The Market Town of Ludlow – When we were staying at Feather Down Church Stretton we decided to head out one day to visit Ludlow. Hubby and I vaguely knew about it from history lessons at school. We had no idea what we were going to find and did have doubts as to whether there would be enough to keep us all entertained. Thankfully we had a lovely day, partly because of the beautiful Ludlow Castle. However we also discovered a lot more, so much that Hubby and I are thinking of going back for a long weekend. Although probably on our own, since there were lots of interesting restaurants and old pubs to explore.

However while I was there this time round I captured a few photos for my Picture Postcard series. When we arrived there was a small market in the square with lots of interesting stalls. Much more than your average market.

The flower stall looked so inviting. I am always drawn into flowers which is why our garden is full of half dead plants. We had lots of fox gloves come up last year but alas despite letting them go to seed we have not been so lucky this year. 

We drove past this stall on the way to the carpark. As well as teapots they had lots of jugs and plates. All claiming to be locally produced. Which they may have been. But once you got close you can see the transfers. Especially on the jugs they didn’t meet up very well. Yet they look very pretty from a far.

We did make a purchase in the market. A lady had a brush stand which sold exactly what I was looking for to keep the boys drinks bottles clean. Around the other side she sold brick-a-brack and these lovely books. Monkey has a bird watching one he was given by his Nannie. He now has the egg one to match. It kept him entertained for ages and makes me want to collect the whole set if we could find them.

This is the view of Ludlow from the castle. You can see the market square its a shame that the building to the right was being renovated. I cam imagine it looks beautiful when it is not covered in scaffolding. 

Even the high street is pretty in Ludlow with so many of these buildings and the intricate carving

This hotel was actually shut for refurbishment but it looked so beautiful form the outside. You can clearly see the coloured glass windows which were not visible from the street below.

Lots of good pubs to explore and wile away the hours in. Not that we managed it this time with the boys in tow.

We brought some little tarts for tea they were delicious at four for £10

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  1. Lyndsey O'Halloran Reply

    Love the old books and teapots. I like somewhere to find treasures like these.

  2. Ludow is just so picturesque ! love the finds you posted i actually collect these observer books 😉 as for the town itself you trully make me want to take my family and visit

  3. Ohhh Ludlow looks beautiful! I have driven through it once before but never stopped there to appreciate the buildings and the market sounds lovely xx

  4. I love Ludlow, we went on a rainy summer day but were greeted with a beautiful food festival.

    Your pictures are beautiful x

  5. You’ve captured some stunning photos. I adore Ludlow – the castle, the winding streets, the architecture – the lot! We first visited last year and have been desperate to go back – we really must try over the next few months!

  6. I have to confess I’d never heard of Ludlow before. What a picturesque town! I love all the wee shops.

  7. Melanie williams Reply

    This is anew one on me. Not heard of Ludlow before, but it looks like a beautiful place to visit for sure xx

  8. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Ages since I’ve been here to this amazing place – Definately going back soon

  9. Stephanie Bethell Reply

    I haven’t been to Ludlow since I was I was child. I had forgotten that it is a beautiful town. I will have to visit Ludlow soon. Thank you so much!

  10. I have never visited Ludlow but now I have seen those fantastic buildings, I want to go there!

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