Over Easter we visited Swansea Bay. It is not an area we have ever been to before, despite the fact that I was actually born in the South of Wales. While there we got up to a lot of tourist related activities. Which you can read about in my 8 Things to do in Swansea post. One of the things we did was to visit The Mumbles. It is somewhere I have often heard people talk about as the must see beach. It wasn’t until we spent a lovely afternoon relaxing in the sun there that I realised why. 

Like the other beaches we visited during our stay its affected significantly by the tide. Which means that depending on the time of day you visit you will either get lots of lovely beach with rock pools or beautiful blue sea almost right in to the sea wall. Which means you need to time your visit carefully. We were lucky as the tide was out when we arrived which meant the boys got plenty of time to explore. Just at the entrance to pier where you can see the famous mumbles themselves there was a shop selling buckets and spades. Along with fishing nets, which were incredibly good value for money at £2 each. The Victorian Pier itself was shut for renovation. 

Monkey found some rock pools close by and hunted for crabs. He was impressed with his initial find. But it wasn’t until we moved closer to the sea did we find a mud skipper. Kipper busied himself by building sand castles and putting little paper flags in the top. Before removing the flags and demolishing them and then starting again. Every now and again he would stop and look out to sea. I have no idea what was going on in his little mind as he looked wistfully at the returning tide. 

This is the view of the bay from Oystermouth Castle overlooking the bay . You can just about make out the pier in the distance.

When we arrived the tide was out which left large expanses of sand by the time we left this was all covered up again

Kipper was very worried about the boats which were not in the sea. A couple of them were leaning over not having anything to prop them up. He decided they should go to the doctors.

The pier was undergoing restoration so we couldn’t go on it but Monkey found these old fashioned photo boards

The Mumbles themselves

Monkey couldn’t wait to give the nets we brought a go. There were several rock pools left by the receding tide. 

I am pretty sure his first find was actually dead!

Kipper  headed down to the shoreline to search with his net

It wasn’t long until Monkey joined him…..

Building sandcastles with little paper flags reminds me of my own childhood. Although they didn’t stay built for very long with a two year old…

Looking out to sea I wonder what he is contemplating?

Whats your favourite thing to do at the beach? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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We were invited to Swansea to experience everything the are has to offer. While there I took the photos included in this post. I was not asked to write this and chose to do so for my own purposes. 


  1. Debbie Skerten

    It looks so beautiful. I would love to go.

  2. Toni | This Mama

    We love Wales but have always stuck to North Wales with us living in Manchester. We’ll have to venture further south in future

  3. Your photos are absolutely beautiful and could indeed be postcards! I’ve never been near Swansea but would love to explore Wales with the kids in the next few years (the dream is to have a camper van and travel that way). How cute is the photo of Monkey holding the crab?

  4. The Mumbles looks so beautiful! I really love to do that sand castles whenever I’m on a beach.. Seeing beautiful things in person can be so rewarding.

  5. Tomislav

    Swansea Bay looks like a very nice place for a family trip. I love the pictures, making sandcastles and chasing crabs brings back fond memories of my own childhood.

  6. Troy Easton

    Swansea Bay looks fun and always like looking around the rock pools.

  7. that looks so serene!

    the favorite thing i do in the beach is just to watch the sunset, along with my beach mat and a little snacks. Sometimes i carry books too.

  8. Zena's Suitcase

    It was lovely looking through your pictures from Mumbles. We loved this area when we visited too, so beautiful with lots for families to see and do

  9. Anthea Holloway

    What a super time you all had. I love that place.

  10. That net looks fun. I remember when my son would have loved that too.

  11. Your pics are fab! Going to the beach with kids is so brilliant, there is always so much to explore. It was one of my favourite things as a child and playing in rock pools was just magical. I love the idea of boats going to the doctor’s 🙂

  12. So jealous! you seem to have had a great time. I have been drowning in work and I need a fun vacation like this soon.

  13. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    These are the memories that they will treasure when they grow up. Family moments is love.

  14. Your photos speak for themselves! I always enjoy reading our blogs! Keep up the great content, as always!

  15. One day I will make it to London and the UK. Soon, hopefully.

  16. Krysten Quiles

    Oh my goodness this looks just lovely. I love exploring rock pools to see what I can find.

  17. We love exploring rock pools too, its always a test of patience for my daughter however it’s such a delight when she manages to find something. I’ve heard that there are also lovely cafes for cake at the Mumbles too.

  18. Ivan Jose

    What a lovely day with your kids. I wish we had a nearby beach where I can easily take my son for a walk.

  19. Laura Wheatley

    looks like a lovely place. Your pics are great as always too

  20. Charlotte - Mama Makes Do

    Lovely photos, looks a great place. My favourite beach activity is hiding in the shade from the sun, yet still getting burnt.

  21. The views are lovely and amazing nature it looks like you had a great vacation. Awesome photos!

  22. Gervin Khan

    Wow! This place looks amazingly beautiful, all the photos are incredibly mesmerizing. I love this kind of place, it look quiet and peaceful here.

  23. It is such a picturesque area. The photos are lovely, thanks for the tips about the tides. South Wales is a lovely place.

  24. This brought back some lovely memories for me. We used to holiday in Wales a lot when I was younger and the Mumbles is one of the places we spent a lot of time. My sister and I used to look in all the rock pools. That whole coastline is a great place for a trip.

  25. paula cheadle

    I’ve not been to The Mumbles for quite a while, wonderful place

  26. Lyndsey O'Halloran

    We love looking at the edge of the sea or in rock pools to see what we can find. It’s so much fun.

  27. Mandi Morrison

    The beach looks gorgeous, especially those rock pools. I have never been to the Mumbles either!

  28. Gemma Hendry

    rock pools are great fun and very educational as they can find loads

  29. I have always loved Swansea, not been for a while, I must visit again soon!

  30. Kim Styles

    how lovely and what a beautiful place- should have watched out for the hungry lion though!!!

  31. I had completely forgotten about the Mumbles! I’ve not been in 20 years but it’s great!

    We are big rock poolers in this house, we’ve never found anything exciting but we are always eager if nothing else x

  32. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Years since I’ve been here – such a beauty

  33. Looks lovely I’ve only been to North -mid Wales would love to see Swansea sometime . Looks like the boys enjoyed it

  34. Amy SIMPSON

    Looks like you had a lovely time,plus looks like a lovely place x

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