I always find the last week before we go away stressful, trying to balance the demands of work with making sure we have everything sorted. Needless to say everything was left to the last minute as usual. If you would like to see what we got up to last week then you can do so here – Our Adventures in Pictures: 365 Week 42 2019.

Saturday 19th October – Day 292

We woke to the first clear day for what feels like weeks. So the decluttering went a little out the window as we ran errands in town before visiting a Pumpkin Patch in Sompting. It is the same one as we went to last year and because oft weather was heaving. But the boys had so much fun walking amongst all the pumpkins picking what they wanted. Our intention was only to get one large white one. However a few smaller gourds ended up in the wheel barrow along with an onion squash which we are going to try to make something with. Needless to say for the first time in a couple of weeks Ive had lots of pictures to choose from!

Sunday 20th October – Day 293

The bad weather was back which actually made life a little easier since we set about decluttering again. Although on these days I think the boys probably have a little too much screen time. We managed to do our small utility room and three kitchen cupboards. Throwing away two bin liners of rubbish and seven bags of recycling. The alcohol cupboard was the worse. I am not sure why we had held onto bottles of Ouzo since 2012! It didn’t taste great when we were in Greece so why it would taste any better in the UK I don’t know! I also made the Christmas Cake and some Mango Chutney. As is tradition everyone had a stir of the cake.

Monday 21st October – Day 294

A normal work day for me. An interesting opportunity has arisen which hopefully in time with play itself out. I didn’t take any pictures today.

Tuesday 22nd October – Day 295

In London early this morning and managed to snap the sun rising over Tower Bridge. It was quite amusing watching everyone stopping on London Bridge to snap away. I am sure social media was awash with similar photos. I was training today and I think the session went well. I even managed to make it back for my hair appointment at 7pm.

Wednesday 23rd October – Day 296 & Thursday 24th October – Day 297

Another two days at work which seemed to whizz by. On Thursday I had a colleague down from Edinburgh which meant the whole day on the road. The weather was awful which really slowed down the traffic and consequently meant we were running late for most of the day. I am going to attempt to read a book while we are away which I took a photo of for instagram stories. I struggle with stories during the week because of work.

Friday 25th October – Day 298

I took a lot of photos today! I finally started to photo the gift guides which will be going live when we get back from our half term break. I really should learn and do a little at a time rather than it becoming a massive job. As it is I think I only managed to get half way through them. I also had two last minute instagram photos to take for sign off. As well as packing and taking the cat to the cattery for its holibobs. So it was a pretty boring day for Kipper who kept himself amused by emptying out the whole toy box in the lounge. But sometimes these things need to be done. Especially as we are leaving early tomorrow morning.

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Next week we are hopefully off to sunnier climbs if the weather holds, spending half term in Italy. I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t looking forward to a little break.

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  1. Love the sunrise photo and the pumpkin patch photos. Pumpkin patches weren’t a thing when my kids (aged 13-18) were little, so I’ve never been to one. I realise I won’t go until I have grandchildren!
    I hope you have a lovely holiday.

  2. Shelley Jessup Reply

    What a beautiful photo you caught with London Bridge. I also love that pumpkin house you visited at the Pumpkin Patch in Sompting.

  3. It sounds like you had a good time picking your pumpkins.
    It sounds like the decluttering is going well.
    Lovely photos! Have a great half term x

  4. Nice to be there in time to see that sunrise. Looks beautiful. I need to get decluttering too but never get round to it. Well done you guys on yours. Hope you have a great break in Italy

  5. Ruth Harwood Reply

    All those pumpkins – the fun to be had cutting the creepy faces! xx

  6. It’s so great that you got to pick your pumpkins directly from the farm. So cute! The sunrise in London looks so beautiful as well.

  7. I find it easier to take all my photos in one go as it saves me trawling through endless screen shots and pictures of the dog. Lovely photo of the sun over the bridge. The pumpkin farm looks well organised and decorated

  8. Ashley Nicole Rice Reply

    Woah! That pumpkin house is so cool! Looks like a fun day out!

  9. I love the photo with all those pumpkins! You look like you’ve been having so much fun!

  10. Emma England Reply

    The sunrise photo is beautiful. We’ve been doing pumpkins this week too.

  11. It sounds like you guys had a pretty awesome week! I haven’t been to the pumpkin patch in forever. I am definitely going to have to plan a trip to go to one soon.

  12. Beautiful photos, you have such great time there.
    Great to hear that guys. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Dreamingloud Reply

    Pumpkin picking sounds like a fun activity. Thanks for sharing, your photos are so lovely.

  14. twinspirational Reply

    It’s great to know that you guys had a great vacation. Pumpkin picking is so fun.

  15. WOW… seems like you guys had a great vacation.
    The pictures are looking great.

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. a long and slow process clearing out but well worth it all in the long run. Extra screen time in the great scheme of things will do no long term harm.
    Love the pumpkin structure, and great casual shot lounging amongst them, love the cheeky tongue.

  17. Wow looks like you had a really exciting week and so much to see and do – also that book about travelling as a solo mum looks fantastic – it’s going on my list

    Laura x

  18. Debbie Skerten Reply

    A lovely week. I had to laugh at your comment about the oozo. Whey do we do it? The amount of times that we have brought alcohol back from holiday and it’s tasted disgusting.

  19. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    Love all the pumpkins, I’d love to go to London and see tower bridge again

  20. Rachel Craig Reply

    Pumpkin picking seems a good idea. Good to get outdoors. Good to involve the children . Can be a good learning, as well as bonding experience.

  21. Rebecca Sutton Reply

    I love that pumpkin shed like thing! my kids would love it there!

  22. Carly Belsey Reply

    I am loving the picture over Tower Bridge – beautiful. Pumpkin pictures are great aren’t they, really capture the autumn colours

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