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Home & Family Security Tips: When you have two young children at home you want to make sure that your home is as safe and secure as it can be.  Especially when you travel as much as we do. One of the things we have done recently is start to use a SmartCam, but there are many other home security tips which we are looking at implementing.

Home Security Tips

  • Windows – Remembering to close the windows when going out which obvious I know! But I have lost track of the times that I have run out of the house late for the school run, only to realise the top windows are wide open. Even the smallest of windows can be a risk, so I always make sure I go back to close them. Plus as Monkey gets older I am teaching him to close the bottom windows as well.
  • Notes on the door – One of the things which I am guilty of is leaving notes on the door for delivery drivers. Effectively this is the same as leaving an advertisement that the house is empty. At the end of the day nothing is that urgent that can not be delivered at another time.
  • Talk to your neighbours – We are very lucky to have great neighbours which means we keep an eye on each others properties. Thankfully we don’t get many suspicious activities but its always worth talking about anything you are not sure of. Many streets will also operate a neighbourhood watch scheme or similar. So if moving to a new area then its worth finding out.
  • Spare keys – When I was at university I use to leave a spare key under the doormat. It was a habit that stuck until I brought my own house. Now instead I keep a spare at my parents house. As much as its convenient to have one close to hand its a significant security risk.
  • Pack tech away – I work from home a lot of the time but when I do need to go out to see clients I always make sure I pack away the technology. Leaving laptops and tablets on the kitchen table or visible from the windows is tempting to the opportunistic burglar.
  • Change the locks – It can be an expense but better than the alternative. If moving into a new house you do not know how many keys were not handed over. Or if you loose a key then it is always worth getting things changed even if you have spare, as you never know where you left it.
  • Alarms – Many companies offer alarm systems, when choosing yours make sure you select the type that’s appropriate for your house. Ensuring you go to reputable brand and only trusted parties should have the details.  Also make sure the wires for your system is hidden from view so that they are not easy to disable.

Of course keeping the house secure is one thing. As a parent I need to make sure the kids are as safe as possible, but at the same time not being a helicopter parent. Society has changed a lot since I was a little girl. I use to disappear for hours playing in the fields with my brother and neighbours. Nowadays this just doesn’t happen. But I still want the boys to have the sense of freedom I had. Some ways to ensure this include.

Family Security Tips

  • GPS – I have invested in a GPS watch for Monkey and when Kipper gets older I will also do the same for him. It gives me the piece of mind I need also with
  • Do not open the front door – This is one which we have taught Kipper recently. Who can easily open the door when the bell rings. He is learning that
  • Teach them how to dial 999 – Monkey knows the passwords for all our phones and tech. He has been trusted to use them for safety reasons only. He also knows how to dial 999 and when that maybe needed. Its a fine line not to scare them witless but at the same time making them informed enough.
  • Interacting with the online world – Kids are brought up in a very different time to us and technology is a big part of that. I would be lying if I didn’t worry about the potential impact on the boys as they get older. Thankfully there are plenty of resources out there to help with many brand names getting behind it. Including Google.
  • Stranger Danger – A saying we were brought up on when we were younger. Things have moved on since then and you can find some good advice on the Baby Centre website.

Have you got any home and family security tips to add to the list? I would love to hear more suggestions in the comments below.

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Home and family security tips



  1. Rachel Craig

    Home and family security are important responsibilities. Up to date information can be very useful.

  2. Bindu Thomas

    This is such a useful post. Absolutely necessary for every family.

  3. Nicki Evans

    Great tips. I’m always paranoid about home security.

  4. GPS and security cameras are the must in todays world.

    Thanks for the post, really informative.

  5. There is so much to keep in mind when you have kids. Thank you for all the tips x


    Security is very important in every family. Thanks for all the tips you’ve shared and thank you for reminding us. It helps a lot!

  7. Very important and great tips! I will make this one as a reminder on my house and print it. So every member of the family is aware for what everything happens. Thank you for this. You are so kind!

  8. aisasami

    I live in an apartment complex that has a locked entrance. I don’t have to worry about salespeople hor even robbers at any hours, especially now that the landlord has a security camera on the front door.

  9. twinspirational

    I couldn’t agree more. We should really consider teaching children with these safety tips. It’s always better if they are knowledgeable about anything.

  10. Safety and security is always #1. Even if it means investing a little more for a peace of mind!

  11. Ramil Hinolan

    Home security is a must. It will save lives and properties. My wife and I are so concern with our safety and these tips will surely come in handy as we evaluate what needs to be added or improvement to boost our home security.

  12. Tracey Carr

    Home security is so important, we are currently working on improving ours with extra locks on doors and windows #bloggerclubuk

  13. This is such an important and relevant topic at the moment! My friends had their house broken into last month while they were on holidays! Thanks so much for sharing, you can never be too safe! x

  14. Crystal (The Busy Mom Diary)

    Thank you for the informative tips to help keep your home and family safe.

  15. I always say safety comes first! Your advise is most welcome!

  16. These are great home and family security tips! We have kids so I am always looking for ways to keep the home protected!

  17. Barbara

    So important to educate children. They can be so trusting and naive.

  18. Sandra Fortune

    Great tips for home security and for children especially in this day and age . Can never be secure enough

  19. Kuntala Banerjee

    I liked the tips for keeping the house secure. Even I keep a spare key in my parents house. Earning the confidence of neighbors is very important. They will keep an eye when you are not around.

  20. Gemma Hendry

    security is so important and im very paranoid about it

  21. Catherine Santiago Jose

    As a parent I am always after the security of my family and ofcourse my home. Like you, I see to it that everything are properly locked and those appliances cables are unplugged.

  22. Jasmine M

    I am definitely going to be bookmarking this! I usually don’t really think about putting my tech away regularly, but that is a great tip that I am going to do for sure.

  23. Great tips to keep the house safe! Sometimes we are in a hurry and we forget to lock the door or put the technology away from the windows. Excellent reminder.

  24. Very comprehensive tips! The only ones I would add are making sure any back gates/fences are secure if you have a garden – that’s an easy way for burglars to gain access (plus spotlights), and when you’re away, having lights on a timer.

  25. Gervin Khan

    Excellent tips, our home and family security should be our first priority and this should be discuss together with our kids.

  26. Lisa - Little Orange Dog

    Excellent advice, particularly about educating our children to be safe in the home and particularly online. My girls are teens and I remind them both regularly about staying safe online. You never really know who you are talking to.


  27. Alex Newton

    Great security tips. I’m guilty of leaving laptops etc out and not closing windows when i pop out. I do have a mean-looking dog who’s actually pretty soft, but i kind of reply on him to put off burglars.
    Couldn’t agree more with talking to kids about safety and security. I feel like we live in a much scarier world these days.

  28. Kelly Y

    Also teach children what is acceptable from people they know such as teachers, family friends, and others who can influence a child…sometimes the enemy is closer than you think

  29. Patricia M

    Thanks for this article, there are some great information that we all should take into consideration. I never thought about putting electronic away, you make a good point if its visible to a burglar it may tempt them to come in.

  30. Margaret Gallagher

    Pays dividends for all the family – safety is paramount

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