did well to get through another busy week despite being unwell. I smiled when I read your comments about pacing up and down in the kitchen to get your steps quota! Good luck with your target.

  6. Good luck with the Global Challenge! You’re a hero to go to give your presentation, while being poorly.
    Kipper’s going to the party and thinking it was for him made me smile. It’s just so sweet.
    I don’t do much on Instagram, it’s a very fickle social media platform.
    Enjoy your time in Italy! Eat a gelato for me!

  7. I’d definitely struggle with 10k steps a day. I’m lucky to get to 8k on a working day, and only manage 10k if I’m out and about at weekends. Hope you’re feeling better for the half term now.

  8. Sorry to hear you have been unwell Good luck with the 10.000 steps every day. I have seen me walking up and down the stairs doing a circuit of the living room and bedroom to get my step count up.
    Nice to have a stay over with friends and to catch up with family at the weekend.

  9. Sorry to hear you have been unwell. I hope things improve. I would struggle with that many steps, good luck with them. I hope you are on the mend xx

  10. Samantha O'D Reply

    Sounds like a packed week, such a cute idea leaving a party with a sunflower

  11. Sorry to hear you weren’t well. Must have been hard to get into work while feeling rough.

    Don’t think I would get to 10,000 steps!

  12. Sorry that you were ill and stressed about handing over before holiday. I hop you are having a lovely time away to make up for it! #project365

  13. Ruth Harwood Reply

    Hope you’re having a great half term! Love your pics and posts!

  14. Looks like a fun packed week, hope you are feeling better now 🙂

  15. ope you had a lovely trip to Italy, sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, I hope all is better now. looks like some fab weather in the UK for you all.

  16. Gemma Hendry Reply

    i can understand needing a social media break great on you

  17. Debbie Skerten Reply

    Great post with an incentive for me to get of my bum and do more steps. Some days I find it hard to walk due to pain, but I need to get fitter and do more steps.

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