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I have many a happy memory of long Summer holidays when I was a child. A few years ago Hubby and I took Monkey to Dawlish a place I use to visit as a child. Suddenly all the memories came flooding back to me. The stays in the caravans, long walks back from the beach, the swings and sitting on the back steps eating ice cream. Those memories are close to thirty five years old but they have stayed with me. In todays busy consumerist society I want to create the same sort of memories for the boys. Happy family memories which will stay with them for life.

For me it’s all about trips to the beach. Perhaps because of my own memories. But I believe that Summer days out do not have to cost a fortune. Quite often its the simple things which lead to the best days. Just spending time together without any schedules or rushing around busy attractions. A chance to switch off from technology, enjoy the weather and focus on the little things. We got a chance to do just that the other weekend when we visited Cromer for my Birthday. It got me thinking about exactly what it is that I am looking to create and I’ve come up with a little list.

Sandcastles with paper flags – paper flags where a fascination when I was little. So fascinated that I never wanted to use them for fear of loosing thm. When we visited Swansea I managed to find some in a seaside shop. Kipper loves building castles and flags were the icing on the cake, each castle he built had to have a flag. Once he had a line of sandcastles he would delicately (for a three year old) take them out before knocking them down by jumping on them.

Beach treasure hunts – I remember collecting pretty shells wherever we went. It seems Monkey has inherited this magpie nature often searching the shore line for sea glass. When we visited Barcelona last year we found lots of different coloured glass and spent several hours collecting. Although it doesn’t always need to be sea glass sometimes just unusual stones will do!

Rockpooling – Give the boys a net and they will fish. Normally all we manage to collect is seaweed but they have fun doing it. Monkey also has the knack of finding the odd dead crab. Of course the jury is out on whether it was dead before or after the rock pooling.

Crabbing – This is a new one to the Mudpie Fridays household. While in Cromer we headed down to the beach front but it really wasn’t sandcastle weather. So instead we decided to try crabbing for the first time off of the pier. The kids were so excited by the whole process and thankfully we did very well and caught nine crabs across the three children. The kids excitement was infectious and we all found it a lot of fun. We already have plans in place to go again. I think picking the big crabs out of the bucket will probably stay with Monkey for ages, it definitely took some guts!

Digging a very big hole – Give the boys a spade and they will dig hole. The deeper the better. Somehow they never tire of trying to get to the other side of the world. Once you have dug a deep hole though what do you do? Well you fill it in of course. Preferably with one of the family inside. Burying each other has become a hilarious past time.

Flying a kite – I have always associated kite flying with being at the beach. I think it’s because it’s the most likely spot for a breeze when there is none anywhere else. We have been known just to go to the beach in the Winter for the sole reason of flying a kite. And to pack kites in the suitcase for trips abroad.

Inflatables & body boards – splashing around in the shallows is fun. It’s even more fun when you can do it on an inflatable. This is a relatively new experience for Kipper who has only really been old enough to enjoy the surf for about six months. However that didn’t stop him playing on the beach in Venice. I loved listening to him giggle away as the waves approached waiting to be pushed along. Squealing with excitement as they finally reach him.

Ice Cream – Of course no beach day would not be complete without an ice cream.  When we were little we would always get an ice cream when leaving the beach for the long walk back up to the caravan. In reality it probably wasn’t that far but when I was small it felt like a long way across sand. The ice creams would keep us occupied for pretty much the whole walk. The boys are no different. They will happily leave behind the fun of the beach for another day if an ice cream is promised on the way back to the car and if that’s via the park all the better. It has become our little family tradition.

What memories do you have of Summer as a child?

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  1. Margaret GALLAGHER Reply

    Memories to CHERISH Always for a lifetime of love

  2. These are lovely I love that crab – takes me back I used to visit Robin Hoods Bay when I was little we stayed with our Great Uncle it’s a great place for rock pooling and finding shells and exploring

  3. I think the best days out are the simplest where you don’t have to spend a small fortune. We love a trip to the beach or a picnic.
    My two can easily spend hours looking around rockpools looking for creatures and crabs. They’ve only ever found dead one’s though. x

  4. It looks like you guys had lot of fun and created new memories together x

  5. Norma Nikutowski Reply

    Beach treasure hunts are a lot of fun, It’s always interesting to see what kids find and how much they enjoy keeping the shells.

  6. What amazing memories that you’re making with your little ones! No doubt that as they grow, they’ll look back fondly on this time spent with their mama.

  7. These are AMAZING memories. We just had my nephew over for a pool day and I hope he LOVED it. It’s so important to create wonderful days for little ones.

  8. Rebecca Nisbet Reply

    looks like a perfect holiday! we do all that when we go away!

  9. That’s awesome that you are creating a memorable summer for your boys. They will remember and appreciate this forever.

  10. What a brave little kiddo picking up that crab! This looks like such a fun time! 🙂

  11. These are excellent things to do at the beach. My daughter would love the tide pools and being buried with the sand. It’s such a great thing to be in the cool, wet sand.

  12. Lavern Moore Reply

    Wow, I would love to visit this beach and do all these things for the holiday. Gives me fun and exciting vibes! Lavern Moore

  13. What a lovely list of things to do. Rockpooling is the top of our beach activities, the kids love it and so do us adults!

    I love the cute flags and I hope we find some for epic sandcastle building next week in wales x

  14. Your boy covered with sand is just so cute and adorable! You guys having lots of fun makes me happy to thank you for sharing!

  15. Lovely photos and memories to back on in the years ahead!

  16. Kuntala Banerjee Reply

    Lovely place. Seems the kids enjoyed a lot. Reminds me of the beaches of San Diego and Sri Lanka

  17. Not been to the beach in years! Used to go loads when I lived in Norwich and would build sandcastles as a child but now I live in Leeds it’s a rain pain to head to either side of the country sadly as I sure do miss it!

  18. Looks like so much fun! This is the perfect example that you don’t need to spend a lot of money or be extravagant to make memories with your children. You just have to be there with them!

  19. twinspirational Reply

    Such a great place to make some memories with your family. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  20. aexandra cook Reply

    looks like a fun adventure you had there! I would totally put this place on my bucket list, mu fam would love this :))

  21. Summer was always about beach trips for our family back when I was a kid, and even now when my sibs and I already have kids of our own. 🙂

  22. Great to see you are making summer memories with your kids. Such memories are so precious and they will carry with them forever. My family loves the beach as well.

  23. Former DramaQueen Reply

    I remember having the same photos as a young girl, playing with starfishes with my sister in the beach. It’s so fun. I love the beach. I loved playing in the sand and you had to literally pull me out to stop. Haha. I’m sure the boys had such fun playing too.

  24. What a lovely post. We do all these things with our girls except paper sandcastle flags as I’ve not seen those fore sale!

  25. Dalene Ekirapa Reply

    How adorable! I love the idea about flying kites with the boys, digging a big hole and beach hunting. Those activities can keep the kids engaged when on a beach holiday. And as you’ve said, no beach time is complete without a delicious ice cream!

  26. Geraline Batarra Reply

    So many fun things to do in that place..! Crabbing and rock pooling sounds really fun..! Thanks for sharing this great article.

  27. It looks like your family had a wonderful time, I remember when I was a kid summer was my favorite time of the year. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures of your family with us!

  28. I am loving all of these photos. Some of my favourite memories from my childhood are going crabbing and just splashing n the sea. These are all wonderful.

  29. I think you’ve pretty much described our perfect family day on the beach. My grandfather used to dig out a rowing boat in the sand for me and now I do this for my boys which is lovely! #BloggerClubUK

  30. I remember being freaked right out on a Welsh beach as child due to the hundreds of huge Jelly Fish that had been washed up on the sand. I’ve hated the Sea ever since. But, i’m trying to get over it so my own kids can enjoy the Seaside. Hiding the fear pretty well so far.

    You all look like a fab time was had!

  31. Summer is the perfect season for going out and all.

    Loved the pictures, good job buddy.

  32. We went to Dawlish in May and the weather was amazing. We went on the beach , ate ice creams and went swimming. It was everything my childhood was about and I love making the memories with my girls x

  33. I feel really nostalgic too now after reading this post. I really want to take my boys crabbing!

  34. I could see that you really had fun and your boys too. It is a good memory to remember when they’re grown-ups already. 🙂

  35. You collect amazing memories there. Done great fun. I just loved the pictures, great bounding between you all.

  36. Memory making is all that matters in the end – worked that out after the loss of my parents. I remember catching a fish in my flip flop and I used to love rock-pooling #BloggerClubUK

  37. Sun, wet sand between my toes … the icy sea water … soggy but yummy sandwiches … and followed by a delicious dripping 99 … heaven!!#BloggerClubUK

  38. Fiona jk42 Reply

    We love going to the beach with our granddaughter, in all kinds of weather. She loves collecting seashells and we use them to make pictures on the beach and also use them for crafts at home.

  39. Alexandra Cook Reply

    Such beautiful photos! This is completely and utterly spectacular! Creating memories with is really important to our kids development.

  40. Bindu Thomas Reply

    Such cute pics. Childhood memories are so important, they help you keep your sanity intact at times

  41. We go to Bournemouth for crabbing each year. Great for kids to explore and be hands on. I have memories of building sand castles with my brother, we used to be so proud of our creations. My kids love kinder Bueno so will look out for ice creams #BloggerClubUk

  42. Rachel Craig Reply

    Some visits to the beach. Ferry trips. Days out in the sunshine with family and friends.

  43. The best days out are always the simplest, I have such fun memories from childhood of trips to the beach and eating fish and chips and ice cream by the sea or a picnic in the park.

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