This week we have been enjoying half term in the Italian countryside.  Our week ended up being very busy and we saw so much. Even for us we saw a lot!

Saturday 26th October – Day 299

We left early morning to go to Heathrow to fly into Rome. Unfortunately our flight was delayed which meant we didn’t arrive at our final destination until a lot later than we had planned. So really all we managed to do was have dinner and a glass of much deserved wine. We are staying with Villa Pia on a press trip and they kindly held back some food for the children. This picture was taken at the departure lounge.

Sunday 27th October – Day 300

After spending what seemed like all day travelling we decided to stay close to the villa today. There is so much for the kids to do they had a great time playing on the bikes, with the toys in the play room and  on the rope swing. We had a little wander into the village where the boys had an ice cream. It was very quiet and peaceful. The villa provides food and drink on an inclusive basis which means neither of us need to lift a finger. Lunch was particularly good. Sitting outside alfresco in the sun was lovely with the boys running around with the new friends they have made. After lunch we went and laid by the pool. There was plenty of toys to play with and things to keep the kids entertained. Drank far too much red wine with dinner.

Monday 28th October – Day 301

We woke to another beautifully sunny morning, but looking at my weather app there is a good chance that it is going to close in. So we decided not to go too far a field so we could come back and use the pool in the afternoon. Our first stop was a little village called Monte Santa Marina Tiberina which is the main village in the area we are in. It was a typical sleepy Italian village, with little narrow streets and lots of steps. It was very quiet when we visited but it was beautiful none the less.

From here we decided to drive onto Citta Di Castello. Its an old  walled city which we happily wandered around before stopping for pizza.  Back at Villa Pia I took Monkey down to the pool for an hour. I didn’t go in but he had fun splashing around with everyone else. Over dinner we shared travel plans with the other hotel residents.

Tuesday 29th October – Day 302

Up an out this morning to San Marino which is technically a separate principality and so a different country to Italy. It is two hours from Villa Pia but we really wanted to go. Thankfully the boys were just as excited by the prospect and the journey wasn’t too bad. San Marino was totally worth the drive and we loved it so much that I am going to write a specific post about it. But I can understand why is a UNSECO world heritage site.

The boys enjoyed spending their holiday pocket money. Monkey brought some coins and Kipper a little yellow car. We also had a lovely lunch over looking the countryside. We all decided that we would like to go back and stay there one day. As we only managed to go up one of the towers and didn’t look at any of the museums.

Wednesday 30th October – Day 303

Our initial plans were to go to a lake south of where we are staying. However when given the option of a boat ride or a chocolate factory. The boys made a unanimous decision chocolate won. The chocolate factory is in Perugia which is the capital of Umbria and well known for its chocolate. Again I am going to be writing a specific post about it but it was actually a lot better than I was expecting. Not only did we get to try out a signifiant amount of chocolate, but we also got a tour of the factory on a overhead walkway. The boys we both fascinated by the all the machines and robots. We even got to see Easter eggs being made.

We then caught the mini metro into the city centre. The boys really enjoyed the mini metro and it meant we did not have the stress of trying to find central parking. We stoped for a snack and wandered around the central Piazzas. The buildings we very pretty and there were loads of restaurants, shops and bars. Monkey spotted a Truffle shop and could not resist. He set about tasting all the different varieties. We brought a few of the spreads which mix truffles with something else such as cheese or mushrooms. Then he spotted the real thing… needless to say we ended up buying a black truffle for £15. He is very excited about going home and making something with it.

Thursday 31st October – Day 304

The weather wasn’t looking too good so we decided to go to some caves close to another town we wanted to explore. The caves were stunning and huge. The biggest chamber was 180m by 130m and had stalactmites which were over 20m high. We loved it so much I will be writing a blog  post on it soon. From the acmes we went into Gubbio which is a medieval town. We wanted to have dinner there but totally forgot that the restaurants don’t open until 7pm in Italy. I think if you are not out of season you would have probably been okay. But unfortunately we were not.  So with two  tired and hungry children we headed to the town closer to our holiday home.

Thankfully when we arrived it was close to 7pm and we had no problem finding a restaurant. Many of the Italian villages have a truffle festival at the weekend. So there was a lot of truffle on the menu. Much to Monkey’s delight. I ordered a steak with truffle sauce and shaved black truffle on the top. Monkey thought it was brilliant and tried several pieces.

Friday 1st November – Day 305

I can’t believe how quickly our last day came round. Monkey had requested to do the kids cooking class in the afternoon. So we didn’t travel far and found a beautiful square with a traditional band playing. In the afternoon a lot of the children that were staying did the cooking class together. They made muffins, jam tarts, biscuits and pizza. They had a great time and the chef definitely managed to keep them under control. Which is no mean feat.

The rest of the afternoon we relaxed and talked to some of the other guests. We made some lovely friendships on our visit.

Blog Posts this week

Only my online diary of the boys – Living Arrows week 43/52 {2019}. It does mean I am going to be playing catch up once we return tomorrow to the UK.

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  1. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Jam packed and filled with fun – l9ve following your adventures

  2. Ruth Harwood Reply

    wow, what a view! Would be amazing to live there, wouldn’t it?!!

  3. Shelley Jessup Reply

    What an amazing adventure you & your family shared with each other, there are some beautiful sites you’ve taken photos of.

  4. Sean Eccles Reply

    You are so lucky to be able to explore so much and make these lasting memories with your kids

  5. wow sounds like such a great time away with so much done, I hope your boys appreciate all these press trips that you have to work so hard to deserve when they get older, no such thing as a free lunch as they say.
    I can see whey the chocolate trip won over a boat trip with young children.
    That is some height to be above the village on Tuesday. not sure I would have fancied what I take to be twisty bendy mountain road.

  6. Debbie Skerten Reply

    You week looks amazing. There is always so much to do and explore around Italy. We had a week in Venice and Florence this year. I can’t wait for our next trip. Your photographs have got me wanting to be off now x

  7. looks an amazing trip, we used to give our boys some spending money to buy a little souviner, they rarely bought anything other than a toy car. Nice to give the kids a choice of trips on holiday, the chocolate factory was a good choice

  8. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    Some beautiful pictures I travel more haven’t been to nearly enough places yet

  9. Oh it looks like you had an amazing time! Stunning pictures.

    Think I would have opted for the chocolate factory too!

  10. Nadia Josephine Reply

    What incredible adventures you have been on! I love the photos you took! The caves look amazing!

  11. Sean Eccles Reply

    Wow you are so incredibly lucky to visit such beautiful places

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