‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

These were not the photos I thought I would be sharing this week. However on Friday night Monkey was up at midnight with a sickness bug so it put pay to our plans. Which was very disappointing since we were meant to be going to see Marvel on Tour but there was no way he could make it. Despite the fact he was desperate to wear his new costume – Thor. This meant our Saturday was pretty lazy.  For change I managed to get some de cluttering done and the boys played nicely with their toys.

However it got to a point late in the day when we just needed to get out. We were all going a little stir crazy so decided to head out to our favourite spot for collecting conkers. Funnily enough we actually visited the same spot the same week last year – Week 39/52 {2018}. The winds had been kind to us and there was plenty on the floor but of course the boys were after the big ones.

I found one that was so big it looked like the shape of the heart. I promised Monkey he could have it for his bag if he posed for a photo. He wasn’t overly keen wanting to return to filling up his bag and I think you can tell in this photo.

But at least it is one to compare to next year when we return. Kipper took equally as much bribery. He is still suffering with his skin despite us using the cream the doctors gave my mum for treatment last week. Poor little mite.

This week is pretty standard for us with work and school and no surprise adventures. I am hoping that the sickness bug doesn’t spread as I have back to back meetings for most of the week. Then we have a little trip away for a family birthday at the weekend so fingers crossed for dry weather.  I hope you had a great week whatever you have planned.

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  1. Catherine S Reply

    Hope he’s feeling better now. Looks like you had a lovely day anyway

  2. Oh no! Poor Monkey. I hope it passed quickly. What a shame he missed Marvel. Kipper is looking so grown up now x

  3. Oh dear, I hope they’re both feeling better now. We haven’t been conker collecting this year but there are conker trees in the boys’ school playground so they keep coming home with pockets full!

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