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iFly Review with Buyagift: An indoor skydive has been on our family travel bucket list since the beginning of the year. It also featured on my 40 before 40 list. So we were thrilled when got in contact and offered us the chance to try it out.

There are three locations across the county that you can book at which are Manchester, Milton Keynes and Basingstoke. We opted to visit the Basingstoke iFly as it was the closest to us. Booking was a little tricky as we wanted a weekend date which meant times were restricted to before 11am. However the staff were very helpful on the phone as we had a number of us we needed to accommodate with friends joining us in the experience.

You need to arrive an hour earlier than your flight to fill in the consent forms and get kitted up. We watched a safety video before donning overalls, googles, earplugs and helmet. By this time Monkey was bouncing off the walls with excitement. We also took Kipper along. Technically at the age of three he could have had a go. But we had made the decision he was too young. I stand by this and would probably say Monkey at 7 is probably the youngest I would recommend this experience for. Even with Monkey’s dare devil nature he was a little worried initially. However Kipper was is sobs when he realised we were going into the tunnel. The instructor was very patient with him and we were allowed to swap adults out to look after him.

Once it was our turn we went into a sealed chamber with with rest of the flyers. This runs along side the tunnel and means you can watch all the flights. During the video we were taught hand signals which the instructor used to make sure we got in the right position. Initially it is a bit of a leap of faith part of you expecting to end up on the floor. There is definitely a knack and Monkey got it almost instantly. I was very impressed with hour he conquered his fear. Although he did make me go first! It is  difficult to describe the feeling, since you are only in the tunnel for about around a minute. It is very noisy as the wind rushes around you. The instructor makes sure you do not get too close to the sides of the tunnel. I did drift up quite a bit so he used his body weight to keep me lower in the tunnel. I was desperately trying to smile at the camera! Since they also record the whole thing for you.

You only get one flight within the voucher but once you are there its also possible to pay a little extra for another (£14). Or to be taken up to the top of the tunnel in a whirly motion by the instructor (£7) each. Which we all did and really enjoyed. Although this is dependant on timing and the number of people in the group. We did not have an adult that wasn’t kipper sitting so we could not capture our own photos. As everything is locked away including jewellery and wedding rings. There is a viewing area where you can take photos so this is something that we would do next time. At the end of our session we had the opportunity to buy photos and video taken through all the sessions. We paid £35 for a family photo pass which gave us all the media of up to five people.

It was a great experience and Monkey is very keen to do it again. Just be aware that there are several additional charges but as a bucket list item it would make a great Christmas gift experience.

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iFly Review

iFly Review



  1. Carly Belsey

    This is such a great idea for a gift for someone. An experience in my eyes is so much better than a material present as memories are what life is all about.

  2. Emma Betts

    Wow that looks like a lot of fun maybe I might try it one day x

  3. Paul Brear

    Everyone seems to be having a great time

  4. I’d love to give this a go! I agree with you that it’s probably a bit too much for a 3 year old though! #BloggerClubUK

  5. This looks so much fun for adults and kids X #bloggerclubuk

  6. Dana, A Mamanista Life

    Perfect family fun, we’ve wanted to to it since moving to Milton Keynes it Looks like a right laugh x x

  7. OMG you lucky lady! What an awesome day out and a brilliant idea for a gift for anyone who is impossible to buy for. Glad you all had fun x


  8. Oh brilliant fun!! My kids would go wild for something like this and such a great family activtiy

  9. Dalene Ekirapa

    Sky diving is one of the things to do on my bucket list so an indoor sky diving experience would be a good start for the same…I should start getting used to that adrenaline rush earlier.

  10. It looks like so much fun, but I would be scared to do it. Seems too much excitement for me

  11. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

    Looks like a great and fun experience for your kiddos. My kids would love this too I’m sure!

  12. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to try this! My boys would probably think it’s fun though.

  13. Gemma Hendry

    looks like a mindblowing experience

  14. Catherine Santiago Jose

    Wow, this is definitely a great and cool experience. My Aunt done this one time and she said it was really fun.

  15. Always wanted to try this. Looks like so much fun!

  16. We might be trying this soon, it’s on my 10 year old bucket list. The funny thing is that she is not really adventurous

  17. Such an experience. Indoor skydiving makes the reality feel same aswel. I like how there is support inside for everyone. Fun, Adventurous and Perfect are my three choice of words to describe this

  18. Jasmine M

    I’ve always wanted to try this! It looks like so much fun. I am going to have to plan a day trip there to try it out.

  19. There is one of these actually close to where I live! Never have I tried it before but I know my husband would love to!

  20. This looks like fun! This is the closest I will ever get to actual skydiving! My husband has gone skydiving already so he might not want to do this with us! LOL

  21. Art & Home

    This looks like so much fun, and so much safer than the real alternative. I’ve always wanted to try skydiving, but my fear of extreme heights has kept me from following through. I think I could handle the iFly heights just fine though, so I’m gonna check this out soon!

  22. Ahh this looks like such a blast! I have never done something like this. Hope you guys had a great time.

  23. This looks like so much fun, my husband has always wanted to try this but I don’t think they have anywhere near us. I will have to look into it for him as would make a great xmas gift x

  24. Susan B

    A fab review and a brilliant activity. I always assumed these were for adults only so am delighted to read that children can participate, too.

  25. I’ve always wanted to try indoor skydiving… there’s actually one not far from where I live! This looks like great fun, I’d definitely consider doing it at some point.

    Oliver x

  26. you know i’ve never tried it but i would love to, this is sooooo much fun…Quite an experience.

  27. I would love to give indoor skydive a try as it looks like a lot of fun.

  28. There was one in LA i wanted to go to so bad! Timing didn’t work in our favor but I am doing this next time I am in the area!

  29. This is so cool. I would love to try this out when I am more well. I bet Sylvia and John would love it too. I’m adding it to our bucket list!

  30. I’ve been eyeing this offer for my son and fiancé. Great to see you had fun and the pictures are brilliant!

    Wonderful experience for you all x

  31. Margaret Gallagher

    One day I’ll try this too – great fun

  32. We did this last year with my 5 year olds (girls), they absolutely loved it and even did the fly to the top extra, so don’t think that your really little ones can’t join in. We bagged an amazing deal using cashback website and discount code combo during Black Friday weekend. Ermazing!

  33. Kelly Y

    Looks fun for people like me who are too scared to do the real thing.

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