Travel Bucket List 2020 : Its that time of year again when we sit down and make a list. A list of places and adventures we hope to do as a family. Last year I wrote a list of 19 things for 2019, so this year there will be 20, since we are in 2020.

Although I could quite easily write an ultimate style bucket list post. Because there are so many places I want to experience both with the kids, with hubby and on my own. I think I would struggle to keep it to 200 places. What I really want to do is focus on some of the things we will do this year. Make it realistic so I don’t fall out of love with it. And since we didn’t win the lottery at the weekend. I need to keep it in the realms of the doable, accepting we both have jobs and Monkey is at school and Kipper starts in September.

Sticking to 20 is quite hard, I had to accept we needed to drop a few things as we just didn’t have the holiday available… So in no particular order heres our list.

Travel Bucket List 2020

  1. Take a road trip to see the  Sunflowers – I have lost track of the number of times we have been to France & Italy hoping to see the sunflowers. Last year while in Budapest Hubby sent me pictures of the fields upon fields of sunflowers. So for my Christmas present this year he has promised me a trip to Budapest to see the sunflowers. We are even thinking of leaving the boys at home and having an adult only trip
  2. Visit Portmeirion – After visiting Burano last year when we went to Venice and seeing all the beautiful rainbow houses I would love to go to Portmeirion. We have a couple of other experiences that we are travelling to Wales for this year so I am hoping to be able to tie the two up.
  3. See Santa in Lapland – It was on our list for last year and we didn’t make it but its all planned for this year, I literally booked the flights this evening. We’ve a few more arrangements to make but its all shaping up to be very exciting!
  4. St Michaels Mount Cornwall – We are heading to Cornwall over Easter and St Michaels Mount is on our list. Especially as we saw Le Mont Saint Michel when we visited France in the Summer.  Even though I know they are are completely different places and not linked at all, I find it odd that both France and England have an Island of a similar name.
  5. Be amazed at the Giants Causeway – Another bucket list item. We looked at visiting for my 40th last year but there was a bike ride scheduled for the day of my birthday. So I figured it would be even more busy than normal. We are considering turning it into a bit of a road trip around that area, having never spent any time in Ireland. Other than visiting Dublin before the kids. So still some planning to do with this one.
  6. Stay in a Beach Hut – I really love the idea of staying in different places and a beach hut was on our list for last year but we ran out of weekends. Hopefully we will manage it in 2020.
  7. Go to Croatia – A country that really interests me with its history, food, gorgeous beaches and proximity to Italy. I think it could be a place we could really fall in love with. I am really looking forward to exploring the region. So much so I have written a post all about our plans here
  8. Watch seals and puffins in their natural environment – Last year when we went to Northumberland and had a boat trip out round the Farne Islands. Unfortunately we were too late for the puffins, but I am hoping that we maybe able to catch them in Ireland in the Summer. As for the seals the boys and I are visiting Norfolk during February half term, where the largest colony of grey seals lives. Hopefully there will still be some pups too
  9. National Trust Passports – we brought National Trust Passports last year and have only managed to get a handful of stamps in them. Monkey has suddenly become pretty obsessed and wants to complete them this year. To complete them we need to visit 24 different National Trust properties… not sure if that is doable.
  10. Go to a theme park we haven’t been to before – So excited about this one! This was on the bucket list last year and visited Alton Towers. This year the theme park is in Europe and its all booked including travel. We are making the most of one of Monkey’s inset days so I am keeping everything crossed that the weather is kind to us since its our first trip of the year.
  11. Visit a Christmas market in Europe – I have wanted to do this for the longest time. We have been really lucky and visited Edinburgh the last couple of years. But I really would like to go to one in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.
  12. A family city break in Copenhagen – This will be Kipper’s first city break without a buggy so I was looking for a city which was quite contained and easy to get around. It also needs to have plenty to keep the kids entertained. I am hoping to get this arranged in the next few weeks.
  13. Go Stargazing – This was my Christmas present from the boys. It ties in with number 14. My only experience of stargazing was when we went Aurora chasing with Arctic Frontier. It was pretty awe inspiring then so I am really looking forward to it. 
  14. Get an adrenaline hit on the longest zip lines in Europe – Hubby said he wanted to do this as part of his birthday celebrations this year…it is a big one. So we have the vouchers and just need to book it depending on baby sitting. Our plan is to try and tie it all in together since its a fair trek from home.
  15. Trip away with Monkey on his own – For the last couple of years I have taken Monkey away for a city break on his own, first to Barcelona when he was five and Berlin when he was six. So far we have not arranged anything and already have plans for February half term and some of Easter which is when we have traditionally done these trips. It may need to be a UK mini break this year.
  16. I am fascinated with Lichtenstein – There is something about tiny countries that makes me really interested. So I am popping this on the list but without having its own airport there is much more to this trip than just visiting another city. I think it will take some planning.
  17. Adults only weekend in London – So the husband in turning 50 this year. As a result there is a very special birthday present coming which has cost a small fortune. For this reason we are keeping our weekend trip away low key. Although I have still a couple of things to arrange we will be in London, doing all the things you can not do with small children!
  18. Walk round Stonehenge – This was on the list last year and we did not make it. However heading down to Cornwall means that we will be able to schedule in a visit. My plan is to try and get there early but I also must remember to pre book the tickets!
  19. Visit some of the Harry Potter filming locations – Monkey has just watched the first film in the Harry Potter series. We are reading the books first and then watching the films. Needless to say he is now hooked. So I have promised to take him to some of the filming locations. I had no idea there were so many!
  20. Go somewhere tropical for October half term –  This could be a bit of a pipe dream. But I would like to venture somewhere outside fo Europe for October half term. At the moment we are just considering locations. As having child that is allergic to sesame puts a number of destinations in the no list.

So thats our list. I will be trying to update it quarterly. So make sure you pop back to see how we are getting along with it. I am as always on on the look out for inspiration. Please do share whats on your list in the comments below.

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  1. You’re a girl after my own heart. I love travelling as a family and Italy is on my list this year. I really fancy Croatia too. We went to Berlin in December and you’d love it.

  2. Melody Rosa Reply

    Some of things on yoour bucket list I never even heard of I need to travel more lol

    • I’m feeling so inspired by this fantastic bucket list for 2020. I am also feeling super interested in Lichtenstein lately – I’ll likely include it on my next trip to Europe. Best of luck with ticking these goals off!

  3. Ahhh visiting Santa in Lapland is also at the top of my bucket list. Here’s to making it happen in 2020!

    • Geraline Batarra Reply

      Croatia sounds fun, you have a lot of travel bucket list. I’m sure you’re gonna achieve all these in no time.

  4. We share a few ideas! The beach hut one and the weekend away with no kids 😆

    Defo want to visit Croatia, and also love Italy!

    The allergies issue has put us off travelling to certain places as well! The anxiety is real!

  5. What a fabulous list! I look forward to watching you tick them off.

    Very little travel plans for this year as our wedding is in December so all spare money is being put to that.

    Maybe next year! Although we are off to Cheltenham next week for the fiancés 40th!

    Have fun x

  6. This is a great list. I need to create one myself. I would love to visit a beach hut I think that’s a great idea.

  7. You have a very nice and long list for 2020. I have been to a few destinations on your list and they were wonderful! I need to make a yearly travel list for myself. I definitely want to go back to Italy this year.

    • This is a perfect travel list! I love visiting Cornwall but I am biased. We aren’t travelling much this year but I have a few I want to add to the 2021 list already.

  8. I love that there are so many tips that you have shared above. My travel bucket list for 2020 would be Danang in vietnam, Japan Tohoku area and South America. Lots of planning needed to be done before the departure.

  9. Great list! I can recommend Berlin for Christmas Markets, we lived there for six years and they have quite a few so something for every taste. Copenhagen with kids is great too, we’ve been twice and loved it.

  10. I have a bucket list too of places i would love to go, almost at the top is one of your, staying in a beach hut. They are gorgeous and would like to spend time in one for a relaxing time.

  11. I love that you are intentionally setting goals for the year. It’s amazing how quickly time fly’s by when you aren’t living intentionally! Love that you want to go zip-lining! Brave mama!!

    • Seeing this list, ive realized that i dont have mine yet. Well i have a few things i wanna do, but no plans yet. I need to start jotting down my own

  12. Nina Bashaw Photography Reply

    I think a travel bucket list is a wonderful idea! I am also dying to go to Croatia, its top on my bucket list of places I want to go!

  13. Is it ok to say that I’m jealous? I am totally inspired to do more travelling. Wishing you happy travels in 2020.

  14. I love your 2020 bucketlist, we have been to a few places mentioned here and would recommend Portmeirion big time.

  15. What a great list you have there, I would love to see Croatia aswell as the stonehenge 🙂

  16. I love your travel bucket list! I need to do something similar. We usually just ask the kids where they each want to go and we try to plan a trip for each of them.

  17. This is such a fantastic list! Really inspiring how you travel as a family.

  18. Matt Taylor Reply

    What a great travel list for 2020. I would be happy to be able to just do one of those things this year. haha 🙂

  19. Lisa - sustainable solo travel blog Reply

    I LOVE that you are planning trips with your whole family, with your hubby and even solo trips!! I have too many female friends that could never imagine travel solo, now that they are married (and have kids) – thats so great 🙂

    Regarding Christmas markets in Europe, I can highly recommend the ones in Vienna, Salzburg (AT), as well as Nuremberg, Ulm (Ger) and Basel as well as Einsiedeln and St. Gallen (CH). Munich is often recommended a lot, too, however I don’t like it that much as Munich literally has a dozen “winter” markets in every corner of the city… I rather enjoy one proper one, instead of several (:

    Hope you have (had) a lovely day!

  20. I think that you’re 2020 travel bucketlist is awesome, and nice and ambitious. The Giant’s Causeway in particular is so worth having on your list, it’s incredible!

  21. emily zielinski Reply

    what an epic list!! Seeing santa in Lapland is right at the top of my list!! ive been looking into going there next christmas!

  22. There are so many amazing places in your 2020 bucket list. I already created my bucket list need to add some more places

  23. Portmeirion is also in my travel list.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful list of travel. I love travelling especially with my partner.

  24. Christmas Markets in Germany are stunning, especially in the Bavaria region and tiny fairytale villages like Rothenburg ob der Tauber! New theme parks and visiting Santa in Lapland are both on my travel bucket list as well!

  25. Eileen M Loya Reply

    You are going to have so much fun this year if you accomplish and do everything you’ve listed in your travel bucket list. I hope you do find a tropical place to visit which would not compromise your child’s health.

  26. I would like to try some of these too. I’ve been wanting to see some sunflower fields here in Upstate New York – I just need to time it right. I would also love to visit Croatia. I have heard it is amazing and my family has ancestors from there.

  27. Great travel bucket list for you and your family. I need to make one for myself this year too.

  28. Amazing bucket list ideas! And I also love the drawing you’ve made for your cover photo, very refreshing!

  29. Wow! Aurora chasing would be on my list! Also, anywhere in Europe, too!

  30. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Love to return to a few of these places too – portmerion is so beautiful – Copenhagen and Lapland are still on my to do list

    Have fun

  31. Gemma Hendry Reply

    Great bucket list, id love to do most of them but visit santa in lapland especially

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