It really feels like the weeks are racing by now, my mind is half on Halloween and half on Christmas. I probably need to write some of it down. The boys were not well at the beginning of this week which meant we started with the week with less sleep than usual. Consequently Friday has felt like a long time coming. Although we are off on a little adventure at the end of the week. If you want to see what we got up to last week, including our trip to Dubai  then you can read it here – Our Adventures in Pictures: 365 Week 39 2019.

Saturday 28th September – Day 271

So our plans were out the window. Monkey although not sick felt pretty rotten all day. He relaxed and played with some toys in the afternoon. Which gave me some time to start to sort out. We really need to declutter the whole house but it feels like too big a job at the moment. But there is no way we can even think about moving until we do. So today we did one room… an easy one! The bathroom. We threw away three black bags (half full each because of weight) of stuff… I now walk in and breathe a little sigh or relief. But the worrying thing is I need to do it to the whole house and if there’s that much stuff in the bathroom I hate to think how much is in all the cupboards and wardrobes. Not to mention the playroom/office.

By late afternoon we were all going a little stir crazy so we headed out to a little spot we found last year to gather conkers. The wind had been kind to us and both boys collected loads. Kipper had trouble carrying his little bag full!

Sunday 29th September – Day 272

Today we went to Chessington World of Adventures, we were gifted the tickets after visiting them in the Summer. I was a little nervous as the weather forecast was not great. But it worked out okay as the rain forecast meant that the rides queues weren’t too bad so we got to go on lots of rides. Kipper still aims for the Gruffalo ride every time whereas Monkey wants to go on the coasters. So its definitely a two adult job with the age gap we have. As well as the rides we saw some of the animals including the sea lions which is where this photo was taken by Mr Ms phone. I had let my camera at home because of the rain.

Monday 30th September – Day 273

Worked from home today. Trying to have one day in the office a week to try and keep on top of admin. Not 100% sure it will work. Especially when other people have access to our diary. But it is worth a go. Decided to go back to IG today. It was the first time I had posted for almost two weeks. I would like to say I missed it. But I didn’t!

Tuesday 1st October – Day 274

Today I was on the day all day for work. Which meant running from one meeting to another while trying to catch up on emails in-between. I am so grateful for my work iPad at the moment I think its the only thing keeping me sane. I went straight to pick the boys up from childcare on the way home. Monkey is hoping to start Karate at school soon, which will be yet another after school club. But I think we can probably just about make it work. In the evening I finished writing a blog post. The overwhelm is strong at the moment, hoping it will pass. No photos today. Will try harder tomorrow!

Wednesday 2nd October – Day 275

Work has been just as busy as ever today. Running from one thing to the next. Monkey tried a new after school club today – Karate. It is not one that is organised by the school but thankfully his childcare will take him to it. Otherwise with work commitments he wouldn’t be able to do it. He had a great session and has decided he wants to go back. I took this photo while waiting in roadworks. The woodlands looked so inviting and calming.

Thursday 3rd October – Day 276

Wow it was cold this morning when we got up. Doing the school run with a light dusting of frost was not what I was expecting. Monkey had beavers after school and was going on a scavenger hunt, thankfully the rain stayed away. I had zero time at a computer so consequently was working until gone nine.  I had so many good intentions of writing a blog post. It didn’t happen. I did have a glass of wine though.  For some reason its felt like a very long week.

Friday 4th October – Day 277

Went food shopping straight after the school run before taking Kipper to pick out some pumpkins. I think we will probably go proper pumpkin picking at some point. This was just to get some small decorative ones. Then I spent an hour throwing everything we need into bags for a weekend away. We are reviewing a luxury apartment and catching up with family. I am so hoping fo some good weather so we can make it to the beach since the apartment is very close by. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Oh no! Sorry the boys were unwell.
    Take one room at a time with the decluttering. We are still looking for a spot to find conkers. What a fab handful you have.
    It sounds like a great day was had at Chessington World of Adventures.
    Gorgeous photos x

  2. I feel your pain in trying to coordinate after school clubs. N only gets to do 1 school club and then tennis because of me working.

  3. That sounds like a very busy week! Love that photo of Kipper with the pumpkins. Well done on the decluttering! That is never a fun job, but needs must sometimes. I’m glad Monkey enjoyed his karate – it’s great that his childcare will sort out getting him there. Hope you all have a lovely weekend away.

  4. A busy week for you as usual, I love to see all the different shapes and colours of pumpkins!

  5. why is it we all accumulate so much junk, why do we not chuck it when we realise we dont need it??
    Only two of us and moving house is a nightmare.
    Sorry the boys have not been well but hope this weekend away is relaxing and fun.

  6. I know what you mean about the overwhelm and the decluttering. My house really needs doing and I don’t know how I’m going to get it done. I do love your picture with the conkers.

  7. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    My little boy is having a rough time atm he has constipation he’s a fussy eater so he suffers with it , been 3 days now and I hate seeing him uncomfortable:-(

  8. Sorry the boys were unwell, I hope they are on the mend. We have a few conkers this year which is nice. Sounds like a great day at Chessington. I’ve not been there yet. x

  9. sorry to hear the boys were ill, hope all is better now.
    We used to declutter before every move, but on our last move we packed everything and then what we couldn’t find a home for when we were unpacking we put to one side for a couple of months, if we didn’t look in the boxes then we obviously didn’t need it and donated it all

  10. Sounds like another busy week for you guys. I’ve not been to Chessington since it was just a zoo, many many years ago. I’m with you on Instagram. Now I’m working all week I just haven’t got the time to spend on it and it seems the only way to get posts seen is to join loads of pods – it’s depressing #365

  11. We haven’t been to Chessington for a while! Need to go again!

    Hope Monkey enjoys karate! Bee has been going for a number of years and loves it

  12. The conkers look so beautiful and shiny. I feel your pain re decluttering, I so need to declutter our house as well, room by room, and be quite ruthless.
    Sorry to hear that the boys were not feeling very well at the start of the week.
    We’ll be getting a pumpkin for carving closer to the end of the month.

  13. I need to tidy our house and declutter. We have so many toys that aren’t platyed with any more but we keep everything for sentimental reasons. I want to find a local pumpkin farm! #project365

  14. I haven’t been to Chessington for years it looks like a lot of fun x

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