10 Tips for visiting Venice with a toddler – While we were staying at Union Lido with Eurocamp we took a day trip to Venice. Hubby and I had started our honeymoon in Venice ten years previously so we knew part of the city already. Albeit a bit of a distant memory. I think this is why it didn’t even occur to me that it wouldn’t be suitable for a toddler. Yet I was surprised by just how many people contacted me when they saw our Instagram stories asking about whether it was or not. For me, most destinations are suitable for kids. Over the years especially Monkey has been treated so much as an adult when travelling that I hadn’t honestly given it a second thought. It wasn’t until Kipper was running untamed through the streets of Burano that I wondered!

10 Tips for visiting Venice with a toddler

But actually Venice is more than suitable for a day trip, and we are intending on visiting again with the boys. If you are thinking about doing the same then here are my top tips for visiting Venice with a toddler.

Buggies are doable.

But they need to be the right sort. Walking all day round the city means you need a way of transporting the toddler. If you have a back carrier then it could be a better option. But with Kipper being on the larger side we needed a buggy. We had previously reviewed a travel buggy which is so light its easy to manage over the bridges and steps. Many of the bridges do have steps, with only some of the larger ones near the Grand Canal having ramps. But it was easy enough.


There are plenty of options around the little streets to pick up small snacks and sandwiches. Restaurants around the main tourist attractions are expensive. But a small sandwich can cost 1.5€ with pizza slices that more than fed both the boys they were that large for 3.5€. There are plenty of places since Venice is set up completely for the tourist. You will not have trouble finding one. Although I did also have a ton of breadsticks in my bag too!


There are no public toilets that we found. Although there are a number of signs. We planned toilet stops in cafes. I also didn’t find a baby change anywhere. So go prepared to change on the hop.

Water Bus

If you decided not to take a buggy then you may want to consider using the water bus or Vaperato. You can buy a day ticket for 20€ and children under the age of 6 are free. There are stations dotted along the Grand Canal with clear maps and people available in the kiosks to help guide you. Sometimes they can be busy but they are an easy way to move around the city and get to the things you want to see. Although if you do this, make sure you do spend some time walking around the smaller canals where the buses can’t go, to really appreciate the city.

Getting there

If you don’t want to stay in Venice with children then it’s easy enough to stay on the mainland and travel in. When we visited we caught the train in. Parking a couple of minutes walk from Venezia Mestre we picked up single tickets which cost under 1.5€ each. Trains are very frequent as it seems any train that goes to Venice will go through the station. It’s only a fifteen minute train journey and brings you in right opposite the Grand Canal.


There is no getting away from the fact that Venice is built on water. Some of the small side alleys and streets will not have railings. And there are no railings down the Grand Canal. Despite Kipper’s free-spirited nature we managed. All the bridges we went over had railings on each side and many of the canals we walked down were also fine. Many of the main tourist areas are fine and the pathways wide enough to ensure there is the distance from the water. We did take the buggy for the ability to plug him in if needed.

Time of day

Like many cities, Venice gets very busy. If you can manage to split your time then early and late in the day work well. We found especially in the late afternoon the city really seemed to calm down.

Planning of what you want to do and see

Don’t over plan it will take longer than you think to get around because of the type of city it is. There is no straight route to any of the main attractions. Instead over bridges and down alleyways. Maps can be difficult to follow as all the streets are on top of each other. Plus there is so much to see. The kids will be constantly distracted by all the different gift shops, mask shops, glass shops and food stalls.

Its a giant climbing frame so be aware

One of the things which really slowed us down is that the boys saw it as one giant climbing frame! They liked to climb over the bridges and up and down the steps. If I had known I probably would have taken some sweets for bribery purposes!

Saying all that the boys had a great time visiting Venice. Monkey wanted to go back on the gondola as soon as he got off it! We have promised a return stay, perhaps during the festival of the masks. Since that has been on my travel wish for as long as I can remember.

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10 Tips for visiting Venice with Toddlers


  1. Caroline Shepherd Reply

    Looks like a brilliant holiday. We went to Venice as part of our honeymoon (twelve years ago this month!) and would love to go back with the kids now. It’s definitely going on the list!

  2. Anthea Holloway Reply

    What a super place for adults and children too. You had a wonderful time obviously.

  3. I get very nervous with children around water and would never even have a pond at home. Some reassuring tips there. Thank you. .

  4. Always stuns me that people are surprised that you took YOUR kids on a FAMILY holiday! It wouldn’t occur to me NOT to take them.

  5. I love Venice, it’s just stunning isn’t it! I haven’t visited with kids though, some great tips here! Lovely pics too.

    • Margaret GALLAGHER Reply

      Great read – guess being prepared is half the battle – certainly an amazing place

  6. Becki Johnson Reply

    Some great travel tips here! Loving the photos too. Looks awesome!

  7. I agree, I think 99% of places are child friendly.

    I’m just a bad momma who takes her opportunity to tour historic places alone 😮😂

    Great parent friendly review x

  8. Laura Wheatley Reply

    great advice, it’s not one of those places you would instantly think as child friendly

  9. Would love to go here always wanted to go on a gondola . Probably not so ideal for toddlers but being extra cautious no reason not to take them

  10. Rosie (@greenrosielife) Reply

    I can imagine toddlers really enjoying a city like Venice. I love the fact the train was easy to use too, although surprised public loos were so hard to find.

  11. Kim Styles Reply

    Thank you for the post- I have thought about visiting for a while now and this is very informative

  12. We went to Venice in our pre-child days – it really is beautiful. I agree it’s a bit weird to ask if it’s suitable for children, as obviously children live there and manage just fine. I think I would be nervous though, until our little one is less wobbly on his feet! But that’s just me. 😂 xx

  13. Sounds like you had a great family day to Venice! We went on our honeymoon and loved it but might wait until ours are a little older before making a return trip!

  14. What a great post. There is so much to do in Venice, my parents rave about the place

  15. I must admit from my last visit I wouldn’t have thought it was suitable until I saw a few families with buggies in tow.

  16. Eva Katona Reply

    We’ve been to Venice 2 years ago without the children, but would love to go back with them!

  17. It sounds like you had a great time! We went to Venice pre-kids but would love to return with them.

  18. I’ve always fancied Venice. I never even stop to think that somewhere may be unsuitable for a toddler, I assume toddlers already live most places we visit 😉 but Rome did give me pause for thought, not the best pushchair terrain! #BloggerClubUK

  19. Fiona Anderson Reply

    Such useful and insightful tips! I hear Italy isn’t very wheelchair friendly but otherwise I’d of loved to take our family one day… #BloggerClubUK

  20. Wow makes me realise maybe we could venture this far away with our two little girls. Oh maybe some day! #bloggerclubuk

  21. Fiona jk42 Reply

    Venice is not somewhere I would have thought of taking a toddler. I first visited when I was 9 and my sister 7, but unfortunately we went in August during a time when the canals were very stinky so that is my main memory of that trip!

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