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Happy Portion of Family Time with nutella: If you have followed us for a while then you will have heard me talk about the constant juggling act of parenthood. With both of us being working parents and in demanding careers sometimes it’s easy to feel like you are on a treadmill of routine. Running from one thing to the next. 

When I was growing up meal times were very important. We would all sit down at the table and eat together, discuss the day ahead or what had happened that day. There would be no television or distractions – it was our family bonding time. It is something I had always wanted for my own family but sometimes it can be hard to make the time to make this happen. 

Determined to try and address the balance we have been making a conscious effort to have breakfast as a family. It’s the one meal of the day where we are generally all in the house at the same time. It also doesn’t need to take up lots of extra time. According to leading family psychologist Linda Blair, leading family psychologist, just fifteen minutes is enough for  a ‘Happy Portion’ of family time at breakfast. We have been putting aside chores, screens and to do lists to make time for each other. So what is the formula for a Happy Portion of family time?

Formula for a Happy Portion

Formula for a Happy Portion

Preparation: 5 minutes

Serving time: 15 minutes

  • As many of the family you can get together (heights may vary)
  • Delicious balanced and varied breakfast to motivate everyone out of bed
  • 0 servings of phones or devices during breakfast
  • 1 reflection each on a positive memory from yesterday
  • 1 goal set for the day ahead per person


Our experience has been great. Having a couple of questions has meant that we have had conversations that have gone past the ‘fine or whatever’ stage. Something Monkey has seemingly found himself in despite only being seven. Asking for a positive memory gets the boys talking more and we actually find out what’s been going on at school!

Of course Kipper’s goals for the day tend to be to play in the stream, balance on the ropes and drive the camper van at nursery. Whereas Monkey likes to aim to come first in the daily mile at school and swap Pokemon cards at lunchtime. No matter how trivial these little insights into their lives when we are not with them bind us all together. It has also helped with communication at pick up time too which is a real win considering how tired they normally are.

I have noticed that its made mornings before school and work a much happier experience. The boys argue and fight less with each other and I have become less shouty. Surprisingly it has not changed the time we leave the house in the mornings.

Top Tips for a Happy Portion

Initially finding fifteen minutes in the morning can seem impossible.  So I thought I would share some of the things I have done to make sure we get time together in the mornings;

  • Making pack lunches and packing nursery and school bags in the evening. So they are ready to grab and go. Normally I struggle with the motivation to do it. Putting it off until the morning like many parents. However, knowing that I can then sit down with the boys and not stress if I do it in the evening has meant I am a lot more organised!
  • I make sure I get up before the boys which gives me a little bit of time to work through some of that to do list before breakfast happens.
  • If you do something more than six times it becomes a habit. Which means in as little as a week you can create a new family habit. One that the whole family will benefit from.
  • Kipper’s nursery and Monkey’s school uniform is laid out ready, so I am not hunting for socks or underwear in the morning.
  • I think of fun quick breakfast ideas. Such as the Nutella strawberry hearts featured in this post. Nutella is a firm favourite in our household. Did you know that the recommended portion size of Nutella is 15g (80kcal). Which is the same as one heaped teaspoon and perfect to enjoy in a fifteen minute family breakfast

Visit the Happy Portion website to find out more and try Nutella’s formula for a Happy Portion of family time at breakfast for yourself.

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  1. LORNA Wil

    Delicious Nutella!!! Perfect for toast, sandwiches and crackers!! Great with fresh fruits!!

  2. Mrs Theresa Thomas

    I love Nutella, Luckily no one else in the family does, so I get the whole jar to myself

  3. Emma England

    We never have Nutella for breakfast but then I can never get my boys to eat their breakfast so I can see the benefits.

  4. I love Nutella. You know I never had it on toast like this!

  5. Marylyn Hammersley

    My granddaughter loves Nutella and used to be really good at eating fruit, but it is a struggle to get her to eat fruit these days, but the Nutella fruit combination could work! Worth a try!

  6. Jeanette Leighton

    Nutella is great my partner also buys gu chocolate caramel spread which is also very nice

  7. paula cheadle

    We love Nutella, my niece would have it every meal if we let her

  8. Lou Anderson

    This looks so good! A very interesting article

  9. Farah Al Zadjaly

    This is soooo tempting to buy a jar now.. 🙂 it makes me miss my family. It looks good with the strawberries as well.

  10. Bella and Dawn at Dear Mummy Blog

    Nutella is my favourite and I have it on pancakes at the weekends! It’s nice to add a bit of fruit with it as well! x Can’t believe how big the little fella is getting too!

  11. katrina Kroeplin

    that’s so cute! we love nutella. i’ll have to try this.

  12. tweenselmom

    This is nice, I haven’t tasted nutella with fruits, which I don’t think will taste great together.

  13. I think visually striking food is more appealing to children and I would love a toast with nutella and fruit too 🙂 Nutella is also excellent in a beverage with a shot of espresso and cream for adults.

  14. I love Nutella so much! The Food makes me feel hungry Lol! It looks so delicious. I love this post!

  15. Natural Beauty And Makeup

    These are some great ideas! I so love nutella 😍 Yummy yummy! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post ☺

  16. Interesting.. I guess this could be a perfect start for the day…

  17. I like Nutella…I love it to be slathered on my favorite bread.

  18. Catherine

    There are so many ways to enjoy Nutella! My family and I love it…such a fun treat on toast with fruit!

  19. Ashley R

    Nutella is life. We put it on Crepes with strawberries. I ate so much of it while I was pregnant. My husbands best friend works for Target corporate and he said that Nutella is one of the only things they sell out of every day.

  20. catherine santiago jose

    No matter how tired I am for everyday of work I always make it a point that we as family are eating our meal together most especially during dinner. Honestly, Nutella are my kids favorite spread and Nutella is my partner on feeding my kids with different kind of fruits.

  21. ahhh looks sooooooo delicious!!! Nothing beats Nutella! I love the idea though, it is great.

  22. Yeah Lifestyle

    What a great way to get kids to eat fruits, never thought of adding strawberries on them, such a fabulous idea!!

  23. you had me at nutella ha we love dipping, dunking and spreading this on just about everything 🙂

  24. Cristina Petrini

    Nutella combined with a healthy diet adds the right amount of energy! And it’s so good!

  25. Lynn Neal

    If only we could all have such a lovely start to the day every day!

  26. Rose Ann Sales

    Haha love this blog. And it’s really necessary to avoid your phone for a while and talk to your family. A goal to look forward to in a day would be great.

  27. Carly Belsey

    Oh I do love Nutella!! I eat dinner with my children every day at the table and we talk about our day. Unfortunately daddy doesnt get home until really late so we only really see him at weekends but we do make time for each other then.

  28. That looks so good. I love the strawberries layered on top. Nutella makes everything better.

  29. Sarah Afshar

    Any blog post about nutella is a blog post worth reading. I love to eat Nutella with a spoon. It’s amazing heated up and drizzled on ice cream too. I am so hungry now.

  30. kumamonjeng

    I never know that you can add in some fresh fruits on top, this will make it more interesting and delicious. At the same time so healthy too.

  31. Rebecca Sutton

    My husband and daughter love Nutella! My daughter would love it with the fruit

  32. Sandra Fortune

    Good Idea to get organised the night before . We take our grandson to school in the morning so it’s hectic and trying to get him to eat breakfast is a nightmare . Thanks for sharing this will try the nutella it does look good with the strawberries

  33. Gerri Tennant

    I believe in being organised and agree totally with your philosophy. The Nutella hearts with strawberries are a master stroke! I would use banana slices in the winter if strawberries aren’t available, thanks.

  34. Margaret Gallagher

    Brilliant idea – teaching bgreat habits for a lifetime of health

  35. Priscilla Stubbs

    We love Nutella and those ideas of adding fruit to make it a bit more interesting are great

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