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I always feel slightly guilty. Kipper very much has second child syndrome. Almost everything he has toy wise, clothes wise and even room wise is a hand me down from Monkey. His bedroom is the nursery we decorated over seven years ago for Monkey. The furniture he sleeps on and we store his second hand clothes in was at one point Monkey’s. Of course he does not know this, to him its his. But that doesn’t stop the guilt. Really he has outgrown the nursery. He should have a little boys room now rather than something dedicated to Humphrey the elephant.

However we are hoping to move and the thought of decorating the bedroom before we do that fills me with dread. After all its very likely whoever buys the house will want to redecorate to their tastes anyway. So I was after a quick update and one way to do this is with art work. Desenio kindly offered to send us some art work from their website so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to update his bedroom.

If you have not come across Desenio before, they believe that stylish wall art should be affordable to everyone. Founded in 2010 they already have an online presence in 33 countries. They sell Scandinavia’s widest range of posters along with frames, hangers, picture ledges and clips.  There is so much choice on the website its difficult to know where to start. Which is why I was pleased to see that they had some Gallery Walls that gave loads of inspiration. They are broken down by category so  I headed straight for the children’s category.

Not only do the gallery walls give ideas of prints they also show how the frames can all fit together. If you find something that you love then you can actually buy it as is. Great if you are in a rush. I decided to choose separately and looked through the children’s category. If you are a regular reader of Mudpie Fridays then you will know that we have a thing for travel. So I wanted to incorporate this into the pictures I chose and I also wanted to make it personal to Kipper. When I selected a print the correct size frame would appear so I could also add it to my basket. I opted for dark wood frames to match the nursery,  there is a wide range of choice so you should find something to match your existing room.  I found the whole experience really easy and enjoyed looking through all the beautiful pictures.

The art work arrived quickly and was packaged really well. The prints were delivered in a big black tube all rolled up with the frames underneath. It meant everything was in perfect condition. I couldn’t wait to see them and was instantly impressed with the quality of the paper and the thickness. For Kipper’s room I had chosen the following:

  • Alphabet H (21cm x 30cm)
  • Rules of a Superhero (30cm x 40cm)
  • World Map of Animals (70cm x 100cm)
  • Exploring (13cmx 18cm)

All came with corresponding dark wood frames.

Monkey and I decided to put the frames up as a surprise for Kipper while he had a snooze. I was pretty impressed we managed it considering the height and size of the World Map Pictures. But with all the hangings on the back of the frames it was super simple. We were both pretty happy with our handiwork. Thankfully Kipper was equally as impressed. It’s really helped the room feel less like a hand me down nursery and more like a bedroom for a little explorer.

Desenio Discount Code

Desenio have given me a discount to share with my readers and followers. My code “MUDPIE” gives 25% off prints* on all Desenio sites until midnight 15 August. Follow @desenio for more inspiration!
*Except for frames and handpicked/personalised prints

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  1. Aww it all looks lovely – I love how the world map is brought to life with various illustrations! Most of the prints in our home are from Desenio – I highly rate them too 🙂

  2. Rosemary Tily Reply

    The World Map of Animals is brilliant. Thanks for introducing us to Desenio !

  3. Michelle Christie Reply

    He looks very happy. They look like great prints and the frames are neat.

  4. Ella @ Typical Mummy Reply

    Oh my!! I keep going to the Desenio site to try to find prints for our new playroom but I can’t make a decision as I love ALL of the prints!! I need to make a quick decision now so I can use your code – thank you!!

  5. Kenneth Agudo Reply

    I love the map! The design is so nice and kids will surely love it. It made it more fun in learning geography.

  6. I really love these prints especially the world map. I need some of the artwork. Thanks for sharing

  7. You did such a job with the new bedroom update! Desenio has so many incredible items that can help you do so, and the end result was well worth the work and time invested into the project.

  8. Beautiful prints. I like Desenio and have just swapped bedrooms with the boys. I’ll have to have a look for some ‘grown up’ art for us!

  9. karen reekie Reply

    I love love the world map of animals, might have to get that for homeschooling and for my son’s new room. What lovely prints they make!

  10. Love the new decor! It is fun to refresh spaces and come up with new decor. I hadn’t heard of Desenio before, but it looks like they have a lot of great stuff.

  11. I don’t think Desenio is available in our country but it’s so cool to be able to put in those nice frames and decors.

  12. Melanie williams Reply

    What a fab bedroom update. I love the map and all the details on the print. Looks fun and very animated xx

  13. I haven’t heard of this brand before but the artwork looks lovely. I especially like the the World Map of Animals.

  14. I’d never heard of Desenio. That world map is gorgeous! The art on our walls is a mix of drawings and paintings my husband has done, and prints from independent artists I’ve bought here and there.

  15. Geraline Batarra Reply

    These prints are so nice..!I enjoyed reading your blog..! Thanks for sharing. Will definitely checked this out..!

  16. Bindu Thomas Reply

    World map of animals, that sounds quite interesting now. Awesome artwork for kids

  17. Angela Ricardo Bethea Reply

    I love the design so much! That is so cute! It will give positive aura to everyone who will enter the room.

  18. The world map is amazing regarding beauty as well as kids general knowledge. What a fab way to update the kids room.

  19. Rachel Craig Reply

    Nice. The alphabet H is interesting. I have come across these for children. I think I may need to do my own :- Somehow. For those who are past childhood. As personalised items appeal to all ages, yet not so easily available via local stores, etc.

    Lovely to update bedroom at new stages of life. Bedroom can be the room used for sleep, yet also for reading, learning, studying, etc.

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