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On Saturday morning Monkey and I headed to our local Aldi store to pick up the food shopping for the weekend. He loves coming shopping with me and helping to pick out the things we need. He loves it even more at the moment since Aldi are running a great new initiative. Aldi is offering 20 schools across the UK the chance to win £20,000 each through its new Kit for Schools campaign. In my previous role as a school governor I know just how valuable this cash prize is. So we are on a mission to raise awareness and encourage schools and parents to get collecting.

The initiative is part of Aldi’s long standing partnership with Team GB. The cash prizes provided to the winning schools are to invest in equipment for a healthy legacy. The money can be spent on things such as much needed sports equipment and kitchen equipment to teach your children about healthy eating. As well as that each school that completes a poster will also receive a mini sports kit. Which will include relay batons, cones and bibs. From the 6th of September until the 3rd of November for every £30 spent in store you will receive a sticker, two for £60 etc. These can then be taken to school to be aded to the sticker chart.

But these are not just any stickers. Each sticker has an a GB Athlete on it with interesting facts about them and their discipline. On our trip we picked up Grace Reid who competes in Diving and Nicola Adams who competes in Boxing.

We have already encouraged our school to sign up to the initiative via the website – To be honest its a bit of a no brainer for them. It is easy for us parents too, since it is not something that is outside our normal routine. Monkey is really engaged in it and loved telling all his friends about the stickers he collected in the playground. I am hoping that this will encourage other people to join in. After all the more stickers and the more completed charts then the more entries to win. 

A cash injection like this will mean so much to your school, the initiative is available to all schools across the UK so encourage yours to sign up today. Having sat on a finance committee there is nothing more heartbreaking than wanting to get new equipment for the school but trying to figure out what to cut in order to do it. Help your school today by collecting the kit for school stickers from Aldi.

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  1. Here in the US, we have an Aldi about 40 miles from our home. I love to shop there as they not only offer great prices but they are such a community conscious company.

  2. School incentives are great for schools and the kids. There really isn’t enough support for the school systems and parents. Gone are the days that we can rely on one income per household and the other person being able to do volunteer work. These programs are getting essential.

  3. Hands up to this company for giving the students an incentives that will help them to buy their needs. Keep it up ALDI!

  4. Great that Aldi not only offer great prices but also promotes community engagement and support for schools. I will look out for the stickers.

  5. I love school incentive programs, they make the learning experience a lot more interactive and ten times better.

  6. Catherine Santiago Jose Reply

    Kudos for ALDI for giving incentives and supporting school system. Wishing to have this kind of support in our place someday.

    • Elizabeth O Reply

      It is a great strategy to engage moms and young shoppers. Aldi really is doing a good job helping learners for their studies.

  7. Kuntala Banerjee Reply

    I like the school incentives. In fact in India in the rural areas they offer food and books. It is a relief for the parents who have comparatively less income.

  8. This sounds like such a great initiative! It’s amazing to see Aldi giving back to their community in such an excellent way.

  9. School initiatives are very welcome and I appreciate the effort everybody makes. Giving back is one of the ways to attract abundance into our lives.

  10. Mira McDaniel Reply

    what a great thing Aldi does for the schools around the UK. I wonder if there are places that do this around the US as well. Thanks for sharing this initaitve!

  11. Ellie Plummer Reply

    What a great initiative. I love Aldi so much, I never knew they did things like this,

  12. Kristine Gavilano Reply

    Nice move for Aldi. May all companies promote the same thing.

  13. WOW… if this would have been in my time, I wouldn’t have cried that much to go to school.

    Thanks for the wonderful post.

  14. Great to know that Aldi is initiating to give back to community especially students. Way to go. My little ones also accompany me in my grocery shopping. And I believe this the great way to teach our kids everyday responsibilities.

  15. So we have an aldi literally 10 min up the road but i rarely shop there. I need to check it out more.

  16. I will confess I have yet to step foot in an Aldis! I heard so many good things especially for organic produce so I need to make a trip!

  17. What an incredible initiative and I know many schools would appreciate that extra cash for their students and support staff.

  18. I didn’t know about this initiative – what a great way of supporting schools at a time that they really truly need it.

  19. Dalene Ekirapa Reply

    Aldi are doing such an admirable job! They’re not only a shopping spot but also offer such an amazing incentive to schools..oh my! This should set the pace over here too! Anyway, schools and parents better start collecting!

  20. Lavanda michelle Reply

    I love shopping with my daughters. Especially seeing them enjoy it as much as I do !

  21. It is awesome that Aldi is going to be helping so many schools and students with this initiative. I know a lot of people will appreciate it.

  22. Wish there was an ALDI near our place, I’d love to shop there too. I love how it supports schools and them having programs like this to help them out.

  23. What an awesome thing this company is doing! I wish more companies would do more like this!

  24. Bindu Thomas Reply

    This is a great initiative. More companies should follow the lead of Aldi.

  25. Laura- The Seasonal Child Reply

    It’s a fantastic initiative, and we’re also collecting for our school, so fingers crossed! #BloggerClubUK

  26. I love Aldi, they really are a very community based company. I’ve seen this latest campaign advertised on TV, but hadn’t fully understood how much they were doing. Good luck to your school x


  27. This is such a great idea and great way to support schools. I had no idea Aldi were doing this.

  28. I think not enough people give stores like Aldi a go – when you do you can see they have great shopping experiences in so many ways. #BloggerClubUK

  29. I bloody love Aldi and Lidi, really good value for money X #bloggerclubuk

  30. Wow Aldi is more interactive than I thought. I need to visit I have never been to an Aldi before!

  31. Dana, A Mamamista Life Reply

    Love this idea and I love an Aldi shop too, the scheme is a no brainer x x

  32. I love incentives like this one. Not only is Aldi cheaper than most supermarkets, but they’re also community-centred. I love that!

  33. Rachel Craig Reply

    Great initiative. An opportunity to allow and encourage school children in regards to healthy eating, physical activities, sports :- Encouraging an active lifestyle.

  34. Twinspirational Reply

    This place looks like a big doll house. Look so comfy.. What a very nice experience you had.

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