AD – We were gifted the Hatching Toothless – How to train your dragon for the purpose of this review all words and opinions are my own. 

Review Hatching Toothless – Monkey is absolutely mad on how to train your dragon and has been enjoying watching the series on television. If you couple this with the fact that Hubby queued for two hours a couple of Christmas’s ago to pick up the must have toy a Hatchimal. So when we got offered the option to review Hatching Toothless we of course said yes.

Hatching Toothless

The boys could not wait to hatch Toothless. In order to get the hatching process started you need to remove the two pins in the bottom of the egg. Once you have done this then you need to play with the baby dragon to encourage him out of the egg. As you play you can hear the dragon making noises through the shell.  Monkey thought it was great fun to shake the egg and turn it upside down. Not that baby Toothless thought that it was very funny. Very soon we started to see a green light appearing through the egg.

The boys got very excited at this point. We put it down and watched as part of the egg began to crack. It wasn’t long until there was a hole on one side helped by inquisitive fingers. Although watching their little faces as the top of the egg cracked all the way and the top popped off was priceless. They were both attached to the little dragon straight away. Picking him up and throwing him around. Toothless’s eyes glow bright green and his ears moving and wings flapping.  It wasn’t long until they were starting to train him.

Once he is out….

On the base of the dragon there is a dial with different numbers. By moving it to number one you start in free play mode. This seems the one which has held the boys attention so far. During this mode you can pet him by stroking his head and lay him down to sleep to her him snore. Also included in the box there is a fish which you can feed him, Kipper was most taken with the fact he burped after the meal. Nick naming him Buddy! Monkey on the other hand liked to activate the plasma burst by putting his hand on his tummy and flying him around the room.

The other modes 2 -7 are all different games. These include drain trainer, hot potato, the yes no game. There is also the option to roar at Toothless and to see how he responds to music. We are yet to explore them all completely but what we have tried goes to show that this is so different to many of the other hatching toys. It feels like there is so much more to this little dragon. Both boys are already very attached to him, putting him asleep at night time and giving him cuddles.

Hatching Toothless is designed for children aged 5 and over and has an RRP of £59.99. He comes with 2AA batteries included. When he is not being played with he shuts down.  Meaning that he is not going to make an odd noise at night. Plus it helps the batteries to last longer.

Our Summary

The boys are really taken with the new member of the family taking him wherever we go. I can see us getting a lot of enjoyment from him over the coming weeks. I suspect he will be high the the Christmas lists of many a young child this year.

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  1. That’s quite interesting. This would be so great, it would be such a nice way to teach the kids to learn where birds come from. This brought back memories of having like this in my childhood in 90s. BTW your kids looking very cute.

  2. Shelley Jessup Reply

    This is what Sophie wants for her Christmas main present & I dont think it is too badly priced.

  3. Emma England Reply

    This is on my sons Christmas list! It looks brilliant. I think santa will definitely be bring him this.

  4. Lyndsey O'Halloran Reply

    I love How To Train Your Dragon. This looks like a really fun toy.

  5. I have a fiancé that would LOVE this! He is Train your dragon mad!

    Although we all have a soft spot for toothless as he looks like our cat!

    This looks like a lot of fun x

  6. I loved the movie How to Train your Dragon and the fact you can have one of the characters as your own is a really lovely idea. Fab Christmas present.

  7. These look really fun, I love that it plays games with you – especially the yes/no game. I think it keeps the toy interesting as it does so much after the exciting hatch.

  8. It looks like fun. We saw a video the other day of one of these hatching – I think the video was from a toy retailer – and of course now my boys want one. Sigh.

  9. Sondra Barker Reply

    My brothers love the how to train you dragon movie! I need to get them this toy.

  10. Oh, my toothless. you are so cute! my nieces would definitely love this. They really love the movie. I gonna get this and present them as a gift. This is so much fun!

  11. This looks a great interactive toy that my grandsons would love for Christmas!

  12. That is so cool and I like how the hatching process is fun. I’m sure the boys had fun doing this and glad you had the chance to review it.

  13. This looks like lots of fun, your boys look like they enjoyed the egg hatching. I like that it’s got lots of features and games modes, although I do think £59.99 is quite a high price point, this would need to be the main present for my children for Christmas.

    • Wow.. This toy is so cute.. And the features so great, knowing that it snores and that you can feed it will make the kids so happy..!

  14. twinspirational Reply

    That was such a cute toy..! I love the size of it. Not too big or small,perfect for gifts this coming Christmas. Thanks for sharing your review .. 😘

  15. No way! Toothless is my favorite dragon. My little nephew is all about him. I need to get this for him!

  16. I had a couple of students a few years ago who had one of these. They brought in for show and tell once and it was interesting to see what they do. I have to ask if they still play with them.

  17. What fun! It’s great that it is so substantial and that there is much more to it than meets the eye. A fabulous Christmas gift.

  18. Catherine Santiago Jose Reply

    Wow, this is such a cute toy and I am sure my daughter would love to have this.

  19. It looks so cute and I can see it brings lot of fun to kids. I also think it will be in many Christmas lists x

  20. Wow.. This toy is so cute.. And the features so great, knowing that it snores and that you can feed it will make the kids so happy..!

  21. Wow these are going to be a hit for the holidays. Little boys and even little girls will have fun with this!

  22. Nadia Josephine Reply

    I love toothless! How to train your dragon is my favourite film – am I too old for this toy? hehe

  23. Debbie Skerten Reply

    These look great fun. You can see how much the boys are enjoying him.

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