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I always look forward to the long Summer holidays. Life slows down and it gives us much more opportunity to spend quality time together as a family. However by the end of the six week break I have used up all my ideas on how to keep the boys entertained. Instead I spend each evening online searching frantically for ideas. I am sure I am not alone in this. So when eBay got in contact and challenged us to come up with seven activities for the last days of the Summer, I wondered if I would be able to meet it. I was thankfully greatly mistaken. With so many items for sale there are lots of ideas. Here are seven to get you through the last days of Summer for under £70.

Planting a Herb Garden

Monkey loves to cook and enjoys helping out in the garden. The thought of a herb garden just for him really appealed. I also liked the idea that he would be able to nurture and care for it long into the Autumn months.  We are planning on visiting Italy in October so when I spotted the Pizza Garden it seemed perfect. Growing Parsley, Oregano and Basil in the kitchen. The kit also has a crafting element that elongates the activity. First placing stickers around the tub and then painting with the little wooden name signs with the included paint and brush. Before planting the seeds. He is very excited to watch them grow.


Giant Garden Games

The boys are at the age where they are starting to play together. It is lovely to watch and I am actively seeking out play things that encourage this. Plus they both love to be outside and it means that I can tidy up inside while they are wrecking the garden instead of their bedrooms or the front room. eBay has such a wide variety of outside games that I found it hard choose but we settled on a Giant Snakes and Ladders Board. Its a two in one game so on one side there is a snakes and ladders board and on the other side is Twister.  The boys enjoy snakes and ladders anyway but put in an inflatable dice and it becomes twice as exciting.


Movie Marathon

I do find that when its all go go go the boys can get tired and grumpy. Trying to mediate between the bickering and tantrum throwing is exhausting some days. So having a bunch of movies to fall back on those days is a must. When we are after a quiet day, drawing the curtains, fixing some popcorn and settling down on the giant bean bags and pretending to be at the cinema seems to really help restore balance. Finding something that fits between Kipper’s and Monkey’s ages can be difficult but on eBay I found this great set of three DVDs – Jake and the never land pirates.

Scrapbook Day

Each Summer Monkey goes back to school in the Autumn term full of stories of our adventures. They normally do a show and tell and have to write a story about what they got up to. So this year he will be going back to school with a scrapbook that includes all the things we have gotten up to. A traditional scrapbook full of tickets, leaflets and anything they have picked up along the way. Plus the odd photo included for good measure. It also gives Monkey a chance to practice his writing, since he doesn’t generally like to do much of that during the holidays. A scrapbook kit is perfect as it has everything you need together and a box to store it in afterwards.

Healthy Snack Baking

I am guilty of not cooking with the boys enough. Monkey especially likes to cook and bake. It teaches them valuable life skills but also more recently its been helping with Monkey’s maths too. Baking is a great indoor pass time for when the weather is not playing ball which lets face it that has happened a lot these holidays. I wanted to make  some low fat and low sugar cookies and all I needed to get the boys involved is a Kids Silcone Baking Set. Of course one of the good things about baking is being able to eat what you have made. With Monkey having to take school lunches each day now its also good to get him involved in the making of them.

Friendship Bracelet Making

Monkey misses his friends during the Summer holidays. His favourite part of school are his friendships. Although we have a Whats App group to try and get everyone together, its tricky with Summer holidays, people working and other commitments. So we have been making friendship bracelets for when he goes back so that he can give them to his friends. When I was a little girl and made friendship bracelets I am sure it was a lot more complicated than the Friendship Bracelet Kit you can get on eBay. The set has two foam pads with coloured marks around the outsides which correspond with coloured threads. You move the threads around the foam circle in a specific order depending on the pattern you are following.  Its so easy that even I managed to give it a go and found it quite addictive.

Nature Watching and Hunting

We spend a lot of time outdoors as a family. In fact I find that if the boys don’t get time outside then they go a little stir crazy. Which consequently means we all do. Getting out and about looking for bugs is a favourite pass time. Kipper struggles with being so little so the scissors in the Bug Kit we chose work perfectly for him. It also means that anything he catches does actually survive! By taking a bug kit when we go out I have noticed that it also prolongs our trip significantly.

So I think we stood up to the eBay challenge pretty well, finding seven easy things to do with the boys in the last days of Summer. All for under £70. There’s so much choice you are bound to find something to keep the little ones entertained for a very good price.

What are you planning for the last few days of Summer? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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  1. Fab Ideas I love the pizza gardening. Must tell about bug catching my husband looks for things with my grandson. They found a very huge caterpillar which I thought was a baby snake at first. It had eyes teeth and a spike near its tail. It was about 4 inches long. It turned out to be an Elephant Hawksmoth which when it changes into a moth will be huge – the size of a man’s hand. We took photo’s then put it back where they found it. Amazing what you can find exploring

  2. These are great activities to enjoy as a family. Usually, by the end of summer, I cannot wait for school to start because we have basically done everything and are bored.

  3. cudrag.cristina Reply

    Ooh wow! A bug catcher, with there was something like that when I was little haha 🙂
    All very nice and fun activities, would like playing a few myself (like that giant garden game) <3

  4. These are great ideas for the little ones, I miss these days so much! I used to let mine help sort through my bins of fabric I had for quilts and organize it into color groups — they would also practice their folding skills, haha

  5. I definitely need to BOOKMARK THIS because as my son gets older, I need to come up with more and more activities to distract him with!

  6. We are doing movie marathons and basing at the end of the summer holidays, I think we should add the giant garden games.

  7. Gervin Khan Reply

    These are great ideas! My kids and I are usually doing movie marathon and baking a week before of back to school.

  8. I am loving the bug catcher kit and the herb garden. There is something very satisfying about growing your own plants. I have found the school hols have flown by!

  9. Lyanna Soria Reply

    Those are some great ideas and it looks like you guys had tons of fun. I would love to try that Pizza Garden and Giant Garden games with my kids.

  10. I love the scrapbook idea! I always find I’m full of enthusiasm and ideas at the beginning of the holidays and then completely out of inspiration by the end of August!

  11. What lovely ideas, We’ve actually started scrap booking this summer, and I can see it continuing on as we are enjoying so much. Great inexpensive ideas. I think children appreciate activities such as these far more than a day at an expensive theme park

  12. The Giant Snakes and Ladders game looks like it’d be a lot of fun for kids to play with. I also like the idea of planting an herb garden. Both of those sound like they would be great for kids to do.

  13. Dana Brillante-Peller Reply

    Board games and baking are always a hit with our boys — more so the taste-testing part.

  14. The end days become somewhat dull for the kids. And, they really need to be engaged in fun activities. You have shared some really great ideas that deserve appreciation.

  15. I can’t believe how quickly the Summer Holidays have gone by. I love the idea of doing a scrapbook as it’s a lovely way to remember all the Summer Holiday adventures.

  16. ohh so many things to keep the kids active and thinking! These are great ideas and I think I’ve seen them on the local toystore

  17. Arun Dahiya Reply

    Great ideas. This summer me and my little sister spent time baking goodies, playing board games and reading story books.

  18. Ah the scrapbook one caught my eye! I’ve done that with my eldest and she loves it! Some other good choices too to keep the kids busy.

  19. twinspirational Reply

    Those activities looks so fun..! I bet you all had a great time..! I would love to try Giant Garden games with mu nephews.

  20. Lyndsey O'Halloran Reply

    We need some new garden games. We’ve spent a lot of time out there this summer.

  21. Sincerely Jackline Reply

    These ideas are so cool..! Kids will definitely love these. I would personally love to these activities if I was kid.

  22. Surekha-dreamingloud Reply

    I used to make my own scrapbook when I was inmu teenage years. This activity is so fun especially when you’re sharing ideas with sisters or friends.. 😊

  23. Bindu Thomas Reply

    Great ideas! for the outdoor and indoors. I’m going to save them for the next summer

  24. These sound like some fun activities. My youngest would love the bug catcher kit. We’ve already been back at school for two weeks though.

  25. Princess Peralta Reply

    outdoor activity is a great idea. My cousin would love like this.

  26. Catherine Santiago Jose Reply

    These are great ideas but me and my kids will definitely spend more time on outdoor activities because once the school starts it will definitely limit us to do those things.

  27. I LOVE these ideas! I think my kids would FREAK OUT over having a ‘pizza garden’!! SO cool.

  28. Dalene Ekirapa Reply

    I’ve seen kids withdrawing from everything just because it was their last week at home. But it’s good to get them engaged so that their minds will start drawing back to class. Loving the idea about movie marathon , garden games and healthy snacking.

  29. I am definitely struggling now so was glad to get lots of inspiration here, I better place an order quick as the kids need some structure and focus!

  30. Oh man, these are all great ideas! I definitely know that some of my friends are struggling right now, will share this with them.

  31. I love these interactive moments with the kids. You can do these even when the holiday is over.

    • Lots of fun activities to do with the kids. My son would really enjoy the bracelet making, and helpung to make snacks.

  32. Those are great ideas to keep kids busy during the summer and they learn at the same time. Bug catcher caught my eye as I’ve never seen one. Love the giant game . Did a lot of baking with my kids when they were young. They loved it.

  33. I love the idea of scrapbooking the incredible summer that you had with your little ones. It’s a great way to reflect on the great time that they had over the past couple of months, while also keeping them occupied.

  34. Yeah I know what you mean about the last week! Some great ideas here, love the scrap book with all their summer memories in it.

  35. Summer break may have ended here a couple of weeks ago since kids started early, but these are still good ideas to try during the weekends. Thank you for sharing them!

  36. Dominique Brooks Reply

    THese are all really great ideas — for bigger kids too (and maybe adults)! Summer is already over here but these might be good explore anyway! Thanks for sharing!

  37. Fran Jorgensen Reply

    It looks like you have been so busy towards the end of the holidays! These are great activities to survive the holidays for sure! I love the fact that they dn’t involve any screens!

  38. wow, so many great projects to do and these look all like fun. This will keep them entertained for long time 🙂

  39. My little one loves bug hunting, some lovely ideas here, cannot believe we only have a week left

  40. Surekha-dreamingloud Reply

    Nice activities here..! Giant snakes and ladders would be so fun..! I love playing board games when I was a kid.

  41. These are such great ideas. I think my kiddo would really enjoy making friendship bracelets, and the pizza kitchen.

  42. Planting an herb garden is a great idea! That is definitely on my bucket list!

  43. Stuff Around The Web Reply

    These are great activities for kids. I want my childhood back to enjoy these 😀

  44. Melanie williams Reply

    There are some really fab ideas here. I think nature watching is a good one, cost effective and good to be in the great outdoors x

  45. I honestly didn’t know there was a giant in Snakes and Ladders Board for your back yard! I love that for the summer. My kids already love the small board game.

  46. Samantha O'D Reply

    Great selection of activities, my daughter has got into making friendship bracelets recently

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