I feel like the weeks are racing by now and I seem to have lost all motivation which is not good as I do have a sizeable to do list. I am going to try and get on top of it this weekend. But for now this is what we got up to last week…

Saturday 23rd November – Day 327

Today we headed to Blenhiem Palace early afternoon on a review trip. I have very fond memories of last time we visited and I was really looking forward to it. I wasn’t disappointed. The inside of the palace had been made up with an Alice in Wonderland theme. With luxurious decorations everywhere it was magical. The illuminated light trail was equally as good. Despite the fact it was really throwing it down by the time we were half way round. The boys were really good sports and didn’t moan once on the way round. Most out of character. Saying that we were very happy to be be back at the cottage warming up.

Sunday 24th November – Day 328

The tourist board arranged for us to visit Cotswold Wildlife Park on the Sunday. After packing up we headed to the park keeping our fingers crossed that the weather would be kind. It wasn’t a large animal park but we caught it at the right time and saw lots of favourites being fed. Plus I am not sure if there is something they do consciously but we saw lots of the animals easily. Who would have know that Autumn is the best time of year to visit a zoo! We left mid afternoon to make sure we got home in time for dinner and for me to wash the school uniform! I am totally feeling the overwhelm with the amount of blog work I need to do next week!

Monday 25th November  Day 329 to  Thursday 28th November – Day 332

Basically work… as I said Ive not had much motivation this week. So I have not taken any photos. Although I do feel like I have got into my groove more at work recently, trying to make sure I have time put aside to manage admin seems to be working better. It has been pretty uneventful week the boys are both coming down with colds and I am trying hard to make sure I don’t end up with the same.

In the evenings I haven’t done nearly as much as I would do normally. I have started the Christmas shopping although there is still a bit to get. I am hoping to get the majority of it done online over the coming weekend. I am purposefully buying less especially for the boys. We are not the catalogue family. I have never encouraged them to go through and circle everything they want. Which is probably difficult for family but it does mean they have to think hard about the one present they get form Father Christmas. When I asked Kipper if he wanted anything else from Mummy & Daddy he thought about it hard going ummm and ahhhh. And then his response was no mummy, that’s all I want. I don’t want anything else. Bless him.

Friday 29th November – Day 333

Today did not go to plan. This morning Kipper and I took out his bike to  a local park. The sun was shining and it was blue skies. It was nice walking around with the autumn leaves and although wet it wasn’t too cold. Kipper loved the play area and this time I remembered to put his waterproof trousers on so feel like I am winning. We left about lunchtime, predominately because Kipper wanted to play hide and seek. But I don’t like doing it near bodies of water and in public incase he ends up running off somewhere. So we went home to play it there instead.

We had a Christmas mini photo shoot after school with a lady I have been using now since the boys were born. Thankfully she manages to keep them much better under control than me. Our plan from there was to go into London to go up the Shard. I have a voucher than runs out on Sunday. However with everything that happened earlier in the day and the fact that London Bridge was shut we didn’t even attempt it. Sitting here now watching the news and the fact that people have lost there lives in such a tragic and devastating way I really worry about the world we are bringing our kids up in.

Blog Posts this week

Hopefully this time next week I will be back on it and feeling more motivated.

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  1. Shelley Jessup Reply

    aww bless Kipper saying he doesn’t want anything else for Christmas. I love the photo of the purple poppy wreath.

  2. Nigel Soper Reply

    It’s always interesting to see what visitors make of our local attractions

  3. Debbie Skerten Reply

    I always feel the same this time of year. I think it’s the thought of everything we need to get done for Christmas, but once I start the preparations, my motivation slips back into gear. Beautiful photographs. I do love the wreath. Have a lovely week.

  4. Carly Belsey Reply

    I love all your days out. I have always wanted to go to Blenheim Palace. You are doing the right thing with presents – making them really think about what they want is good

  5. What a lovely wreath. I did Alice at Blenheim Palace this week, it was lovely. Although haven’t had chance to do the light trail.

  6. Laura Norcop Reply

    You do amazingly well to stay so active, maintain such a fabulous blog and raise such lovely boys – you deserve any down time you can get, look after yourself mama 🙂

  7. Christine Lockley Reply

    This year is really racing by, seems like you managed to cram a lot into your week, I particularly love the wreath.

  8. The news on Friday really was shocking, but I was in the awe of the members of public who stepped in and doubtless meant more lives were spared.
    I don’t know how you fit in all the blog stuff with work too. I am in awe! I work part-time at home and my blog is very much a hobby, but I still struggle to stay on top of stuff.

  9. A bright and newsy summary despite you not being in the groove. Hope all your Christmas shopping arrives safely so you can tick your gifts off your long ‘to do’ the list.

  10. quite right at not wanting to play hide and seek with one child in a public park.
    love the crochet flowers on the wreath.
    think we all feeling the stress in the run up to Christmas

  11. Been hearing about Bleinham Palace and it looks amazing…might see if we can get there.

    The wreath looks gorgeous.

    Can relate to not feeling in the groove.

  12. Anthea Holloway Reply

    Well – you have been so busy and yet you still have time to post these amazing articles. I love that wreath!

  13. Love that wreath and just my colours. We loved Blenheim Palace and their Christmas displays, I think we were luckiesr with the weather on Sunday! Cotswold Wildlife Park is great for smaller kids I think as it’s so flat and easy to get around. Winter time is my favourite time to visit zoos, less people around and always get to see loads of animals #365

  14. I saw a picture of Blenheim Palace in someone else’s blog on Project 365, it looked great! It is interesting to watch animals being fed and them eating in any place. Bless Kipper. The wreath looks lovely

  15. Love the wreath (perfect colours for me!) I was invited to Blenheim but the press day wasn’t convenient so we missed out 🙁 #project365

  16. Anthea Holloway Reply

    What lovely pictures and what a busy life you have. I love it all – thank you.

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