I have been a bit rubbish this week with photos, partly because of work and partly because Ive lost my mojo a bit. It normally happens this time of year as I juggle work and the return to school. I also don’t cope very well with the changing seasons. I will try and do better next week! If you would like to see what we got up to at the end of the holidays you can do so here  – Our Adventures in Pictures: 365 Week 36 2019

Saturday 7th September – Day 250

Our plan today was to head into Brighton to buy anniversary presents for each other. Since we have now been married for ten years we thought we should mark the occasion. My husband brought me a new ring. Which although an eternity ring  I will wear on the other hand, since my fingers are quite short.  But unfortunately we could not find the watch he was after. So I will have to try and get it online this week. Really I would like him to have it before we go away on our trip in two weeks time.

We had the boys with us and although they were okay it reminded my why we never take them shopping. After a pub lunch we headed to Littlehampton as a treat so they could go crabbing. Monkey has recently become a little obsessed with the pastime. Littlehampton has a harbour wall with a railings around it so is the perfect place for such an activity. I can not believe we managed to catch ten and a half in under two hours. The half is because it was a tiddler!

Sunday 8th September – Day 251

Slow start this morning. I have been suffering with a cold so haven’t been very productive on the blog. I used the morning to catch up and try to schedule some posts for the next week. Before going to Fontwell Horse Racing. Over the Summer I have been working with Great British Racing. Today they had a family fun day on with a dinosaur theme. The boys loved it and had a great day. I liked that we were able to get pretty close to the finishing post. We may have even won the odd race! It was a lovely day out which was finished by hunting for conkers on the way back to the car. I have a feeling we will be doing that a lot over the next couple of weeks.

Monday 9th September – Day 252

Just a normal work day today. I am not sure we are going to deal with the routine well this week. With Monkey being at a new school we have to reapply for all the of the after school clubs. We are lucky as they do a lot, but its on a first come first served basis. With the website opening up for booking at 8pm. So I sat and requested a space on each on individually. He wanted to do ICT, Self Defence, Basketball and Netball. Hopefully he will get at least two of them but we shall see.

I spent the evening trying to catch up on blog work. I do have plenty of posts finally scheduled for the rest of the week. Although I still have quite a few to write, both those I want to and products to review. I am trying to get more organised and plan my time better. But with a trip to Edinburgh this week I can’t see me being in the same position next week. I didn’t manage any photos today.

Tuesday 10th September – Day 253

Spent the day on the road, although I could have done with some time at the desk before going to Edinburgh for the rest of my working week.

Wednesday 11th September – Day 254

The alarm went off at 4.30am for my flight to Edinburgh for work. It was a good day and I think we achieved everything we set out to do. I do love going to Edinburgh its such a pretty city with its yellow stone buildings and fresh air. Turns out the gin is pretty good too. No pictures today as I just totally forgot focusing on work! I took this one on Friday instead.

Thursday 12th September – Day 255

I didn’t get home from Edinburgh until close to 10pm. So surprise surprise there are no photos today. Here is another one I took on Friday instead.

Friday 13th September – Day 256

Today felt a long time coming. Both boys came rushing into me this morning for cuddles, nice to know I was missed. After dropping Monkey at school we headed to see my mum before going to Nymans to make the most of the weather. Even if our first stop was the coffee shop! There were still quite a number of flowers out. Totally forgot my camera so had to use my phone instead. The Dove Cote had been refurbished and was looking very pretty.

Blog Posts this week

Next week I need to squeeze my workload into three days before jetting off to celebrate my 40th and our 10 year wedding anniversary.

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  1. Gemma Hendry

    i love the picture of the kids in the dinosaur egg

  2. loopyloulaura

    Busy! Try to take a break, especially when you aren’t feeling well #project365

  3. Susan Mann

    Wow, what a busy week. I too find it hard to fit everything in. Love the crab photo and the butterfly xx

  4. chickenruby

    I’ve not been blogging much recently as I’m in the UK and spending time with people which has given me plenty to write about when i get home. Love the crab picture. Did you get your husbands watch sorted?

  5. Erica Hughes

    The Dovecote does look pretty. I like the sound of going to Edinburgh for work. I don’t know how you manage to juggle working, the blog and family life.

  6. Lynn Neal

    Great close up photo of the crab, I hope it didn’t nip you!

  7. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    Love the dove cote and your butterfly and bee shots. I’m quickly realising that working and blogging are not a match made in heaven unless you can burn the candle at oth ends which I just can’t these days. Is it really bad that we didn’t even exchange cards let alone presents for our anniversary on 5th – eek! #365

  8. Fozia S

    I don’t deal with the changing seasons well either…especially from the summer to autumn when things get colder and the nights start drawing in!

    Sounds like a busy week but you managed to capture some gorgeous photos.

  9. Elaine Livingstone

    Glad the boys missed you, in some ways that is nice in other ways it makes you worry, but being a working parent is not always easy.
    I have lost my mojo these last few weeks as well, back to trying to decide if I am keeping blogging but determined to mkae 10 ys next April….time will tell.

  10. Ah, those doves look so pretty hanging there. Love the photos of the boys in the dinosaur egg. I didn’t realise Monkey had changed school. Hope he’s settled in.

  11. Sandra Fortune

    I think your photo’s are fab . I’m not very good with them . Hope you had a lovely anniversary . Love the Crab

  12. Kim Carberry

    Happy anniversary to you and your hubby!
    Good luck with the after school clubs. My youngest has joined the cake decorating one and the choir.
    You have had such a busy week. I hope you find some time to rest x

  13. gemma hendry

    weve never been crabbing and id love to go

  14. Margaret Gallagher

    Your picturez are alwY SPECTACULAR – beautiful way to depict your week

  15. Galina V

    Love the photo of your boys in the dino egg, they look so happy inside. The bee photo is superb, you can see all the little hairs on its body. The dovecote looks pretty. You’ve been super busy, so many things to do and see.

  16. Andrea Fletcher

    Such a busy week, love the photo’s. I agree that Edinburgh is a lovely city, we visited a couple of years ago and had a great time with so much to see and do.

  17. Sarah MumofThree World

    Wow, what a busy week! I have no idea how you fit in blogging as much as you do with your demanding job. I work part-time at home and still struggle to keep on top of blogging.
    I love the photo of the crab – it sounds like a very good haul. The butterfly photo is beautiful too.

  18. Samantha O'D

    Lovely Photos, im quite glad to have the routine of school back. The holidays have been tiring

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