A week full of elves, gin and festive trips. Its been a busy week, but thankfully from now on in it should be getting quieter as we head towards Christmas.

Saturday 30th November – Day 334

Today he had a festive outing and the first time the boys will see Father Christmas this year. Although I have booked something for Christmas Eve I have intentionally made sure we are only seeing him on two occasions. Our trip on the Watercress Line was a lot of fun and probably the most relaxing trip to visit Father Christmas I have ever had. I think we may have started a new tradition. The photo is of the boys on the train and the colouring sheets which were waiting for them when we sat down. I love their jumpers, I opted for some which were not overly Christmassy this year in the hope they have a longer shelf life.

Sunday 1st December – Day 335

This morning was spent sorting out the Christmas decorations before heading off to the garden centre to pick up a tree. Although next year we are most definitely going back to the Christmas Tree Farm as it did not go well at the garden centre. Partly because we had to wait twenty minutes to pay for the tree. I chose my favourite photos from the trip for my Living Arrows Week 48 post, so I have chosen one of Kipper opening his advent calendar for the first time. I brought some second hand cars off of eBay and put them in his wooden calendar. So far they have been a big hit.

Monday 2nd December –  Day 336

One of the benefits of having the elves join us is that I am now taking a photo most days to share on my instagram stories. Monkey thought that this was hilarious when he came down and found that Chocolate and Elfie had decorated the tree with his pants and Kipper’s nappies.

Tuesday 3rd December – Day 337

Another elf photo. My friend at work gave us a a kit which has 23 different ideas with everything you can need. They are pretty quick ideas and igneous for us poor working mums that inevitably end up doing something at around midnight.

Wednesday 4th December – Day 338

My husband brought me a gin advent calendar this year. I am a bit late to the gin thing! Having only really just started to get into drinking  gin and the calendar has a wide variety of different flavours. This one was Wednesdays, although I have no idea what sort of tonic I should have with it!

Thursday 5th December – Day 339

I am working on Friday so swapped my day off for Thursday. Initially I wasn’t going to but then Kipper’s flu jab came in on that day. We also got invited to go to the Theatre Royal to watch Stick Man. So we spent most of the afternoon in Brighton, had a trip to the beach which is where this photo was taken. We use to live in Brighton and I grew up in a town not far from the city. But even with all that I have never gone to visit the donut until today. The show was brilliant, Kipper loved it and so did I. I will be sharing our thoughts of the show on the blog soon.

Friday 6th December – Day 340

I was working today as it was our end of year meeting. We went for lunch and a few drinks after work. I took this as I was heading from the restaurant to a bar near St Pauls. Makes a change to see it at night time.

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  1. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Another FAB fun filled week – loving yourctree and elf antics

  2. Carly Belsey Reply

    I am so glad I have just seen your picture of the Elf train as I forgot to do the Elves last night so I have quickly done it now before they are up lol. I am loving the boys jumpers and I love the police car jumper – so cool

  3. Love the boys Christmas jumpers and the Elf on the Shelf looks fun, I don’t understand the parents who have time to make and clear up big messes. My mum is from Brighton and I have lots of aunts, uncles and cousins dotted all around that part of the world, my last trip there was 2013

  4. That’s a stunning photo of St Paul’s. The boys’ festive jumpers are lovely and glad you enjoyed your steam train trip to see Santa. We did a trip every year for many years. I was sad when my kids got too old for it! It was tempting to keep going with my niece and nephew, but the price put us off (£16 per person times five adds up!).
    I’m not a big fan of the elf and am so glad my kids were already too old when it became a thing, but I do love what you’ve done with the pants on the tree! I can imagine the excitement and hilarity that must have caused.

  5. Love those jumpers and I think Christmas is probably the only time of year we haven’t been on the Watercress Line. Love that shot of St Pauls. All of my elf ideas are easy and mess free, they have to be with me! #365

  6. The elf certainly is up to mischief. Good idea with the kit and ideas……I wouldn’t know what to do everyday if I did it!

    Love the pic of St Pauls

  7. A week full of elves, gin and festive trips sounds like a good one!
    It sounds like a lovely trip to see Santa.
    hehehe! Those cheeky elves.
    Lovely photos x

  8. love the colour of the sky behind Fridays picture.
    Some people go way overboard on behalf of Elf. Saw one on video today that they dais took nearly 2 hrs to set up and “only” 90 mons to clear up….really???
    Those jumpers are a great compromise.

  9. Yes, that was a busy week. Love the, er, unique and hilarious Christmas tree decorations!

  10. paula cheadle Reply

    I love reading your blogs and seeing all your photos they are fantastic

  11. Wow, what a fun trip! OoOoOOoo christmas decorations getting ready. What are these advent calendar people buy for Christmas? Hahahahha now that is Christmas tree goals!
    Intersting donut. St Paul looks so elegant at night

  12. What a fun and busy week you have had. I love the elf on the shelf train, that is fun. Now that is one gorgeous tree too x

  13. Love the elf pics especially the shoe train! I have no idea if flavoured gin is nice or not as I’ve only tried ‘normal’ ones: any you would recommend? #project365

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