Travel Blogger Top 10 Posts 2019: This year I have decided to write a separate post for my most popular travel posts of 2019. Interestingly unlike the my Top Mummy Blog Posts of 2019. Many of the travel articles are ones which were written last year. By doing this it will allow me to understand which type of articles are of most use for my audience.

ONE : Review Villa Pia

This was a review of a boutique all inclusive hotel in the Tuscan countryside which we were lucky enough to visit in October half term in 2019. We had never experienced anything like it before and really got and explored an area of Italy we had not spent much time in. Including visiting the little principality and UNESCO site San Marino. Review Villa Pia

TWO : 7 Tips for your first visit to Disneyland Paris

This was originally published in January 2019 after we had a mini break for Christmas to Disneyland Paris. Initially I had found the whole process quite daunting as there is so much pressure because you want to make sure you do everything in the best way possible. Since its not cheap and always busy. I hoped the post would help others who are feeling a little overwhelmed like I was.  7 Tips for your first visit to Disneyland Paris.

THREE : 7 Family friendly things to do in Levi other than seeing Santa

This was the most popular of my Finland posts. The collection of posts were written in November 2018 after we visited Lapland with the tourist board. This particular post has been very popular on the run up to Christmas as families make plans for their own visits. It really was a once in a lifetime experience which we really hope to be able to share with Hubby and Kipper in 2020. Please keep your fingers crossed for us.  7 Family friendly things to do in Levi other than seeing Santa.

FOUR : Our Experience of the Levi World Cup

The reason we were invited to Levi was to watch the World Cup. It really was a thrilling experience and you could not help but get swept up in the excitement of it all. Monkey thought it was fabulous and I will never forget his little face as he cheered on various nationalities. As the skiers came tumbling down the side of the mountain. Our Experience of the Levi World Cup.

FIVE : 8 Reasons to stay at the Levi Hotel Spa with kids

This hotel is at the top of my list if we were ever to stay in Levi again. I have never felt so spoilt not only did we have a suite, but there was our own private Sauna and the Spa had 13 different pools. Monkey loved sitting outside in the Jacuzzi in the dark in the freezing cold but with the water so warm. Plus they had loads of onsite activities for kids if you don’t fancy being outside in -20 degrees. 8 Reasons to stay at the Levi Hotel Spa with kids.

SIX : Our Stay at Levin Iglut

There is simply one word to describe our stay – WOW! Again as part of out trip to Finland Monkey and I stayed in a glass igloo on the edge of isolation. Although there was no snow and we didn’t manage to capture the Northern Lights it is by far my favourite travel experience to date. These igloos are so popular they book up to 12 months in advance! Our Stay ay Levin Iglut

SEVEN : Center Parcs Longleat Forest Review

We were invited to Center Parcs over Mothering Sunday. Although we could only stay for part of the weekend due to needing to get back for school. Monkey tired archery for the firs time, Kipper enjoyed the sensory play room and we all had a go at the crazy golf. I also snuck away for a spa treatment which was absolute bliss. Writing this now I am wondering why we have not visited again since… Center Parcs Longleat Forest Review

EIGHT : Top 10 things to do on the Costa Dorada with young kids 

This was one of the first travel related posts I ever wrote. Kipper was only few months old and we decided to visit Spain. A safe family resort. Turned out the hotel we had chosen was pretty awful but the area itself was lovely. So much that we are actually hoping to go back in 2020. We had a couple of great day trips out and its relatively easy to move around by public transport. Top 10 things do on the Costa Dorada with young kids.

NINE : Aurora Chasing with Artic Frontier 

The Northern Lights has been on my list for a long time. We went Aurora hunting while in Finland and manage to capture glimpses of them. If we had not met Arctic Frontier then we would have never had seen them, as they were not visible to the naked eye. However through a lens we managed to capture some very precious memories. I just hope we can replicate the experience when we visit Lapland at the end of 2020. Although shhhhhh the boys are totally unaware.  Aurora Chasing with Arctic Frontier. 

TEN : 8 Things to do in Cannes with Kids 

In the May half term in 2018 we visited the South of France with Eurocamp. The weather was a little iffy on a couple of days so we managed a few road trips while we were there. Including two punctured tyres as well! One of those trips was to Cannes where there was a surprising amount of things to do with kids. 8 Things to do in Cannes with Kids.

It looks like the tip and things to do posts generally do better than the reviews. Plus Finland was a big hit. Which means there really is no excuse to go back now? I will be sharing some of our travel plans in the coming weeks along with our Travel Bucket list which will give some of our plans away.  Please let me know in the comments below what travel related topics you would like me to write about in 2020? Or if you are a blogger which travel post drives the most traffic to your site?

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Travel Blogger Top 10 Posts 2019

Travel Blogger Top Posts 2019 Travel Blogger Top Posts 2019 Travel Blogger Top Posts 2019


  1. It’s lovely seeing your top posts again. They are inspirational.

  2. Hayley Todd Reply

    You have had a wonderful year, travelling to some amazing places!

  3. Wow you sure had some amazing adventures! It’s so nice to see all the awesome places you have been!

  4. How exciting to have visited so many places. Our bucket list hardly got touched from 2019 – partly because we blitzed Disney 3 times Ekk! I really like posts that highlight where to stay xx

  5. A lovely collection here. I will have to check out the Disneyland Paris one as we’re thinking of potentially going this year.

  6. Center Parcs Longleat was on my bucket list having done two in the Lakes and in Sherwood Forest. We then moved overseas…. One day though! I enjoyed the post.

  7. Lucy Clarke Reply

    This is such a great list of inspiring things to do with kids. Center Parcs is on my list for this year, but need to keep an eye on SALES! Ever the bargain hunter 😀

  8. We just did Disney before christmas and my tips would be very similar! We found it to be quite quiet which was strange, I was thinking it was going to be swarming! Next on our list is the US!

  9. Oh wow you had a great travelyear!
    Wishing you an even better travelyear of 2020, from Stockholm Sweden 🙂

  10. Aaahhh…it’s clear I didn’t read enough of these! It’s my first time seeing any of them around. I would love to begin with the “Levi World Cup”. I would love to know how it all went down.

  11. Kristine Nicole Alessandra Reply

    Oh my. That glass igloo must have been an amazing experience. I have always wanted to do that – to fall asleep looking up at the night sky! Thanks for sharing your top travel posts. You sure looked like you were able to make the most of the year that passed.

  12. Lyndsey O'Halloran Reply

    We’re going to Center Parcs Elveden again this year and I can’t wait!

  13. My favorite one was number 7: Center Parcs Longleat Forest Review. I have shortlisted the place in my bucket.

  14. Melanie williams Reply

    Wow how fab is this, you have clearly had a super busy year for travel and exciting adventure. Tips for DLP are always welcomed xx

  15. Disneyland in Paris would be a great time for our family. I think it would be awesome to be invited to Center Parcs Longleat Forest.

  16. Matt Taylor Reply

    Wow! It looks like you had some really amazing adventures last year! I am jealous. haha. My friend just got back from Finland, she took a solo trip to stay in one of the glass topped igloos to watch the Northern Lights. She LOVED it.

  17. Looks like you’ve had some fun times this year. Happy travels in 2020

  18. Leslie L Denning Reply

    Wow, I admire you taking all those trips with children. Travel is such a great experience for kids, especially when they get a little bit older and can make some memories they can hang on to. I can’t see the point of taking a two-year-old to Disney. I went to Disneyland when I was fourteen, and I remember every bit of it, but my sisters, who were quite a bit younger, not so much. Have fun in 2020.

  19. Lisa - sustainable solo travel blog Reply

    I have always wanted to stay at an Iglo Hotel, but had no clue about the locations… thanks for suggesting Levi! 🙂

  20. You’ve had a fantastic year of adventures. Looking forward to what you’re up to next.

  21. I love this list! These are such a fantastic and unique way to entertain and teach our kids through travel. Number 9 is a favorite. We visited Iceland and weren’t able to see the Northern Lights.

  22. I think people are now wary of reviews because there are bloggers out there who get paid to give good reviews whereas tips and things to do will almost always be authentic. Good year you had based on those travel posts!

  23. I love this roundup, its always nice when the top posts are from the year you are covering, mine seem to be all over.

  24. Sounds like a busy year! We had two trips to Germany to visit my family, and our big trip of the year was three weeks in Yokohama/Tokyo.

  25. I want to manifest a traveling life like yours. Disney Paris sounds so amazing.

  26. That trip to Spain sounds wonderful. I’m sorry your hotel wasn’t great on that first trip, but hope the next one will be. We’d like to see Spain this year.

  27. Looks like you went to some pretty fabulous travel locations in 2019! I hope to travel a lot in 2020.

  28. Elizabeth O Reply

    You sure got around last year and it is always delightful to read about other people’s travels. Such fun and wishing you more in 2020

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