We really needed half term here! Crazy when you think the Easter break was only a couple of weeks ago. Heres what we got up and and if you want to see last weeks you can check it out here – Our Adventures in Pictures: 365 Week 21 2019

Saturday 25th May – Day 145

This morning I was packing while Hubby took the boys down to see their grandparents. I must admit packing is definitely not my favourite job and it always seems to take me ages. I also tried to catch up on some blog work which was needed before we go away. In the afternoon one of my NCT friend’s daughters turned seven. How did they get to seven? It was a nice relaxing afternoon with tea and cake. Kipper particularly liked his cupcake making sure he ate every last crumb.

Sunday 26th May – Day 146

Our flight was at midday although we arrived at the airport early so we could get a na early lunch before flying. Unfortunately while sitting eating we noticed the flight had been delayed. Only by twenty minutes but as these things normally go we ended up being a couple of hours. Although not a lot by the time we had picked up the hire car and driven to the Holiday Parc it was seven in the evening. I felt a little cheated if I am honest as the whole point of flying somewhere this time was to make sure that we didn’t spend so long travelling! Dinner of pizza, ice cream and red wine made up for it. In a beautiful setting.

Monday 27th May – Day 147

We woke to rain so decided to jump in the car and head out to a city in the guide book. As we hadn’t planned on doing much travelling around – it was intended to be a relaxing holiday I felt a little under prepared. Thankfully it played out okay and there was a lot to see and do in Padua. Rain is forecast for the next few days so I am not sure what else we will get up to. I don’t really want Hubby driving us around all over the place as it won’t be much of a holiday for him if thats the case.

Tuesday 28th May – Day 148

The weather was kind to us today and the pools heated thankfully which meant we spent most of the day at the pool and in the water park. Much to their delight. We always try and balance their needs and ours while we are away. Sometimes we get it right and other trips it tilts too much in one direction. Hoping that we manage it fifty fifty this week.

Wednesday 29th May – Day 149

As suspected we woke to rain. I did have a little wobble at one point around what we were going to do since I hadn’t researched any options at all. But quickly found one of the closest towns had a couple of indoor attractions. Including a place full of science experiments. Both boys are doers if you know what I mean so it suited us perfectly. I even managed to get some pretty good photos as they had sent up photo opportunities throughout. Including this one of Monkey hanging upside down…

Thursday 3oth May – Day 150

Today we woke to cloud but not rain! We had already decided this would probably be the day we went to Venice and Burano. It was a long day to try and make the most of it I think we left about 8.30am and returned around 9.30pm. The boys were absolute super stars and we saw so much and I took soooo many photos! It was pretty tough to work out which one to share here. No doubt there will be a full blog post coming in the next couple of weeks.

Friday 31st May – Day 151

What we had been waiting for the sun shone and we went to the beach all day! Its exactly what we wanted and needed after our trip yesterday. I have brought the boys some inflatables, much to the husbands disgust. They had great fun in the waves on them. Since it was so shallow, Kipper particularly liked riding the breaking ones, I wonder if he will be a surfer when he grows up?

I can not believe that our holiday is almost over its gone quicker than ever. Although we have lots of plans in the coming weekends I think we maybe booking something in August. A holiday where I am effectively not working. As although reviewing holidays is an amazing opportunity I don’t get a chance to switch off. One thing I have realised this holiday is the need to do that.

Blog Posts this week

Unsurprisingly there have not been that many since most evenings I haven’t had time to write and I was  pretty badly organised at getting things written before we went away:

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  1. Looks like an amazing place, Good that you managed to balance the trip out to cater for all of you.

  2. Galina Varese Reply

    Your Italian holiday sounds lovely, a mix of sight-seeing, culture and relaxing on the beach. Venice is beautiful, and so is Padua.
    Kipper looks very concentrated on his cupcake, bless him.
    Hope you get a good weather for the remainder of your holiday.

  3. Italy looked amazing. I’d love to visit Burano – all those colours would be amazing. Being able to choose what I write about is definitely a bonus of having a blog that isn’t my source of income

  4. Beautiful pictures. It sounds like a great trip, and Kipper looks so adorable in all the pictures. I know about Venice (obviously) but not about Padua and Burano. How are they? Are they worth visiting?

  5. Ruth Harwood Reply

    wow, looks amazing! Love the gondola pic – always wanted to take a ride on one!

  6. Margaret GALLAGHER Reply

    What an ADVENTURE for0 0you0 all – love all your pics

  7. paula cheadle Reply

    Venice looks like a wonderful place, and plenty to do

  8. I love seeing your photo’s, they are always so visually interesting!

  9. Oh no! Such a shame about your flight being delayed. It sounds like you had a lovely holiday! The place full of science experiments sound like a lot of fun. x

  10. Your holiday sounds lovely. It looks so beautiful and interesting. Hope you get good weather for the rest of the holiday xx

  11. Laura Wheatley Reply

    Glad the bit of rain didn’t stop you having fun 🙂 looks like a great week

  12. very difficult to get a balance that suits everybody. We often ended up with one huffing on the day it was not their choice of what to do.
    A short delay is enough to make it seem a long travel time with young children.
    I think inflatables should be banned in open water personally.

  13. You’ve had another busy and exciting week. I know what you mean about striking the right balance between activities and outings for children and adults. As the children get older, it is normally a little easier to get it right.

  14. sounds like you had a good time despite the weather, love the picture of your son hanging upside down. I always write off the days of travel and the day after I get home also, packing isn’t a chore to me, it’s the unpacking I hate

  15. I’m sorry the weather hasn’t been as you’d have hoped for. We had the same issue this time last year in Portugal, but it looks as if you still had fun even if not as relaxing as you’d have hoped. The ice cream shot is just fab. #365

  16. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    The pictures and the water looks amazing, bet you had a fantastic time

  17. Glad the rain held off and you managed to get out rather than spend all the time indoors. Looks like you had a lovely time!

  18. It looks like such a lovely half term although I can understand the pressure of a working holiday. I am trying to get myself sorted for scheduling posts for when we are away during the summer #project365

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