Unfortunately this week is to going to be as interesting as last week! We definitely came down from our holiday with a bump as we headed back to school and work. You can see what we got up to while in Italy here – Our Adventures in Pictures: 365 Week 22 2019

Saturday 1st June – Day 152

It was our last full day at our Eurocamp Holiday Park today. We woke to bright sunshine and headed to the pool. Where we pretty much stayed all day. The kids had a great time, it was a lovely relaxed day. Just how holidays should be. In the evening I took Monkey to play crazy golf before packing the cases. Needless to say I go beaten!

Sunday 2nd June – Day 153

Today we travelled home. We needed to be out of the Holiday Park by 10am so we jumped in the car and headed to the beach. We found a little bar with a play area in the sand. The boys had fun playing while we enjoyed a coffee, before driving to the airport. Unfortunately our flight was delayed  and we didn’t get home until 10pm. The boys were absolutely shattered and so were we!

Monday 3rd June – Day 154

I was dreading taking Monkey to school today. But just as we were leaving the  house I got a message from the school saying it was closed for the day. Monkey thought all his Christmases had come at once as he went down to his grandparents for the day. To make it up to Kipper I took him to the park after nursery. We spent an hour playing in the evening sun and didn’t get in until 7pm.  He enjoyed the freedom and I enjoyed the head space after a very busy first day back at work.

Tuesday 4th JUNe – Day 155

The whole week is going to be busy as my diary is full with client meetings. Today I was literally on the road all day. Which meant I didn’t do very well on my steps challenge at all. Normally I would pace the kitchen to make sure I got to the magic 10,000. But I didn’t have the energy. This picture was taken by a railway station which is close to one of my clients. The mural lines the walkway from the carpark to the town centre. After spending a week with the boys this part of it really resonated with me.

Wednesday 5th JUNe – Day 156

I am solo parenting for the next couple of days. The weekend can not come soon enough. Another full on day at work. I think we are felling the strain a little. Monkey took his party invites to school today. I had booked the party about four months ago and the school have announced the fete is now on the same day. Not only that but Yr2 are due to sing at the fete. Although the timings may just work out. Keeping everything crossed he gets the party he wants. This photo was taken in the country park and is of a wild orchid. There are a lot that grow there and always look so pretty.

Thursday 6th JUne – Day 157

With the husband away I needed to do the Beavers run tonight and manage Kippers pick up from day care. It didn’t quite go to plan. I was already running late so ended up picking Kipper up before dropping Monkey. Today they were meeting at the local park to try out their junk model boats in the lake. Monkey took the opportunity to go for an impromptu swim! Here he is with his boat, which did actually float!

Friday 7th June – Day 158

After our music class my mum took Kipper and I to a special rose event at a local garden – Picture Postcard Pashley Manor. We were very lucky with the weather as the rain stopped for the time we were there. Starting again as we got in the car. There were lots of different statutes which meant I was really in my element snapping away…

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  1. I hope the timings work out for you for your son’s party. The UK schools seem to have had a lot of time off recently. Glad to see you managed to eek out every minute of the holiday, I usually find the last day is wasted just hanging around

  2. Sounds like a tough week after your hols, but the bonus day off school sounds good. Hope the party works out – annoying that the school announced the fete afterwards.

  3. Sounds like you had a perfect last of holidays. The pool slides and frames look great fun for little people. I wonder if some of the mosaic’s pieces have pinged off, as it looks like the lady has only one eye (unless it was meant that way). Well done, Monkey, for building a creative boat!

  4. The pool looks amazing. It looks like you had an amazing holiday. Hooray for the school being closed. What a treat.
    I hope the party works out OK.
    That looks like one awesome boat. It sounds like a fun evening. x

  5. Gemma Hendry Reply

    looks like a great week and well done monkey for beating you at crazy golf

  6. Love the flower photo’s and the bee! Good luck for the party 😉🐇🐰🐇

  7. Laura Wheatley Reply

    I love the mural <3 I hope Monkeys party works out ok, keeping everything crossed for you.

  8. paula cheadle Reply

    stunning photo’s, looks like a wonderful place, glad you all ha a great time

  9. Nice to do some things with your mum while solo parenting, hard going when you work long days already.
    Glad you all enjoyed the holiday so much and one disadvantage of flying can be the delays.
    I love that tile mural, very calming.

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