AD – We were gifted tickets for the Day out with Thomas event  in return for sharing it on social media

Review A Day out with Thomas on the Watercress Line – On Saturday we drove over to mid Hampshire to go on the Watercress Line. From now until the 11th of August  they have a very special guest joining them – Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas is one of Kipper’s heroes so the opportunity to meet him in person was too great to turn down.

When we arrived  I was pleased to see that plenty of parking had been made available in the field next door to Ropely Station. It is possible to buy tickets on the day or prebook online. If you buy online then you will avoid any queuing at the entrance. And since its the middle of the Summer holidays if you are thinking of going its probably best to do the later. 

As we entered we were given a whole host of things. A certificate to get signed by the fat Controller, timetable of events and a Passport. The passport is designed for the boys to complete throughout the day with certain things to tick off and little activities to keep them busy.

In my head I thought we would only be there for a couple of hours. However I had totally underestimated the amount of things to do there.  As soon as Kipper saw Thomas coming down the track his face lit up. It really was a very special moment to watch. Of course we had to go on Thomas who goes up and down pretty much all day continuously. Unless one of the larger engines needs to get onto the platform. The ride literally takes about five minutes. But for a three year old it encapsulates so much more. Kipper never tired of watching Thomas puff up and down the track.

At Ropley you can catch one of the larger steam trains who the boys decided were Hero to either Alresford or Medstead Head both of which are between a 10-15  minute ride from Ropley. We headed to Medstead Head first. The train will stay in the station for about half an hour. Which means that you have plenty of time to look around and take part in the activities which have been set up. I also really like the fact that you are then not left waiting to get on another train at a later date. We sat in the buffet car which meant we could also get drinks for the kids which was a bonus I wasn’t expecting.


At Medstead Head we played spot the engine and looked in the signal box. Which Monkey found fascinating. There was also arts and crafts as well as refreshments. Then we travelled through to Alresford. Here you could get unlimited rides on Diesel and Toad. But the boys had spotted the ice cream truck outside, so instead we had ice creams and looked at the model railway. There was also a vintage bus and steam engine outside the front. With bunting everywhere it felt very much like a Summer fair.

Back at Ropley we had another ride on Thomas before trying out the two vintage fairground rides. Normally those sorts of rides are extra so I was very pleased to see them included in the price of the ticket.  Also at Ropley there is a ‘Rusty & Dusty’  entertainment and magic show which the kids found very funny. At certain points throughout the day they also do story time with the Fat Controller although we didn’t catch that on our visit.


I really like that you can go up and down on the trains as much as you want. With plenty of carriages we had no trouble finding a seat. The boys were even given some story books and activity books which kept the boys busy during lunch and when we were on the longer journeys. There is plenty of options for food with places to grab food at all of the stations.  We had a great day out with the Watercress Line and Thomas and we can’t wait to visit again next year.

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  1. What a fabulous day out for a Thomas fan! My children love going on trains so I think a day like this would be great fun.

    In fact my nephew is Thomas mad so I’ll forward this to his Mum. Thank you x

  2. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    Looks fantastic fun a great day out my boy likes thomas because he loves any vehicles

  3. Rebecca Whatmore Reply

    Thomas is real! I loved Thomas as a kid. I don’t like the new tv series though, it isn’t the same!

  4. Rosemary Tily Reply

    Just waiting for my grandson to be big enough to inherit the Thomas & Friends Railway which previously delighted our gran daughter. To meet him one day in the flesh’ will be amazing!

  5. Kim @ OddHogg Reply

    How amazing does that all look! We have a thomas day quite near to us but it is a lot smaller – nothing at all like that

  6. Lyndsey O'Halloran Reply

    I really wish we’d gone to this when it was in Sheringham. Looks like a great day.

  7. My brother and I loved Thomas when we were kids. This looks like such a fun experience and something definitely worth checking out if you have little ones. It looks like they had a great time!

  8. Gosh, I had heard of that line but had no idea there was so much going on there. Pleased and grateful to read your review. Thank you.

  9. Samantha O'D Reply

    Looks like a great day, my nephew went to a similar day in Yorkshire and loved it

  10. Amazing day out with kids. We are seeing this September. Looks awesome.

  11. I have a confession – I’ve always found the faces in Thomas the Tank Engine a bit creepy… But I imagine for a little Thomas fan this would be an amazing day out!

  12. Thomas and friends are quite popular amongst kids in the Philippines, well, a long time ago. More kids are into anime and video games these days.

  13. This looks like it would be such a fun place to take kids! When my brother was little, he absolutely LOVED Thomas the Tank Engine, and we went as kids to something similar near Toronto.

  14. I don’t think my nephew would ever leave if we took him to see Thomas as he is so obsessed with him big time.

  15. What an amazing day! It looks like so much fun…and the chocolate ice cream cone looked good too! Thanks for sharing!

  16. The trains look so good and I love you could use them as much as you wanted during the day. L says he doesn’t like Thomas anymore, he’s far too grown up, but I reckon he’d love this! #bloggerclubuk

  17. Lisa - Little Orange Dog Reply

    What a fantastic family day out. I would love to have seen the look on the boys faces when they saw Thomas for the first time on the day. And what an amazing fat controller! So pleased to hear they had a lovely day.


  18. You have got my memories going. My son loved Thomas and we have gone on this line too as a family. Miss those times – gone too quick #BloggerClubUK

  19. Wow for any child who loves Thomas this looks incredible. I don’t have boys myself but my girls actually love watching the Thomas cartoon. Not so sure if they would like a day out like this but it looks amazing. Lovely pictures too! #bloggerclubuk

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