‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

We have had a much needed weekend at home not that I particularly feel anymore in control. I keep telling myself that whatever I get done is a bonus. That way I am not sinking under the pressure. I also need to be able to put things in boxes, so at the moment I am trying to focus on finishing up the last of my blog commitments. Before worrying about work for most of next week and then focusing on Christmas, the last presents and all that goes with it. I am a little worried I still have quite a few gifts to buy.

We tend to do a deep clean as Christmas approaches, room by room. Its a been a bit complicated this year by the fact that I am also trying to declutter every room in the hope the house will eventually find its way to market early next year. So Saturday was spent, cleaning and putting decorations up in the boys rooms. I also managed to get them to part with a couple of black bags of toys. Like our tree the boys ones also have decorations that have come from places we have visited. For Kipper this year we brought a few extra little things on our recent trip to the garden centre. Especially candy canes since he has taken to removing them from our main tree downstairs! Last year he had hand me downs from Monkey. He is very proud of his little tree, especially the lights. He has asked to sleep with them on both nights since.

We also wrote the Father Christmas letters and sent them on their way. We have always burnt them in the fire with the words and letters magically going up the chimney to appear in his special book. Both boys only have on thing on their letters, we don’t give them a catalogue to work their way through. Monkey would like a fishing rod with reel and box, Kipper would like a green car and it has to be a big one! Lets hope Father Christmas is organised enough not to disappoint.

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  1. Oh, Clare, that sounds so exhausting but the tree looks beautiful and it is therapeutic to have a bit of a clear out.. I hope you manage to catch up with Father Christmas in time!

  2. I dread clear outs . We always do them just before Christmas too to make some room. Worth it when you’ve done it though . The tree looks good x

  3. James Travis Reply

    Sounds really tiring , but the tree looks fab. Hope the letters arrive in time!

  4. Your tree looks lovely and I hope Father Christmas brings them what they want!

  5. Anthea Holloway Reply

    You are certainly getting very Christmassy and your tree looks good.

  6. Carly Belsey Reply

    I love this idea of putting the letters to Santa in the fire – that’s a great idea. Also, having tree decorations from places you have visited is also a wonderful idea. I know what you mean about having so much to do still, it’s so hard to not feel stressed about it but we have to plod on

  7. paula cheadle Reply

    This last trip looks spectacular, and both boys enjoyed themselves

  8. I love that burning the letters in the fire will send the words and letters magically going up the chimney to appear in his special book.

  9. Emma England Reply

    Aww the tree looks great! Love the idea of the words going up the chimney to appear in his special book.

  10. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Ho ho ho the TRUE SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS joy MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all too

  11. I managed to clear out a load of toys while tidying up to make space for the Christmas tree too. I love that you have a fire to send the letters to Father Christmas – I don’t think it would work with our electric fake flames! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas x

  12. Sarah Roberts Reply

    Total fire envy!! beautiful . Wishing you and the family a Merry Christmas

  13. We’re similar this year as I’m decluttering ready for a loft conversion. All the ceilings need lowering on the first floor so the whole upstairs will need to be emptied out. Sheesh! I hope the decluttering, cleaning and Christmas prep is going well x

  14. I absolutely love your tradition of putting the leg r in your fireplace. I have fireplace envy! I hope you’re feeling more in control and are nearly organised and ready for a rest! #livingarrows

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