AD – I am working with SunSense to spread the word about their new everyday pledge – wear sunscreen every day. I have been compensated for my time and gifted products that appear in this post.

I pledge to wear sunscreen every day.

A few weeks ago Kipper and I travelled to London to take part in a filming session all about sunscreen. It’s a campaign that is close to my heart. Because I do wear sunscreen every day, although it’s not always been that way. When I was younger I didn’t see it as important and didn’t give going on a sunbed a second thought. If I could travel back in time and have words with my younger self I would!

wear sunscreen everyday

As a young adult, I would travel abroad with friends, just like many people did. We would spend all day laying by the pool or on the beach and then party into the early hours of the morning. Quite often falling asleep in the sun and for this reason quite often ending up pink. As I would use the lowest factor possible not to burn badly. It was all about getting a tan and a hangover. I knew no better. However, I am making sure that the boys grow up far more educated than me. SunSense has launched a campaign which is designed to do just that. They are asking the public to pledge to use sunscreen every day on their website – Support the Sunscreen Pledge.

The reason why?

Because 86% of melanoma skin cancer cases in the UK are preventable and you can help reduce your chances of developing the disease by regularly using a high SPF 50+ sunscreen.*

*Cancer Research UK, Melanoma skin cancer statistics, (Internet) 2019 (cited 2019 July 15). Available from: 

By pledging you will be entered into a monthly prize draw to win a SunSense bundle worth £75. You can also read the reason why others are signing up to the pledge. Some of the stories are really inspiring.

wear sunscreen everyday

I would like to say the reason why I started to wear sunscreen every day was because of something profound. But if I am being totally honest it was probably more to do with vanity at least initially. While pregnant with the boys the pigment in my skin started to change. I have always had a fair few freckles, but while I was pregnant they came out in force. Suddenly they were all starting to join together and merge into one. This left me with patches of darker coloured skin on my face and arms.

My husband joked that I had the map of the UK on more forehead. That’s when I started to wear a high factor sunscreen every day. In an attempt to get my freckles back under control. It worked. Although I am still covered in freckles the big patches of pigmentation have calmed down. But it took several seasons for them to disappear and for me to wear sunscreen every day.

Visiting the doctors …

Then about two months ago I had a bit of a scare. As well as the freckles I also have quite a few moles. Some of which were starting to grow and flare up getting red and itchy. Being a busy working parent going to the doctors to have them looked at kept getting put to the bottom of the list. When I eventually made the time I was rather shocked by the doctor’s response. I went in thinking that she would probably think me overreacting and wasting her time.

What I got was told that we didn’t have time to wait for the private medical cover to be signed off. She wanted me to see someone within two weeks as a matter of urgency. I left the office feeling a sense of relief that I wasn’t being silly but then also the concern about whether she had seen something that really worried her.

The verdict and the lesson learnt

Thankfully when I saw the consultant it was all fine. My moles were changing as a result of getting older and the changes in hormones from having the boys. We talked about preventative measures and he confirmed I was doing the right things. Wearing high factors, staying out of the sun during peak times and wearing sunscreen every day. I left feeling reassured, but also determined to keep up my pledge. It also served as a lesson. If you have doubts then get them checked out.

It is a lesson I am determined to pass onto the boys. For them putting on sunscreen can seem like a chore. Historically its been the last thing in between them and jumping in the pool or going to the beach. Instead, I am trying to make time to put on sunscreen as part of our morning routine. Whether we are on holiday or not.

SunSense sunscreen products

I have used SunSense sunscreen products since Monkey was eighteen months old. He has had eczema since he was tiny and I tried numerous different brands. Until I found SunSense Ultra SPF 50+ and it just worked for him. There was no eczema flare-ups and red angry patches when we used SunSense. They also have a number of different products. As part of the campaign, I discovered two new products to our family. The first is SunSense Kids SPF50+, which is especially formulated for the delicate skin of children over six months. As well as a bottle it comes in a handy rollerball applicator which even Kipper, with guidance can use himself. Plus it is the perfect size to have in my bag. I am not surprised that it is one of SunSense’s best sellers.

wear sunscreen everyday

The other product has replaced my previous facial sunscreen. It is now my go-to product – SunSense Daily Face SPF50+. It is ideal for all year round protection and for everyday use on the face and neck and chest. Containing Vitamin E to help improve the appearance of age spots, it also makes fine lines and wrinkles look smoother, and improves skin’s elasticity. I have noticed a marked difference in how my skin feels as a result of using it and won’t use anything else.

With products like these it’s easy to keep to my pledge. The video below shares my ore detail about my pledge and some other lovely ladies:

Don’t delay head over to the SunSense pledge page today to join in.

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wear sunscreen every day


  1. Fiona jk42

    It is so important to wear sun screen. Sadly, TV programmes that could be used to get across this message, instead still show lots of people sun bathing, trying to get a tan, with no sun screen in sight.

  2. Trisha Mishra

    Just like you I was not bothered with it in my younger days and have suffered some discoloration due to it and since have become pro- sunscreen and have been recommending it to everyone I meet. I am glad you are inculcating this habit early for Kipper.

  3. Yes…. this is such an important message. I’m guilty of covering myself and the Little with factor 50 plus every time the sun winks at us. But Mr Button barely touches the stuff unless it’s toasty outside. I think I need to show him this post! X

  4. Lisa - Little Orange Dog

    What a brilliant campaign! I totally get the freckles blending into one when I was pregnant, hence now I never go out without sunscreen on my face at least! If only this stuff had been around when my two were little, the number of reactions my eldest had to even the gentlest of sunscreens was nobody’s business, I must have spent a fortune trying to find one that worked for her. They learnt though, they always wear their sunscreen now, so good habits do start from a young age x


  5. Bindu Thomas

    So necessary to understand the importance of sunscreen. This seems like a great brand.

  6. Such a vital message and we need to mirror the way for our children for sure #BloggerClubUK

  7. twinspirational

    Thanks for reminding us. I knew it was really important but sadly I always forgot to wear sunscreen. I just remember it whenever I already went far away from home.

  8. Alex Newton

    So important to wear sunscreen. Having red hair and redheaded kids I’m paranoid about making sure they’re covered, so much so that I occasionally forget to make sure I’m covered. My mum had to have a cancerous mark on her face removed so it’s always on my mind and so important.

  9. This is something I struggle with — even applying it to our children. I grew up in North Jersey where you didn’t really need it. Now, we live in South FL and are raising our kids here. It’s not easy to adjust to the changes, but applying sunscreen more often is key.

  10. I liv eon an island now. I will take the pledge. Every time someone comes to visit from the United States, I ask them to bring sunscreen.

  11. Omg I never leave the house without sunscreen! In fact they say that even the rays from your computer screen are bad for your skin!

  12. I know sunscreen is super important to wear every day. I live in Phoenix, one of the hottest cities on the planet, so I should be better about this. But I just hate the way it feels on my skin. So I just make sure that I have sunscreen in my foundation and never go outside. LOL!

  13. Mary Traveler

    Although this is not my brand for my baby I guess your review has a really nice points where I can really try this product for my toddler!

  14. Quan Tran

    Sunscreen is a must when I go outside. I always try to moisterize my face with lotions also before I go to bed. Great tips

  15. Sigh. I’m not super good at this. My moisturizer does have SPF, which is good. But I often forget about the rest of my body.

  16. I use sunscreen everyday to protect my skin because I have sensitive skin. It’s so important to use sunscreen for your healthy skin 🙂

  17. If my budget can, why not. Recently I just started taking care of my skin more and hopefully I can sustain it as long as I can.. Even on the simplest way possible. Age is catching up.

  18. Stuart Brazell

    I have a 1 year old and I’ve been doing lots of research on the best sunscreens to use. Great timing!

  19. Crystal

    Yes! This is so important! I don’t think people realize how important sunscreen is for your health!

  20. tweenselmom

    My daughters and I are allergic to sunscreens. I hope we find the right sunscreen for us one of these days as they are, as what you’ve blogged about, is very important.

  21. Lohas Canada

    Cute kids! Protecting the skin is important! I love freckles and always welcome them haha. Different types of sunscreen are important as too many people swim with sunscreen on that is affecting the lakes and rivers with the fish population. Glad you find a sunscreen that works for you!

  22. Backpackingcouple

    We also started recently to use suncream on a regularly base. The sun is getting stronger and stronger especially in winter too. We also found a great suncream suitable for children which wasn’t easy. Thanks for sharing!

  23. It is so important to wear sunscreen! I live in a very hot climate and I have noticed how my body reacts, even if I put sunscreen with SPF50 on. I had a scare with moles getting red as well, when I thought it was because of the sun.

  24. Thanks for this reminder.

    Completely agreed, sunscreen is very important.

  25. It’s so important to wear SPF everyday. I have made it a habit too.


  26. Such an important topic! I find myself forgetting so often to put anything on but my skin is really showing signs of sun damage now so I need to take more effort with myself and the kids.

  27. Celebrate Woman Today

    Great reminder to all of us to protect our skin. I need to check out the brand. Thank you.

  28. Good info and advice. I’m based in Australia and sun protection is essential.

  29. Susan B

    I also wish that I could turn back the clock after being a sun goddess for years. It’s great to read about campaigns like these as children must get used to their morning routine of brush teeth, brush hair, apply sunscreen from an early age.

  30. I’ve stayed out of the sun my whole life. I don’t tan and I’ve suffered in un and heat since I was a kid, and I always use a high sunscreen factor.

  31. I so wish i started wearing sunscreen much earlier – i thought i know it all .. up until my forehead ended up in darker patches from sun exposure and not using sunscreen = now it looks like its slightly dirty 🙁

  32. I have taken to wearing a moisturiser with built in SPF and it is actually something that i purposely look for now in my skincare products. And the childrens’ too. What a great and important campaign to be part of.

  33. Sunscreen is a must, I agree with you. I ensure my son is also aware and applies the sunscreen cream and lotion I have bought for him.

  34. So many people ignore (or are unaware of) the dangers of UV sun damage. It’s so great that you’re staying dedicated to your sunscreen routine.

  35. I love SunSense products, my twins were allergic to every sun cream but this one when they were babies.

  36. oh you can say that again! Sunscreen everyday all the time 365. I strongly believe it is the only even though I live in cold northern clime with few sun

  37. I think a lot of us didn’t really bother with sun cream in our younger years. I have come to realise just how important it is!

  38. Crickette, The Things I Have to Say

    Yes. My sister always reminds me of the importance of sunscreen. I really should take this seriously. Thanks for this.

  39. I’m off to costa rica next week and have been told that as it’s so close to the equator that factor 50 is the minimum I need to use, all the time, while there

  40. Lyndsey O'Halloran

    I’m terrible at remembering to put sun screen on myself. I really need to make a better effort to protect my own skin.

  41. So important to use even if your only nipping out for a short while. The sun is so strong it’s surprising how we can burn so quickly and of course we don’t want melanoma

  42. Rosemary Tily

    It’s only in recent years that we have understood the importance of wearing sunscreen. This reminder really gets the message across!

  43. I had a melanoma removed about 20 years ago, thankfully it was non malignant and I’ve not had any issues yet, but I certainly don’t go without sunscreen, and neither would I allow my kids.

  44. Lynn Neal

    Thanks for reminding us all about this! So important to be mindful now that we know about the effects of the sun!

  45. Margaret Gallagher

    So important to spread the message – only wish id have known about it sooner

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