Mummy Blogger Top 10 Posts 2019: I originally wrote a summary of my most popular posts back at the end of 2015 when I had been blogging for less than twelve months. I then promptly forgot about the idea until last year when I looked back to see which posts had been most popular. With traffic being important I hope by reviewing what is doing well and tailoring content for next year I will continue to grow. Especially as most of these have had over 2000 views each this year, with the first having over 4000! For that reason I have not included any giveaways which I have run throughout the year.

Mummy Blogger Top 10 Posts of 2019

ONE : Playtime with your 2 month old

This post takes me back to my maternity leave and when Kipper was tiny. The post is a simple list of nine things you can do with your two month old when it comes to play time. Kipper was never one for napping so I needed to come up with ideas to keep him entertained. The post was written back in July 2016. Playtime with your 2 month old

TWO : DIY Space Helmet

This post was written back in March 2017 but it only feels like last week. It was Monkey’s first book day at school and I made him this helmet out of plaster. We still have it although it looks a little worse for wear now. DIY Space Helmet

DIY Space Helmet

THREE : 12 things to do at 12 weeks

This post was written when I was just pregnant with Kipper. It is literally the last of things to do at 12 weeks and the things I did when I found out. It has a strong referral stream from Pinterest. 12 Things to do at 12 Weeks.

FOUR : Going on a bear hunt birthday party

This was another post which I wrote when I first started blogging, I had been writing for about three months when I posted this. It looks at the party I prepared for Monkey for his third Birthday. Looking back it does make me cringe a little and the photos are so small… I really should redo this one! Especially since it also featured in the list last year as well.  Going on a Bear Hunt Birthday Party

FIVE : Gruffalo Birthday Party Ideas

Keeping on the birthday theme this was from Monkey’s second birthday party. In fact it makes me feel quit ebad as Kipper is such a second child having only ever had easy soft play parties! Rather than all the effort that these use to take. Gruffalo Birthday Party Ideas. Oh and how cute does he look in this costume.

SIX : 25 Advent activities for babies

Traditionally we fill wooden advent calendars with a mixture of activities, chocolate coins and little toys. This post was written for Kipper’s first Christmas. Being eight months in December 2016 he was far to young for chocolate but I thought that Monkey may want to help him with some of the activities listed in the post. There is a free printable on this post 25 Advent Activities for Babies.


SEVEN : Review Hatchimals Collectables

This post featured at number one last year, it was written in a way that explained what Hatchimals are and talked about us discovering them for the first time. Just like many of my review posts I talk about the things we partially love about them. The post was originally written back in May 2017. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

EIGHT : Review Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

I am surprised by just how many views toy reviews get. This one was written in September 2018 and did not feature on the list that year. Which I think goes to show it takes some time for Google to pick them up and for them to appear in searches. Especially since this one was not shared on Pinterest.  Review Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Rescue Truck.

NINE : Eurohike 600 Rydal Tent Review

I remember this review so clearly and its really a tent we love and have been on many adventures with. Although there was not a lot of camping going on in 2019. That really is something I should change. This pst unsurprisingly gets most views during the Summer months. Eurohike 600 Rydal Tent Review.

TEN: First Birthday Time Capsule

I must admit I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to memorabilia even before I had a little one. So it was only natural for me to have the urge to put something together to commemorate his special day. I remember researching the internet hoping for a ready made list of possible contents but failed miserably! So this post is essentially just that, a list of ideas you could use to create your own special first birthday time capsule. This post was one of the first posts I ever wrote in April 2015 – First Birthday Time Capsule.

At least it gives me an idea of what my readers are interested in. There is no surprise that many people that found these posts came from Pinterest. One of my goals is to write more evergreen content something I had planned to do last year and failed. So let me know in the comments below what you would like me to write about in 2020? Or if you are a blogger what post drives the most traffic to your site?

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Mummy Blogger Top 10 Posts of 2019


  1. Sundeep

    I really love reading all your blogs. And yes these are some blogs who deserve place in top 10. I am looking for more blogs on kids activities

  2. sandy lynn ralph

    aw great blogs love the baby photo too

  3. Kara Guppy

    I am always surprised which posts do well, sometimes I get it right but most of the time. Looks like party planning was a big one for you

  4. Courtney

    Omg so many epic blog osts!! I just love that helmet!! So fun!

  5. Yeah Lifestyle

    It is always great to look back on the year via the posts which you have shared and you have written some fun and fab posts for kids and mums alike. I can’t wait to see what you will be sharing for 2020

  6. Fransic verso

    Amazing adventure, I might missed your posts for the last year, but I’m looking to read this year posts because you amazing stuff.

  7. kumamonjeng

    I find the DIY space helmet so cool and spark up the kids interest in space topics. Really cool and have to forward this to my friends who has younger kids.

  8. Charlene Farwell

    You are so creative. Make ordinary things extra ordinary. The whole years were exceptional for you and regular reader of your blog. I like your working.

  9. Heather

    I’ve loved reading all of these and look forward to your 2020 blog posts!

  10. Those are some great posts to share! I love the Christmas labels for advent activities and cant wait to use them next year with my nieces.

  11. Deborah Mackenzie

    I really liked the Christmas ideas, it would make it really special with home made things.

  12. These are cute collections of photos. I love babies’ pics. They are just so cute.

  13. Jessica Martin

    It is so great to look back on posts! I love the Going On a Bear Hunt Birthday. My kids are into that story and youtube video right now. Your posts are filled with great ideas. I can’t wait to see your ideas for 2020!

  14. I hope you had a good year and your posts get even more attention in 2020 for your blog!

  15. Rosalind Blight

    I wish I had thought of some of these things when my girls were younger

  16. Sue-Tanya Mchorgh

    This so cool that you decided to share your top ten posts of 2019. I will make sure to check them out. I am thinking of doing something like this for my blog too.

  17. Emily Bendler

    I love going back and reviewing what was popular during the year. I’ve done it in the past, but I totally didn’t think of doing it this year! Great reminder.

  18. Hayley Todd

    What a fabulous way to start the New Year, with a look back on your top posts from the previous year!

  19. You are so creative people, I like what you made using anything you can find… cool..

  20. Carly Belsey

    I love the Gruffalo themed birthday party idea and I love the time capsule idea. Great blog posts

  21. Susan B

    I found your blog through a competition but I love to read about your family travel adventures and days out. I get ideas to do the same although, as a non-driver, my choices are limited. Wishing you continued success with the blog.

  22. Love reading about your adventure and your baby looks adorable 🙂

  23. Jessica Collazo

    Love the Space Helmet. Great post to look towards.

  24. Nigel Soper

    Great photos in all your blogs – looking forward to more in 2020

  25. Mrs Theresa Thomas

    I love reading about all your adventures, 10 years have gone by crazily fast

  26. Sandra Fortune

    I love all your adventures and great photos look forward to seeing more this year

  27. Margaret Gallagher

    SPACE thene is my personal favourite – looking forward to 2020 pics

  28. Priscilla Stubbs

    I love reading your blogs and all the interesting places you’ve been to and the things you have done. I particularly liked your first birthday capsule idea

  29. paula cheadle

    I liked the the ideas and the things that you’ve done. I love the photos that you have put with each write up

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