‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

This weekend we have been in London, its the last of our mini breaks this year. It was meant to be a lovely relaxing Christmas weekend. We planned to go to a show, go ice skating, see the lights and Christmas windows and visit The London Transport Museum. We did all that and it was fun apart from Kipper having a complete melt down every half an hour. By the end of it we both wondered why we bothered!

I am not sure if he is coming down with something or if he is just having a testing time. But generally as soon as he can not do something he wants or have something he wants he throws himself on the floor. This is new to us, since Monkey never did this… well that’s a lie he did it once. It took the edge off the weekend if I am totally honest. But Monkey still had a great time. The picture I chose of him was taken at the ice rink. There was a huge tree with large baubles which both boys were fascinated by.

I chose the above photo of Kipper, it was taken while we were waiting for Monkey and Hubby to change their skates. My intention had for all of us to go on the ice since they have little polar bears to push around. However someone point blanked refused to go. Meaning one of us had to stay with him obviously… He was fascinated by the machine which goes around after each session and cleans the ice. Especially when it went into its own garage. Hopefully next year his fascination will mean he will be willing to give it a go.

This week I am planning on working through my to do list. There is so much on it for Christmas I am not sure if I am going to get it all done in time…

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  1. Priscilla Stubbs Reply

    Looks like a good weekend, despite Kipper’s melt down. I have a granddaughter who was a complete nightmare from 18 months to 3 years old. She would get herself in such a state and the only one who could calm her down was my husband! She is 18 now and has grownup out of it but she still has a short fuse. They are all different!

  2. Rebecca Sutton Reply

    My daughter was the queen of toddler tantrums, she had me in tears a few times, with her refusing to move, i never gave in, but my god i was tempted. Once my eyes were welling up in a shop, and this old dear came up, put her hand on my arm and said ‘it wont be for much longer’ it was so nice to hear, instead of the usual people staring and tutting.

  3. Carly Belsey Reply

    Oh wow the ice rink looks absolutely super. we wanted to visit this year but we are running out of time now which is a shame

  4. Ruth Harwood Reply

    I love to see your adventures, they’re amazing and sometimes I get the jealosy, but your kids are lucky and you obviously love them!!

  5. Looks a lovely weedend to get you in the mood for Christmas and your long list of tasks to complete!

  6. Andrea Fletcher Reply

    The ice-skating sounds great and even though Kipper did not go on the ice there is always next year.

    • paula cheadle Reply

      I love the photo of Monkey holding the Christmas tree bauble

  7. Fab pic of Monkey! I always have one (usually Teddy) that loves to have a meltdown, so I can sympathise! PS love their Christmas transport museum jumpers #livingarrows

  8. Oh gosh, Troy used to do this! He still has meltdowns every so often and I remember thinking ‘why did we bother’ so many times when we went away or on a big day out. I think at that age it can sometimes just all be a bit too much. It sounds like such a lovely weekend though! x

  9. Oh, dear. Toddler tantrums are exhausting but at least Monkey had a great time.
    Good luck getting through your to do list.

  10. Jeanette Leighton Reply

    Looks like a great day I think I have visited the transport museum before, as a girl my dad took us to London quite a lot

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