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Family Travel Blogger – This time last year I wrote all about our Adventures of 2018 I actually ended up splitting the post into two since we got up to so much. It was a great year for spending quality time together as a family. I didn’t think we would be able to beat it if I am honest. However 2019 has been even kinder to us, in someways a little too kind since nothing has been done around the house this year what so ever.

Our normal bucket list has been neglected and the garden now needs a landscaper, but the memories we have made are very special. It is not something we are looking to repeat in 2020 as we are intending on moving. So some of our free time will need to be dedicated to getting our house on the market and finding a new one.

Family Travel Blogger Our 2019 Adventures – January to June

Never the less 2019 has seen us visit the Brussels, Berlin, Rotterdam, Italy twice including the beautiful city of Venice, Canada, Dubai and Marrakech. As well as having numerous UK weekends away, we have been very lucky indeed. This post covers our breaks from January to June, you can read about our breaks from July to December here.


Our travel plans started quietly in 2019 and 2020 is looking much the same way. January is the month of my Husbands birthday so we had an overnight stay in London to celebrate. While there we climbed the o2 it was a lot of fun if not a little windy. We stayed in a hotel close to the arena so that we could see Snow Patrol in the evening.

  • Nights Away – 1
  • Days Away – 2


During half term we took the Euro Tunnel to Brussels and stayed in a hotel called Made in Louise. A beautifully appointed hotel with off street parking and close to the city centre. It was our first city break with Kipper who was two and three quarters when we visited. I can still remember walking into the main square and catching my breath at it all lit up. There was a lot to do there for kids including a fantastic zoo which we have vowed to revisit.

We also got the chance to tick off one of the things on Family Travel Bucket list of 2019 by staying at Warwick Castle at their Knights Village. With so much to do at the castle staying meant we could explore for longer and the Dinner Duel was great fun. If a little loud!

  • Nights Away – 4
  • Days Away – 6


Right at the end of the month we managed to tick off another thing on our Family Travel Bucket List – staying in a tree house! I was particularly excited by this adventure, staying in Wales in the middle of no where. For once I really switched off and relaxed. It was so peaceful, and we even managed a trip up Snowdon on the  steam train.

  • Nights Away – 2
  • Days Away – 3


Like last year April was a very busy month for us. Partly because of having two weeks off for Easter. With Monkey being at school many of our trips need to work around the school holidays. It started with a city break to Berlin with Monkey. I try to take him away once a year on his own, Berlin turned out to be an amazing break for kids with so much to keep them entertained. Although the high light for me was seeing the Berlin Wall.

Monkey and I caught the train across to Rotterdam where we were meeting up with Hubby and Kipper. It was quite exciting since neither of us had every caught a train across Europe before. It was ridiculously easy and a great way to travel.  Despite some hotel hiccups we had a good break in Rotterdam, although our favourite night was staying on the SS Rotterdam. On the way back we stopped in to see a spectacle that I have long wanted to experience – the tulip fields at Keukenhof.

Over Easter weekend itself we were invited to Swansea and stayed in a beautiful hotel in the heart of the city – Morgans Swansea. We were totally spoilt with the weather and spent a glorious day at Rhossili Bay running in and out of the sea while the beach stretched on before us. I don’t think I will ever forget it.

Our final trip away in April was to Camber Sands to stay in Badger Cottage with the boys grandparents. Unlike the previous weekend the weather was not in our favour. Which meant that we didn’t get the chance to spend lots of time on the beach. Not that it stopped us having fun. We got to wander around the beautiful village of Rye which looks like a picture postcard.

  • Nights Away – 12
  • Days Away – 16


In May we celebrate Kipper’s birthday and also try to go away during half term. It is the one family holiday I try to get booked in before the beginning of the year. We were very lucky to go to Italy with Eurocamp to stay at the Union Lido Campsite. While there we also managed to get into Venice for the day and see the beautiful island of Burano. I don’t think I will ever forget the beautiful rainbow houses. The boys got a chance to go on a gondola for the first time which they both really enjoyed, asking to go again almost as soon as they got off.

  • Nights Away – 7
  • Days Away – 8


My Birthday month, and a big birthday too! We managed to tick another thing off our bucket list by visiting a theme park the boys had not been to before. We stayed at Splash Landings in Alton Towers as part of our Konfidence Ambassador. The boys had a great time in the water park and in the theme park itself. Using fast passes we went on so many rides I lost track. Turns out its ideal for both the boys ages as we divided out time between CBeebies and the other parts of the park. Wickerman fast becoming our most favourite rollercoaster.

For my birthday weekend we travelled to Norfolk to stay in Makers Barn near Cromer. We were joined by friends and family and had a lovely little break. The kids went crabbing for the first time off Cromer pier and I had a birthday meal of crab and gin. While in Norfolk we had a day trip out to Bewilderwoods. I think Kipper went on the tallest slide he could find, that boy just like his older brother is a little bit of a dare devil!

  • Nights Away – 5
  • Days Away – 7

Family Travel Blogger – first half of the year

So in total we had 31 nights away and 42 days in the first six months of 2019. Which is the equivalent to a month!  If you would like to read about our adventures for the rest of the year then you can do so here – Our 2019 Adventures July to December. I have also put together a Travel Bucket List for 2020 if you would like to see our plans for this year.

I would love to hear about your family adventures in 2019 or the plans you have for 2020. Please let me know what you got up to in the comments below.

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  1. Rachael Sexey Reply

    Wow you have had an amazing year, wonderful adventures and made some precious memories. I hope next year brings you the same

  2. Priscilla Stubbs Reply

    I love to read about your adventures with the boys. You have had some lovely time away, quite varied too. I’m glad you enjoyed Swansea, it often seems like the poor relation to Cardiff but it’s a great place

  3. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    So much fun – always inspiring our adventures too

  4. Sheena Batey Reply

    It is wonderful to be able to look back over your memories in this way

  5. Justine Meyer Reply

    What a fab start to the year. I have to admit I am not a lover of beaches though and tend to steer clear

  6. Sandra Foreman Reply

    Lots of wonderful adventures, I hope to take my grandkids on adventures like this in 2020

  7. Some amazing places, i would love to do some of these with my children

  8. What an exciting year you’ve had and seen some lovely places. Looking forward to seeing your adventures next year and your lovely photographs

  9. Carly Belsey Reply

    The treehouse trip looked especially amazing. Your children are very lucky to be able to experience all of these lovely trips at such a young age

  10. You guys traveled so much! I also have 2 smaller kids and 15 days ago we were in Vienna. Usually they are good boys but this trip was a nightmare lol How your boys behave? I see they are a bit older than mine but still i assume they have their moments haha

  11. Chelsea Sauve - Wandure Reply

    Such fun! And inspirational to see the adventures you integrate into your family life! Happy continued travels!

  12. I am in awe of how many days you guys had for vacation time. I wsh I could do the same thing for my own family soon. Your kids will have awesome memories!

  13. Looks like you had such a great year and it’s so cool that you documented all of it! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  14. The Picture Perfect Tales Reply

    This is amazing. Everyone would love to have such a great year. The kids are so lucky to have parents like you. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Looking forward on seeing more this year! Man, the first picture is such a cutie! I want to take him home lol

  16. Renata Feyen Reply

    So weird actually I live in Belgium but have never stayed in a hotel in Brussels before – wish you a lot more adventure in this new year 🙂

  17. Your children are so fortunate to travel this way. They will have so many memories in the future.

  18. Seems like you guys had a great time this year.

    Wishing you all the very best for the upcoming year.

  19. You kids are so adorable. Mine are a little younger and traveling with them sometimes is a nightmare lol This is such a impressive travel list , especially when you travel with kids, as they ask a lot ( at least mine) 🙂

  20. Arun Dahiya Reply

    Wow, what an amazing year and so many vacations. I am so glad you were able to fulfill many things from your bucket list. I want to see snow patrol, tree house and Venice too.

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