This is a new series I am writing for the next year and something I wish I had done previously with Monkey. In a years time after turning four in May Kipper will start school. My last baby and I am already aware of the emotions that it will generate. It will be the end of an era and possibly my four day working week. Although as a mother we know its not that simple don’t we, I mean I don’t think I ever stop working. Especially with the blog work as well now. But with Kipper going to school I will need to make some decisions about my career, which could mean corporately I go back to a five days week.

But even if I don’t I will no longer have a child at home during a Friday. I very much look forward to my days with Kipper, where we can go and do our own thing. Just like I did with Monkey before he started school. So I have made a decision to record what we get up to each week. I appreciate this diary post will probably not be that interesting for my readers. However fundamentally I started this blog for me. To record our time as a family when it looked like Monkey would be an only child. So this is an indulgence and hopefully a way for me to look back on our adventures when I kiss him goodbye at the school gate.

A Year of Mudpie Fridays – Week 1

This week it was all about getting out on his balance bike. Kipper has been send a balance bike which we will be reviewing soon. He chose the colour and he chose green, which is his favourite at the moment. I think for that reason he has quite a vested interest in it. So when it arrived during the week all he wanted to do was to take it out. I promised we would do it on Friday.

We headed to Polesdon Lacey after the school run. Its one of the only National Trust properties close to us that allows children to bring bikes and scooters. He was so excited requesting to rid it as soon as we parked the car. He was actually pretty good with it during our trip, I only had to carry it a couple of times. He found a small hill end enjoying riding up and down it. It was lovely sitting in the sun watching him. Before we sat on my coat and ate chocolate together.

We had fun at Polesdon climbing on the new wooden towers they have set up and visiting the play area. Which has also had a make over since our last visit. His balancing is getting much better and his favourite saying from the day was:

I can do it easy mummy….

I think he used it on everything he went on. There were a couple of pianos located around the grounds. The one next to the house still worked despite being out  in the elements. So much fun was had playing the keys. Only I wasn’t allowed to play. I had to dance! We didn’t make it to the flowers which I would have liked to since it will not be long before they are all gone for the Winter. But it came over very grey and by the time we did make it back to the car it was raining. Although it didn’t stop us taking the National Trust passports back to get a stamp in them since I have been so rubbish at getting them done. Hopefully we can collect a few more in the coming weeks.

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  1. It’s the end of a chapter, but the beginning of a new era. I hope that Kipper enjoys his days in school! No doubt that they will be exciting ones. 🙂

  2. twinspirational Reply

    It was really fun to read everything about you, guys. You have such a wonderful year. Nice blog.

  3. It must be so challenging to wrap your head and heart around that phase when your kids start school and an era comes to an end. How wonderful that you will be more aware and focused on these special days with your youngest. And you’ll always be able to revisit these posts – as will your kids!

  4. Everyone always says they grow so fast and it’s so true isn’t it. I chuckled at “I can do it easy mummy” my son is also getting to a super independent stage. Great read!

  5. Reading this makes me connect to your kid somehow. I can feel the warmth every moment. Very nice post. So nice to see these kinds of posts in the future.

  6. Starting a school is a big new step and so exciting in kids lives. Wonderful post as always, thank you 🙂

  7. Kuntala Banerjee Reply

    These transition phases are something to be experienced. The school days are the start of a new era and I wish you all the best with your kid.

    • Kristal leon Reply

      It sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. You can never get back time that you lose so I’m glad you are able to spend some quality time with your son.

  8. How lovely! I hope Kipper loves school and that he flourishes. I hope he enjoyes his new balance bike too

  9. That’s really fun to see how the kid is growing up and trying to learn new things. , and also to enjoy such a warm family day!

  10. gemma hendry Reply

    this sounds a great idea, yes im sure it will be emotional, looking forward to your balance bike review

  11. Bindu Thomas Reply

    Kids starting to school is such a bitter sweet moment. Very true, this blog is such a nice idea to remember this time.

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