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Christmas preparations are in full flow here. Not that we actually managed to get the tree up at the weekend. Although we did buy one. Normally we go to the Christmas Tree farm but Hubby convinced me we didn’t really have time. It was easier to go to the garden centre. But next year we are so going back to the farm. The garden centre was sooooo busy and the queue was over 20 minutes to pay. So it was rather stressful if I am honest since I don’t know a three year old who will stand still in a queue for 20 minutes?!

Saying that I have chosen this weeks photos from the couple that I snapped while we were there. The first of Monkey is when he was trying to pick out our tree. He was trying them all out and some ended up a little heavy. The next one is this sequence looks like he is being squashed by the tree that actually came home with us!

Kipper on the other hand was more concerned with measuring everything. We had brought the tape measure from home so that we actually end up with a tree that fits for a change. He really enjoyed measuring everything and it kept him entertained for a short time while we waited. After getting his hair cut the other week he suddenly looks so much older.


Mentally I am totally on the run down to Christmas. I am starting to get some of the shopping done and we are being frugal this year so I expect to be finished in the next week or so. I am getting pretty much everything online. We still need to order the food but then we are done. Then it is just our little traditions.  Monkey has asked to go back to the garden centre to pick out a new decoration for his tree. He is taking his own money as from or last visit I think he wants to buy the whole shop!

I hope your festive plans are going well.

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  1. Joanne Boland Reply

    My son loves measuring things too but exclaims that’s everything he measures is “about a millimetre”! 😂

  2. Nadia Josephine Reply

    Oh I bet having a real tree at Christmas makes it feel special and very festive!

  3. I love having a real tree they smell like Christmas . The boys are having fun with the measuring My grandson measures and everything has to longer lol

  4. I love garden centres for a relaxing browse but I know what you mean about the queues to pay. Hope the tree looks and smells super when it’s all done and decorated.

  5. Carly Belsey Reply

    Aw that’s cute he wants to pick out a new decoration. I am loving the Christmas pudding hat

  6. A good idea to take a tape measure those trees look much bigger when you get them home!

  7. Laura Norcop Reply

    Looks a lovely day out and what a beautiful tree! We bought ours thus weekend but we are no closer to putting it up and I’m no where near done with shopping so well done you!!!

  8. Sean Eccles Reply

    Oh wow looks like you really enjoyed choosing your tree together 🙂

  9. Debbie Skerten Reply

    It’s so hard queuing with small children. I love how you took the tape measure though. Great idea and as always, lovely photographs.

  10. We haven’t got our tree yet but I’m looking forward to getting it this weekend….although we don’t have a car so someone always draws the short straw of lugging it home (up a hill!)

  11. Teresa Sheldon Reply

    Love these photos little one with the tape measure really looks as if he knows what his doing loved your eldest Christmas hat, looks like you all enjoyed going and selecting your tree and I think your all appreciate it more

  12. Gerri Tennant Reply

    Make the most of your ones, it doesn’t seem five minutes since this was like my two – they are now 34 and 36 and are taking their children to choose trees!

  13. Now just to get it home and decorated! Lovely trip out for you enjoying Christmas traditions together as a family!

  14. It looks like they had great fun despite the garden centre issues! That’s one of the things that puts me off getting a real tree – I love that my tree is in the loft whenever we need it! x

  15. We just put our tree up yesterday – we can’t have a real one though because I’m allergic to them. It looks like your boys had fun choosing yours though, even if it was busy!

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