AD – We were gifted these boots for the purpose of writing a Review Bobux Kids Shoes . All words and opinions are our own.

Review Bobux Timber Boots AW19 – We have long been fans of Bobux kids shoes. In fact they were the first pair of shoes that Kipper ever had. Not only do they look good, but they last well and most importantly they are all about looking after the boys feet as they grow. As a company they are constantly looking to learn more about healthy foot development. Making sure this knowledge is then leveraged in their shoes.

This time of year I tend to buy the boys a pair of leather boots. They are so much more practical as the weather draws in. Allowing us to explore the local woods and our favourite National Trust haunts. For this reason I chose both boys a pair of Timber boots. Money opted for navy and for Kippers I chose an olive green colour. I chose them because they don’t have actual laces which means I don’t need to worry about the boys putting them on. Instead they have elastic laces which mean they adjust to your child feet. So are suitable for narrow, normal and wide fittings. I also really liked the contrasting ankle cuff which makes them look smart.

Both boys really enjoy wearing their new boots. Opting to wear them over their normal footwear which goes to show how comfortable they are. We took them for a spin in Brownsea Island when we visited Sandbanks. We didn’t break them in as such which I did wonder maybe a mistake. But for their first outing the boys wore them literally all day and we walked a lot, and played a lot. So it goes to show just how good these shoes are since they kept them happy and comfortable.

There is so much choice over on the Bobux website for all age groups. I like that there are  lots of neutral colours to choose from so you will know they go with everything. Plus there are some very bright ones! Much to Kipper’s delight whose favourite colour is green. For this reason I also requested pair of their Grass Courts for both boys. Again Monkey opted for navy but Kipper a pair of lovely green emerald ones. I will be sharing them soon here so please come back and find out what we think.


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  1. Catherine S Reply

    The boots look fab and it looks like you had a lovely time in the woods

  2. Bobux is one of New Zealand best exports. Really fab footwear for children.

  3. Jarek - Reply

    These boots look really cool. It is important to have a good waterproof pair for wet and muddy autumn. And if they also look nice, even better. 👍

  4. Emma England Reply

    I like the look of these, they have such a good range of colours and they’re super stylish too.

  5. Catherine Santiago Jose Reply

    Wow, I love the styles and the colors of these shoes they are so beautiful and looks very comfortable to wear, perfect for my kid.

  6. These little booties are soo cute! They seem fashionable and durable, which is perfect when you want the kids to look good and have some stability on the playground. Awesome choice!

  7. Love these shoes! My youngest son needs a new pair, I’ll look into this brand.

  8. Wow.. Nice shoes..! I love the design
    and colors, it looks so great and durable..!

  9. The boots looks great, perfect to play with in the woods. It’s good that they didn’t need breaking in before wearing for an extended time.

  10. Agnes Vazhure Reply

    Awesome and good looking boots for kids. Love the designs, so cool!

  11. These look nice and sturdy. We’re just at that awkward in-between stage where it’s too cold for sandals or trainers, but not cold enough yet for winter boots, and I’ve been wondering what shoes to get.

  12. I’d never heard of this shoes brand before but they look great. Perfect for the colder wetter weather.

  13. Erica @ Erica Ever After Reply

    These boots look stylish but they also looks like they can stand up to some abuse. lol little boys are very rough on shoes.

  14. Shelley Jessup Reply

    I am looking forward to buying Evie proper shoes, so its great to get some brand names & recommendations.

  15. I am just loving these boots. The color of the boots and the design everything is perfect and amazing. I will definitely going to buy one for my son. Thanks for sharing this

  16. Twinspirational Reply

    Bobux shoes are so cute..! And I love the colors.. Especially the olive green, looks like a great brand..!

  17. Those shoes are so cute..! I bet they are durable too.. So stylish, kids will definitely rock this look..!

  18. Those shoes looks really great and durable. Sounds like a great brand..! This would be a perfect gift.

  19. I really love this boots. It’s look comfortable and the style is so classic. Really fits on little kids.

  20. Where were these booties when my kids were that young. They are adorbs!

  21. Those look and sound like some pretty solid boots right there. I do love the colors though. They look like they would hold up quite a long time.

  22. Bindu Thomas Reply

    Perfect for all kids of this age (or should I say most The shades look awesome too.

  23. I am loving those shoes but I have to say the jumpers are so adorable I’m must get some for my son for Christmas x

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