AD We were gifted a Ocarina Music Player for the purpose of this review we were also compensated for our time. As usual all words and opinions are my own.

Review Ocarina Music Player: When I was a child around Monkey’s age I started to get into Music. I still remember the first song that I brought on cassette tape. Having saved up my pocket money I visited the music shop with my dad. Rounders Records. Little did I know that it would become a favourite hangout as I got older. With music flyers plastered over my bedroom walls in my teens. Of course those where the days when you could buy singles on cassette. Something my boys will probably never understand the concept of. Fast forward thirty years and its all about streaming, downloading and A.I. Yet I still want him to have that love for music that we had growing up. Which is why I was interested when Ocarina Music Player  got in touch about their kids MP3 music player.

Monkey has been trying out the music player now for a couple of weeks and he loves it. Designed from birth it is covered in food grade rubber. Which means its perfect for little hands. It can also be bitten without any problems and pretty indestructible. With Kipper thats a must as he likes to destroy pretty much everything you put in front of him. I must admit is very tactile, you can’t help but want to hold it. Its been ergonomically designed with one end being circular and easy to hold.

Operating the music player is really easy as it only has four buttons. You can start and stop playback, adjust the volume, change tracks or playlists, record and access the parental control features. Although it did take me a little time to work out how to turn it off. The parental control features are a nice touch as it allows you to set the maximum volume to save little ears. Plus there is the option to schedule shutdown, for example bedtime and then lock the buttons so its not possible for them to turn it back on again. Kipper especially likes to have music when he drops off. So when he grows out of the singing Ickle Pickle he currently takes to bed then this could be a good option.

It also has a rechargeable battery which can last for up to 15 hours. The device comes with 8GB of memory which will hold up to 1000 tracks and it comes with 19 preloaded. Although some of them are in Italian which is where the Ocarina Music Player is manufactured. Additional content is managed via the usb cable and my laptop. It appears as an external device. Meaning that you can transfer content from the laptop to the music player and vice versa. Allowing it to play content from iTunes or Amazon.

Monkey’s favourite feature is that you can record into it. He likes to make a note of our adventures and then play it back to himself. He finds it highly amusing. The music player allows up to 100 minutes of live recording. I intend on recording Kipper’s favourite stories on to it for when we fly to Canada later in the year. Its possible to use the music player with headphones so we won’t be annoying any other passengers too. Plus as we are flying overnight the LED screen on the front will mean that I can see the tracks title, volume and battery level easily.

I can see us getting a lot of use out of the music player as time progresses. I hope that both boys will love music and audio. The recording function will really make a difference and I can see it really helping as Kipper gets older with his bedtime routine. It will be a very welcome addition to our travels in the coming months.

You can order the Ocarina Music Player direct from their website, it comes with a 24 month warranty and is currently available in four colours. Including a special edition wooden version. RRP €94.90 – €189.90 depending on the option chosen. Its also possible to buy extra cables for €8. If you would like one for yourself then head over to Instagram where I have a giveaway running until the 22nd of May.

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  1. What a great little device. I like the fact that it is fairly sturdy looking and big enough for little hands to work with.

    Sounds like a great buy x

  2. Leanne Pearson Reply

    Thanks for this review! Seems really good, I think my nephews would love this!

  3. Gerri Tennant Reply

    So good for encouraging little people to love music and be independent. It looks robust and being so easy to operate should get a lot of use..

  4. My kids really love music, I remember the days too of saving up and going to Woolworths to by tapes for my walkman. This looks pretty good for kids.

  5. This is pretty creative. I am sure kids are going to love this first hand! I might consider having this as well honestly.

  6. Debbie Skerten Reply

    I love this. The size is wonderful, so that they don’t loose it and also great for little hands to hold. Fantastic gift idea.

  7. What a great device. So practical and also indestructible which is, of course, important with kids stuff.

  8. Richard Eldred Hawes Reply

    How times have changed, when I was his age the only music I had when out was from the recorder I played

  9. What a cool little music player! This would be an awesome gift for some kids I know including my own!

  10. Shelley Jessup Reply

    Evie would love this as she enjoys her music but it is a bit more expensive than I thought it would be.

  11. Peter Watson Reply

    What an excellent idea.I’m sure my granddaughter would appreciate a music player like this.

  12. Kat Allinson Reply

    This looks a fantastic idea, I think my youngest daughter would love it

  13. Lyndsey O'Halloran Reply

    I love the idea of this! We don’t buy much music though so I wonder how much we could use it.

  14. catherine santiago jose Reply

    Wow, that sounds like an amazing device and that’s definitely help a kid to relax in every travel. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    My grandchildren loves to listen to music and sing songs. This would be a nice gift idea, it would encourage kids to love music.

  16. Pippa Ainsworth Reply

    This sounds like a great way for children to have their own music available to them.

  17. Rosemary Tily Reply

    A great way to encourage a love of music and stories! Perfect to use on those long car journeys too!

  18. This looks like so much fun. I didn’t know they existed until now!

    • This music player looks so cute and kid friendly, I love the color and it’s nice that it won’t have to be too close to your kids ears.

  19. This stuff looks really great, I bet kids will really love it, great gift idea. Thanks for the review.

  20. Oh wow! I love the look of this. My almost 10 year old is really getting into music at the moment and she would really appreciate something like this. A birthday present idea for next month. 🙂

  21. A great on the go item. Nice review it would make wonderful holiday gift.

  22. Reply

    Sounds like a great music gadget for kids. I bet my niece will love if it for Christmas.

  23. Rachel Craig Reply

    Seems a great product. Music can be fun and entertaining, good. For our wellbeing.

  24. paula cheadle Reply

    A great way for children to find their own type of music and they can listen in their bedroom

  25. Carly Belsey Reply

    This is such a great invention – it’s so lovely you can record on it.

  26. Emma England Reply

    This would make a great gift for Christmas, I think my son would enjoy it. I like the fact it won’t be easily broken.

  27. Laura Norcop Reply

    Really impressed with this review and the player. My daughter loves music and I’ve been trying to decide whether it’s appropriate to get her her own player – some of the features on this make it perfect as they are all the things I’ve worried about so I think this may be one to get for Christmas if not before

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