Well the end of the year has come around a lot quicker than I thought it would. If I am honest once we reached Christmas Eve its been pretty relaxed ever since. I can not claim to have been particularly proactive. Although this time of the year I do like to reflect and I am not sure I will be continuing with Project 365 next year. The last few weeks I have really struggled with it. Not sure if that is just because of the time of year and the fact its been so busy.

Saturday 21st December – Day 355

Spent the day at home getting ready for Christmas by deep cleaning the lounge and the kitchen. These things always seem to take me a lot longer than most. Partly because I am also trying to declutter at the same time. Although there is always more to do, I am trying to do a little bit at a time. So that we don’t fill the bins up, the charity shop will accept it or the dump won’t get grumpy. The evening we spent wrapping presents and for once I am not going to be doing it on Christmas Eve. Very limited on the photos taken other than this one for instagram stories.

Sunday 22nd December – Day 356

Spent doing much the same as the day before. Only since the boys were so good the elves left them a surprise. Elf hats and a very special invitation for Christmas Eve!

Monday 23rd December –  Day 357

Kipper went into nursery today so that Monkey and I could go out for the day on our own. I can not remember the last time we had a day to ourselves. I gave him the choice of what he wanted to do and he chose to go to a water park. It is not the sort of thing we can do easily with Kipper, especially slides. So we headed to the Coral Reef which is about an hour and twenty from where we live.

They had five different slides, three of which you need dingys for. We went on all of them apart from the one with long drop. It was good fun, even if I couldn’t work out a way of getting on the inflatable in a lady like manner. Although I ache from climbing up all the stairs carrying a double ring more times than I can count. On the way home we went shopping for Christmas cheese. I tried a little place we went to last year but they were very limited. Perhaps because I left it too late, in the end we went to Waitrose and picked some up from there instead.

Tuesday 24th December – Day 358

This morning I iced the Christmas cake. The boys were meant to help but Monkey was more interested in eating the marzipan. I made royal icing and was pretty impressed with how it turned out. Since I added the sugar before whisking the eggs!

That afternoon we then went to see Father Christmas at Lapland UK. We have been lucky enough to visit on a press trip twice. But this time we went on our own and it was nice not having to take pictures or get them to pose in just the right way for instagram. It meant that the whole experience for me was a lot more relaxed and I picked up on things which I had missed before. Father Christmas was brilliant and for the first time this year Kipper did not get upset by him. I did take some photos while we were there and I struggled to pick one. So we will go with this…

Wednesday 25th December – Day 359

Christmas Day. We had it at home just the four of us in the morning with my mum and step dad coming round at lunchtime. The boys managed to wait until 6.30 before racing downstairs to open their stockings and presents from Father Christmas. They both got the one thing they asked for. While Hubby got dinner on the go we played hunt the Christmas decoration to take it in turns to open the presents in their sacks. Its a German and harder than it sounds, as the decoration they are looking for is a pickle which is green.

Once mum arrived we played board games until dinner was ready. Feeling far too full we then exchanged the rest of the presents under the tree. I was spoilt receiving a stargazing trip from the boys and a promise of sunflowers in Hungry with the husband in the early Summer. We tried wherever possible not to give material things this year. I gave Hubby a trip to Wales to go on the high velocity zip lines! We will be calling in some serious baby sitting favours next year.

Thursday 26th December – Day 360

Today we headed down to the in laws late morning. We had planned on going out but the weather was so rubbish we stayed in, drunk and ate. Not much different to the last day really. After lunch we played games and opened gifts.

Friday 27th December – Day 361

We finally managed to break the Christmas over eating by heading out for a walk on the boys scooters. There is a small farm close to my inlaws which we have been taking the boys to for seven years. We headed down there for a coffee. A lot of the larger liver stock is now gone apart from some horses and a couple of donkeys. With Kipper potty training we must have stopped every few yards for a wee. It was still nice to get out in the fresh air.

Saturday 28th December – Day 362

Let the decluttering commence. Today we tackled our bedroom, donating five small black bin liners of clothes. There is probably still some more that could go. I caught up on some blogging work in the afternoon. After bath time and Kipper had gone to bed we settled down to watch the first Harry Potter. Monkey got quite a lot of Harry Potter gifts for Christmas and he is really starting to get into it.

Sunday 29th December – Day 363

Today we started to tackle the orangery. It has become the dumping ground of pretty much everything! I have a bag off the to charity shop, a smaller bag of things which I have listed on eBay today.  Although that seems to take so much time! We also changed around the car seats. Kipper has outgrown his and is moving into Monkeys. With Monkey going into a high back booster. All the existing seats have now been stripped and are being washed. Two will be listed for sale. Looking at the room it doesn’t look like we have made a dent in it at all. I would be surprised if we get it back to the room it should be before we all go back to work and school on the 6th. But doing something is better than nothing.

Monday 30th December –  Day 364

Yet another day spent sorting out. The boys are going a bit stir crazy. But I am determined that the house will go on the market in the first couple of months of the new year.  I have been getting to grips with eBay again and so far have made £210 to add to our Euro Disney Fund. Didn’t take any pictures today.

Tuesday 31st December – Day 365

Happy New Year. Feeling a bit meh today. I think it is because we have hardly been out at all. But we are visiting friends tonight which will change that. Plus I have the boys on my own for the rest of the week so I am planning a couple of low key trips out. Sometimes I think we just need to be outside. Fingers crossed we haven’t missed the best of the weather. I will update this with a photo of NYE later.

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  1. Priscilla Stubbs Reply

    Anotherer busy week in your household, but isn’t Christmas Day just magical for the children

  2. I love the idea of Christmas experiences rather than actual gifts. Hunt the pickle sounds like a lot of fun, we don’t have kids but we were still up by 7am and opening our presents lol. Happy New Year and hope to see you back in 2020

  3. paula cheadle Reply

    I have loved seeing your photos through out the year, seeing what you have all been up to all year. If you don’t do it next year I will miss Reading and looking at your photos. But I understand that it is quite hard to do

  4. paula cheadle Reply

    I have loved seeing your photos through out the year, seeing what you have all been up to all year. If you don’t do it next year I will miss Reading and looking at your photo’s and seeing your boys grow, But I understand that it is quite hard to do

  5. Fab photo’s as always looks like you had a great Christmas . Hasn’t this year flown ? You’ve lots of great memories to look back on. Happy New Year thanks for the fab comps x

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Gorgeous photos!
    Your Christmas cake looks fab! I cheated and bought ready made icing.
    It sounds like you have some amazing trips planned for next year.
    Happy new year! Wishing you all the best for 2020 x

  7. Kirsteen Mackay Reply

    The water park sounded fun and I loved your Christmas cake.

  8. Kelly Wheelhouse Reply

    What lovely photos! It looks like you’ve had a lovely Christmas time 🙂

  9. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Perfect week for you all – always loads of fun and adventures

  10. About the same age as my nephews – perfect! A very Happy 2020.

  11. Andrea Fletcher Reply

    You have had some great adventures. Happy New Year. Love the Christmas cake.

  12. Anthea Holloway Reply

    What a super Christmas Day you all had! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  13. Carly Belsey Reply

    So amazing that the Elves left the lapland tickets, so lovely for the boys. You had a great week

  14. Cool hats! That’s a lot of toffees. Coral Reef sounds fun. Amongst all the people of Project 365, you take the best pictures! You really gave the kids a fun Christmas.
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  15. How lovely that you spread out the Christmas presents over a long period of time. That is a lot of decluttering and work on the house! I seemed to be cleaning constantly on the 23rd and Christmas Eve. It’s frustrating at the time, but it is worth it.
    I’m not surprised you are considering not doing 365 again for 2020. I don’t know how you cope with a demanding job, a blog and two small kids!
    Happy new year!

  16. Another lovely summary of your family activities and fab photos of the boys.
    I used to make my own Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, mince pies, trifle as well as having family over and doing all the food and gift shopping and wrapping etc while working full time. It’s too much, it really is! I hope you find some shortcuts this year so that life is still full of fun and adventures but with a little less stress. Best wishes.

  17. I really need to get on with decluttering, greta idea to earmark the money made from ebay sales. Happy new year! #project365

  18. Happy new year! Sounds like you were enjoying your holidays, spreading Christmas over several days. Quality St sweets look so enticing. We had a tub of Roses for Christmas, which disappeared pretty fast.
    Your Christmas cake looks lovely. I’ve seen that figurine of Snowman in Lakeland, and almost bought it, but we didn’t have a Christmas cake, and it would have looked wrong on the chocolate log. 🙂
    Coral Reef slides sound great fun.

  19. Well done on the Christmas cake and getting a day alone with Monkey. Sounds like you’ve had lots of fun. It makes so much difference visiting somewhere without the pressure of it being ‘work’ doesn’t it. It’s made me reevaluate a few ‘special’ events for this very reason.

    I hope you decide to stick with the project – maybe a project 52 would work better for you? As Emma does, you have such a busy life I’m always in awe of what you do achieve. xx #365

  20. I love the idea of Christmas experiences rather than actual gifts. It helps a lot with older kids. Hunt the pickle sounds like a lot of fun. That cake is so cute and can’t beat some quality street. Happy New Year to you all xx

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