Welcome back to my weekly diary post of my Fridays with Kipper. Each week I document our adventures on the run up to him starting school. You can find the series here – Our Fridays.

A Year of Mudpie Fridays – Week 3

So I missed last week as Hubby and I were in Dubai for our 10th Wedding Anniversary.  Ever since we came back its rained constantly. So I wasn’t entirely sure what we were going to do. Thankfully Kipper like many kids loves the simple things in life. So going out acorn hunting on his bike was perfect in his book. We went to Tilgate with a little hessian bag. Just before we arrived the heavens opened which meant the play park was out of bounds since it was drenched and I didn’t have his water proof trousers with me.

Nevertheless he was happy picking up oak apples and acorns. Announcing each time that

This is a nice looking one mummy….

Only it was probably going mouldy or covered in mud, he just loves collecting things. I did manage to convince him to pop a couple of red Autumnal leaves in. Unfortunately it didn’t take more than about twenty minutes until the rain came again. So we made the way back to the car a little disappointed. Going home via the supermarket we picked up some eggs, butter and chocolate chips to make cookies. It was the first time we have baked on our own and he enjoyed the early steps of stirring and of course tasting the finished article. It was a bit of an odd recipe as the biscuits turned out somewhere between a a cake and a brownie!

He has developed another new saying today which is suddenly the complete opposite to what he has been talking about  historically…

I am a big boy now… I grown up

Now we just need to get him to potty train!

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  1. Cute!
    Would love to hear more about potty training adventures…not keen on starting my son’s one yet as I actually prefer nappies esp when out and about!

  2. This is so sweet. My kids love he simple days out, looking for woodland treasures and acorns, pinecones and leaves are the best!


    The weather is all over the place at the moment. We’ve not had a chance to go out much to the local park as there have been way too many grey clouds. My son loves to collect things too. He also loves baking cookies!!!

    • It is so awesome that you guys still found something great to do even though it was kind of rainy

  4. What a lovely way to document your time together.

    I remember collecting very muddy conkers in my pocket thanks to my little man!


  5. Lyndsey O'Halloran Reply

    The rain this week has been awful. We luckily had some sun today so made the most of it and got outdoors.

  6. Oh what a wonderful way to document your time together, it will be so lovely to look back on. Oh potty training is never fun.


    So sweet. This are some of the things that make me really anxious of getting my own kids

  8. For the photo- I was like is it mud, but I think its food. I think its yummy so am I just hungry right now. Glad that I am correct its food lol – going to eat now.

  9. Gervin Khan Reply

    I like this post and I do love how you beautifully documenting your sweet moments together.

  10. It seems like they start saying “I am a big boy now… I grown up!!!” earlier and earlier with each generation.

  11. The days that are so much about free play, exploration, research, and reflection on their own are a MUST!
    I still remember such days from my own early childhood, and I loved them.

  12. Happy anniversary! Hope Dubai was amazing!
    Rainy days can be some of the best adventures!

  13. surekha-dreamingloud Reply

    Glad to hear more of your experience. It was such a great read. Thanks for sharing..

  14. Congrats on the wedding anniversary! Hope you had wonderful time in Dubai x

  15. I haven’t hear of mudpie fridays but I think all kids will be happy about it, anything about going outdoors and enjoying sweets and snacks will be fun.

  16. Too bad that the rain interrupted your acorn hunt. I also enjoy doing something together with my daughter, it’s our bonding time.

  17. My cousin had a kid who used to always make mud balls and start eating them and they had to keep taking him to the hospital and finally they had to take steps to curb this behavior of his !!!

  18. Twinspirational Reply

    Wow, that was so sweet..! Good luck with the potty training.. Toddlers are the cutest stage. 😘

  19. Awww he is so adorable, my little boy had the same raincoat but he is outgrown it now. So sad!

  20. First of all, Happy 10th anniversary and hope you had a great time in Dubai. Picking acorn at the park is perfect for a little kid, that is the beauty of it. we put so much time and thought on activities when all they want is to spend time with us.

  21. Happy anniversary! It’s so cute to watch your bonding time together! I have fond memories baking cookies when I was younger, reading this reminded me of when I was younger.

  22. My daughter loves exploring the forest at this time of year too for conkers, acorns, leaves and feathers. I love the bright colours on Kippers coat too.

  23. Melanie williams Reply

    Sounds like you had a lovely time in the outdoors, but I hear you on the rain…always seems to be weird our weather at the moment… not the best for outside play x

  24. Elizabeth O Reply

    Such an adorable little boy. It’s so fun to let the toddlers participate in the kitchen. You learn at the same time.

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